My One and Only

Cassidy Simmons is an average 19 year old girl. She attends university, gets by with a part time job and does a webcast about One Direction with her best friend, Tori to entertain themselves. When one direction starts getting interested in this show, they decide to pay them a surprise visit. That’s when Cassidy meets Niall and starts falling for him more than she ever has for anyone. But when Niall returns these feelings, things start getting complicated. Can they survive it or will everything they once shared crash and burn?


19. just chilling


        I woke up to the chiming of my, telling me I had a text message. I groaned as I opened my eyes and squinted because of the light coming into Niall’s room. When I checked the time, it was 9:20 a.m.

That little shit… I told him to wake me up in an hour.

        I sighed. I really wanted him to wake me up so we could talk, or maybe even watch a movie. I didn’t care what we did, I just wanted to spend time with him. But now that I think about it, did I really expect him to actually listen to me? I shook my head and opened the text message and discovered it was from Eleanor.

Eleanor: good morning!

Cass: morning! What’s up?

Eleanor: nothing much just getting ready.

        Getting ready? I thought that we all weren’t going out 'til much later. As if she could sense my confusion, Eleanor sent me a text explaining why.

Eleanor: you see Danielle doesn’t want to come hang out with us because Liam will be there and she’s not ready to face him. So, I thought you, tori and I could go out to breakfast with her and maybe do a little shopping. Are you in?

Cass: of course! Where are we meeting and what time?

Eleanor: Golden griddle at 10

Cass: okay I’ll head home now. See you there

Eleanor: bye!

        I thought about walking home, but then I decided to just ask tori to pick me up because she had to go home too.

Cass: hey. can you come pick me up? I need to go home and get ready.

Tors: yah sure. I was about to ask you if you wanted me to. I’ll be there in five.

Cass: kk.

        With that sorted out, I began to wake up Niall to tell him where I was going. “Niall…” I whispered. He didn’t even budge. I sighed. “Nye… I have to go now.” He groaned as I talked a bit louder and shook him lightly.  “No.”  “I’m going out with the girls but I’ll be back later.” He groaned again and pulled me closer to him. “No. stay and cuddle.” I giggled. “When I come back, I’ll cuddle with you all you want okay?” he sighed but nodded. I kissed him lightly and got up while putting on the clothes I came here in and putting Niall’s T- shirt on his dresser.

“I’m taking one of your sweaters.”

        I informed him. I knew it was going to do be a bit chilly outside and I didn’t bring my own sweater. I got a mumble as I reply before he fell asleep again. I shook my head. He was so impossible to talk to when he was this tired. I went in his closet and my jaw dropped. He had more shoes than I had friends! And then he has the nerve to say that I have too many shoes. After I collected myself I started going through his sweaters for one to wear. I spotted a red one. The same red sweater he wore on our date in New York. I smiled at the memory and took it off its hanger before slipping it on. it was loose on me but I didn’t care.

        I got a text from Tori saying that she was outside. I texted her back, telling her i was coming outside before I sat down beside Niall on his bed.

“Niall, I’m going now.”

        I whispered before kissing his cheek. He groaned. “give me a proper kiss.” I smiled. Even in his state of sleep, he was the sweetest thing ever.  I pressed my lips to his lightly and he kissed me back. “I’ll see you later ok?” he nodded and fell back asleep. I pushed my phone in my back pocket and walked down stairs to go outside.

        I opened the car door and tori rose an eyebrow at the sight on me wearing Niall’s sweater. I blushed and sat in the front seat before closing the door. “I was going to be cold.” I mumbled. Tori shook her head and laughed before driving away.


        I was finished taking a shower and brushing my teeth. I was sitting at my vanity table in my robe as I combed through my hair. I decided not to straighten or curl it today. I just left it naturally wavy.  I went into my closet when I was done and changed into black high waist shorts, a white tank top that I tucked into my shorts and a pink cardigan sweater.

 I then slipped on grey low cut shoes. I added a long necklace to the outfit along with a pair of gold, heart shaped earring that said ‘Love’ in them. Of course, I still had on my infinity necklace. Since Niall gave it to me on my birthday, I never took it off. Well, except for when I showered. I didn’t want to ruin it. But other than it, it hung around my neck 24/7.  I grabbed my black fringe tote and put all the necessities in it.

        I checked the time and saw it was quarter to ten. “Tors? Are you ready?” I shouted as I made my way downstairs. “Just about! Give me three more minutes!” she yelled back from her room. “Okay!” I said and sat down on the couch. Just like she said, tori was downstairs in three minutes in black skinny jeans, a plane white t shirt and her brown leather jacket. She paired it with light brown leather high heel boots and gold hoop earrings.

        We both went outside and drove to golden griddle. Eleanor was already there, waiting in the parking lot. We were lucky enough to find get a parking lot right beside her. It wasn’t long before Danielle showed up and we all wrapped her in big hugs.

“We haven’t seen you in so long!”

Tori exclaimed. Danielle smiled and nodded. “I know and I missed you guys terribly. But, I don’t know, I just felt like I needed to be around family for a while you know?” we all nodded, showing her we understood completely. “Well, let’s go inside and catch up there yeah?” I said. They nodded and we linked arms before walking inside the Golden Griddle.

        We were able to find a booth near the back next to a window. We talked for a bit, just catching up with each other. Eleanor, tori and I carefully dodge the subject of the boys, not wanting to trigger any memories that may upset Danielle. We asked her how her time with her family was and she did while she was there. in return, we filled her in on what we’ve been doing during her absence.

        Then she asked the question we’ve been trying to avoid. “So, how are the boys?” Eleanor, tori and I exchanged worried expressions. Neither of us knew what to say. “Um… they’re good.” tori answered and Eleanor and I nodded in agreement. Danielle shook her head and laughed. “You guys, you can talk about the boys you know? I’m not going to break crying or anything.” Eleanor nodded. “We just thought that it might be a touchy subject for you. Since the breakup and everything.”

        Danielle smiled. “That’s nice of you guys. But seriously, I’m fine.” We all smiled and nodded. “Now, with that put aside, are you guys happy they’re back?” I broke into a grin and nodded. “I missed him so much.” “Did he show you how much he missed you?” Danielle asked while wiggling her eyebrows, signaling she was thinking wrong.

        My whole face turned red while tori, Eleanor and Danielle laughed at me. “You guys have such dirty minds.” I mumbled.  At that moment, our waitress came to our table. She looked up from her notepad and her eyes widened. “Oh my gosh…” she mumbled to herself. I was guessing that this girl was a fan of One Direction. Or she had seen us in magazines and on the TV. Either way, she appeared to be star struck. She quickly pulled herself back to reality when she realized she had been staring for a while.

        “Sorry. I’m just a fan of the boys and recognized you from pictures on Tumblr and Instagram. Danielle, Tori, Eleanor and Cassidy right?” she asked as she pointed at each of us. we all gave her friendly smiles. “That’s us.” Danielle said. The girl smiled and nodded. “Well, I’m Paige and I’ll be your waitress today. So, what would you guys like?”

        I ordered pancakes and turkey bacon with apple juice, tori had waffles with strawberries and bananas on the side with orange juice, Eleanor had an omelette with a croissant and apple juice and Danielle had pancakes with a sausage and orange juice. Paige wrote down our orders and said that she back with them.  “So Cass, you and Niall’s six month anniversary was two weeks ago. Anything I should know about?” Danielle asked. Just as I was about to answer, tori answered for me.

“Well, at first she was in a total bitchy mood and…”

“I was not in a bitchy mood! I was just sad ‘is all.”   

        Tori shrugged. I continued. “I was sad at first but then he sent me flowers with a really beautiful note and then he told me that he was going to take me out on a date.” Danielle gasped and squealed along with the rest of us. “Omg he’s such a sweetheart!” she gushed. I blushed. He most certainly was. “So did you find an outfit?” she asked. I sighed and shook my head.

 When I went last week with tori, Christina, Aliyah and Eleanor I wasn’t able to find anything. “Well, do you know where he’s taking you?” Danielle asked. again, I shook my head. “He said he wants it to be a surprise. But I think he’s secretly doing it just to piss me off.”

        The girls laughed. “Well, when we go shopping later, we’ll look for something casual, but not too casual.” Danielle said and I nodded. The waitress came back with our food and we all thanked her before indulging in the delicious meal.

        We and talked for a bit longer before we spilt the bill and left.  We all drove to the mall, taking separate cars. We met up in the parking lot after finding a parking space and walked inside the mall together. we started off in Forever 21. Danielle ended up buying a pair of camouflage jeans and a black sheer blouse with gold studs on the shoulder to go with it. tori bought a two finger cross ring and some gold earrings along with a perfume she thought smelt good.

        Eleanor and I didn’t see anything that caught our eye, so we moved onto another store, which happened to be Top shop. That’s where Eleanor went crazy. She absolutely loved this store. While she ran around the store, picking up loads of clothes until hr arms were full, I busied myself just skimming through blouses, skirts and dresses.

There was nothing that really caught my eye. That is, until I saw a very simple dress. It was black at the bust and the rest was white. It flowed and the straps were thick, but not that thick. It was the type of dress that you could dress up or down, which I loved. I began searching through them, determined to find my size. When I did I grinned. I was definitely trying this on. Before doing so, I went looking for the girls to show them the dress to get their opinion.

“It’s beautiful, Cass!”

“Niall will love it!”

“OMG you have to try it on!”

        The girls cried while pushing me to the change room area, where I was able to find a room to try it on. I slipped it on and checked myself out in the mirror before coming out to show the girls, who all gave me a thumbs up. I came to the conclusion that I was going to buy the dress. The girls and I payed for our items before moving onto the next store.


Nye: are you done your girls day? I miss you :(

Cass: lol you’re so cute! Yes I am done. I just dropped Tori at work. So now I have to go drop the stuff I got at my house.

Nye: how ‘bout I just meet you there?

Cass: ok, see you there xxx

Nye: later xxx

        I locked off my phone and started up my car before driving away from Chapters. It didn’t take me long to get home. It was about a ten minute drive. When I got there, niall was already there and was waiting for me on the front porch. He smiled as I parked up and came out my car. I smiled as he came over to me and wrapped me in a hug.


        He murmured into my hair.  “Hey, Nye.” I said and kissed his cheek before pulling away and getting my bags out the trunk. Niall helped me bring the some stuff in, since I had both tori and my own stuff to carry inside. I put tori’s stuff in her room and niall rested my stuff in my room before plopping down on my bed. “So, what’d you buy?” I shrugged at his question. “Nothing interesting.” Niall smirked. “Really? Cause I saw a Victoria’s Secret bag.” I blushed. Then my eyes widened. “You didn’t look in it did you?”

        He chuckled at my expression but shook his head. “No. I wanted to, but I figured you’d be mad If I did.” I laughed as well and nodded. “wise choice.” I opened my closet and began to put my stuff away. I put the dress I bought for niall and I’s date away before he could see it before putting away the other stuff. I put away my shoes, jeans, blouses and some jewellery I got from Urban Planet. I don’t know when, but niall decided he wanted to help me unpack.


I heard him breath out. I turned around and saw him holding up the red halter neck dress that I had gotten from Guess. The front cut down like a v neck, but not too deep. It stopped a little bit pass the middle of my thighs. I rose an eyebrow. “What?” “Where’d you get this?” he asked. I didn’t see the big deal. “Guess…why?” he bit his lip as he took in the dress again. “You should shop there more often. Cause this, this is hot.” I blushed and he looked between me and the dress, smirking. Gosh I hope he wasn’t imagining me in it. 

“Hmm… maybe you can model it for me.” he suggested while winking at me. I playfully slapped him and grabbed the dress from him while he laughed. “Oh come on, it will be fun!” I shook my head and giggled. I sat beside him on my bed and he continued telling me about his perverted fantasy. “And then, after that, you could show me your new undies set. Or better yet, maybe you can model that for me too!” “Niall!” I laughed while slapping him. “Stop being a pervet.” He chuckled. “Fine. just answer two questions.” I didn’t even bother ask what they were because I knew it would be something utterly stupid.

“are you into lace? And do you wear thongs or full underwear?” I gasped. I was about to slap him in his head but he caught my hands and pulled me onto him, so I was straddling him. That didn’t stop me from trying to slap him. He only laughed at my fail attempts and rested his hands on the back of my thighs.I rose an eyebrow. “Is this you being perverted again?” I asked. he chuckled and shook his head. “No…This is me showing my girlfriend that I want her to kiss me.” I smiled as he tucked some hair behind my ear and pressed my lips to his. My hand travelled up his shirt as he pulled me further down on him.

Niall flipped us over and my hands moved to his hair while his rested at either side of me. He moved his lips to my neck and I bit my lip. When he kissed just above the spot that connects to my collarbone and neck, my breath hitched in my throat. I couldn’t explain it, but it felt amazing when his lips kissed there. as he brushed his lips over it I gasped, causing him to pause. He kissed it again, this time deeper, almost to the point where he was practically sucking on it.

It felt so good. I could no longer control it. A tiny moan escaped my lips. Niall pulled away from me and I frowned. “Why’d you stop?” I whispered. Niall chuckled. “Did you not want me to stop?” I blushed. “I don’t know… it felt good.” niall laughed and cupped my face in his hand. “You’re adorable.” He said before kissing me again. He gently bit down on my bottom lip, asking for permission to which I gladly gave him. As the kiss got more heated, I lifted Niall’s shirt over his head and placed it at the side of my bed.

I don’t know what I was doing. I knew I wasn’t ready. But yet here I was, taking this heated make out session to the next level. I mean Niall was perfect. He always respected what I wanted. But I was probably sending him mixed signals right now and he didn’t know just how far he should let it go, or how far I was willing to let it go.

As niall began to pull up my shirt, I pulled away, not wanting it to go any further. Niall bit his lip. “Sorry.” He said. I shook my head and sighed.

 “it’s not you, Nye. It’s just…” 

“You’re not ready.”

        He finished for me. I sighed again and ran a hand through my hair before shaking my head. Niall smile and nodded. I bit my lip.

 “I’m so sorry, Nye. I didn’t want to send you mixed signals but… I honeslty don’t know what’s wrong with me. I didn’t mean to lead you or on and then you turn you down I just…” 

        Niall cupped my face in his hands and kissed my forehead. “Hey… it’s alright, cass. I know you didn’t mean to.” He said. “Sure, your actions did confuse me, but I think they confused you too.” boy was he ever right. “and you didn’t lead me on. well… in a way you did but I figured nothing was going to happen. You didn’t seem so sure. If it were to have gone any further, I would have stopped it.”

        Like I said, best boyfriend ever. “I know I’ve told you this before but I would never pressure you into doing something you didn’t want to. If you want to wait then that’s fine. You’ll find I’m quite patient.” I smiled at his words. He kissed my nose and I giggled, which made him smile. “When the time is right, you’ll know, cass. And when you’re ready, I’ll be waiting for you.”

        My heart fluttered. Niall was truly the only guy that ever treated me this way and made me feel this way. He was…indescribable. No words could sum up the way I felt towards him. The way I felt when he kissed me, held me, or even just talked to me. everything he said and did was just…perfect. Even when he was talking complete nonsense, I never grew tired of hearing him talk. I don’t why I felt the way I felt for him. It was a feeling I’ve never came across in my entire life.

        I lightly pecked his lips and thanked him before he put back on his shirt and I snuggled up to him, enjoying this feeling I was experiencing, even if it I wasn’t able to discover what is was.


Later on that day….

        The boys, girls and I met up at Cassidy and Tori’s house because Cassidy said she was too lazy to drive to anyone else’s house. We all were in their living room, having a consensus on where we should go today. Eleanor suggested the movie theatres, Liam said bowling, niall thought of paintballing and Cassidy said laser tag. We were all trying to come to a mutual agreement.  

        We had all ruled out bowling because no one wanted to do that but Liam, who huffed and mumbled a “fine” under his breath. “But paintballing hurts!” tori whined. Cassidy was quick to agree. “Laser tag comes with no pain whatsoever. And it’s just as fun.” Tori agreed with this statement. “But with a movie is just more relaxing. Plus, I always got lost in the maze during laser tag.” Eleanor said.  Louis shook his head and chuckled.

        “Okay, how ‘bout this: we go either paintballing or laser tag, and then come home to watch a movie.” Liam suggested. Everyone agreed with it and we started deciding between the two. After about 10 minutes of going back and forth, debating over the two activities, everyone but Niall and Eleanor agreed to laser tag.

        It was almost too easy to convince Eleanor. All Louis had to do was tell her he’d stay with her the whole time. Now it was just lniall. If I thought Eleanor was easy to convince, I hadn’t seen nothing yet. “I don’t know…” niall said. “I really wanted to go paintballing.” Everyone groaned, thinking we’d have to change up the arrangements in order for everyone to be happy. Boy were we wrong.

        “Come on, Nye.” Cassidy said almost in a pleading voice. Niall sighed. “I don’t know…” “Please?” Cassidy said while making a puppy dog face.  it was as if Niall had literally melted at the sight of it. he finally gave in with a sigh and a nod of his head. Cassidy let out a squeal while thanking him and kissing his cheek, causing Niall to blush. The boys and girls playfully tolled their eyes while I chuckled and shook my head, all the while wondering why my there was an ache in my chest when I witnessed that.

        It was an ache I felt before. every time Perrie was with another guy I felt this. Jealousy. Was I… jealous? No, I couldn’t be. I was just missing Perrie ‘is all. Yah, that’s it. That has to be it. we all took separate cars, Liam, Niall, Louis, Harry and I in one, and Eleanor, Tori and Cassidy in the other. We met inside the laser tag building, paid for 45 minute session, before beginning our game.


“you guys all suck! I can’t believe you let then beat us!”

        Louis cried out as we all began to walk to our cars. We had come up with the idea of playing boys against girls. Even though Eleanor was afraid she was going to get lost without Louis’ guidance, she agreed to play if the girls made sure she wouldn’t get lost. Us boys were all pretty confident that we were going to when for two reasons. One: we had more players. And two: we knew how to play better.

        It was pretty sad that we had lost to the girls, especially since there was only three of them. But what can we say? They were actually better than we thought. Louis was pretty upset, something about us ruining his pride. The girls just giggled and shook their heads. “I mean, honestly. This should’ve been an easy win.”  Niall shrugged and mumbled, “They only won cause they cheated.” Cassidy rolled her eyes. “Bullshit! We did not cheat in any way, shape or form. You guys just suck.” Louis scoffed. “I do not suck. It’s not my fault these boys can’t take on three girls.”

        We all rolled eyes, ignoring Louis’ comment. “Well, can you blame us? they hid everywhere and shot us when we least expected it!” Harry whined. Tori rose an eyebrow. “That’s the point of the game.” Harry rolled his eyes, mumbling a ‘whatever’ under his breath as we reached our cars.

“Okay, who’s house are we going to?”

        Liam asked. We decided to go to Cassidy and Tori’s house to watch movies, and then we’d probably just crash there. before doing so, we stopped at our houses to grab a pair of sweats and t shirts to sleep in, along with our toothbrushes. The girls were already there when we pulled into Cassidy’s driveway. When we got inside we started to decide what movie to watch. Niall had suggested The Conjuring and was given a death glare by no other than Cassidy.

        Tori came up with The Hunger Games, which all the girls seemed to like. I think they all just didn’t want to watch a horror film. So, we did a vote. To no surprise, the conjuring won.

“That’s not fair!”

        Cassidy whined.

“Seriously, every time we hang out we always watch horror films and I end up being scared shitless for a week! I’m certain you guy’s goal in life is to scare me for life.”

Louis rolled his eyes and called her a baby before a couch pillow collided with his head, due to Cassidy throwing it at him for calling her names.

“I am not a baby. Those movies are just too intense.”

        Eleanor nodded her head before joining in Cassidy’s protest.

“Can’t we just watch something else?”

        I sighed and shook my head. After about five minutes of the girls still protesting, we had finally got them to agree to the movie. Louis found it on Netflix before Liam flicked off the lights and the movie began. So far, nothing too scary had come up. But that didn’t keep Cassidy from clinging onto Niall for dear life, which caused him to playfully roll his eyes at her and pull her closer. I forced myself to tear my eyes away from them before this feeling of jealousy got any deeper.



“That was awesome! We have to go see the second one!” Louis said when the movie was done. He ignored the bewildered looks Eleanor, tori and I had sent his way.

“That was horrifying!”

I shrieked and snuggled closer to niall. Liam chuckled as he saw this, at the same time catching sight of Tori basically preventing blood to flow to Harry’s hand as she gripped it tight. My heart was pounding harshly against my chest as images of the movie flashed through my mind. I shuddered and rested my head on Niall’s shoulder who laughed at me. he opened his mouth to say something but I beat him to it.

“Shut up. I already know what you’re going to say and yes, it really was that bad. How do you guys expect me to sleep tonight?!”

        The boys laughed at me, ignoring the fact that I was being dead serious. I would probably be up ‘til some ungodly hour in the morning because of this movie. “I mean it this time, I am never, ever watching another scary movie again.” I stated. Eleanor sighed.

“I’m with you on that one. I feel like I pissed my pants.”


        It was around one in the morning when we all went to bed. the girls slept in my room, Tori let Harry sleep in his room and the rest of the boys slept in the guest room. I kept waking up in the middle of the night, hearing creaks and noises that would freak me out because of the movie. As I woke up for the fifth time, I noticed the girls were no longer in my room. But it didn’t bother me. I was just interested in looking for Niall. I made my way to the guess room, only to discover that he, along with the other boys, were no longer there.

        My guess was that they were all in the living room. I walked downstairs to find that they weren’t there either. “Niall?” I called out as I got confused. I walked into the kitchen to see that they weren’t there either. I groaned, knowing that they went somewhere to get food and left me here by myself. well isn’t that just great. The night that I’m scared shitless they decide to leave me by myself.

        As I was about to make my way to the living room to sit on the couch, I heard the back door slam shut. I jumped and turned around, my heart beating furiously. Great, there was probably someone in the house now. i crossed off sitting in the living and started walking to the stairs to go to my room, where I’d lock myself in the closet and call Niall to tell him to get back here before I pissed myself.

        As I was about to make my way upstairs, I heard something knock over in the living room, causing me to shriek. I walked back in there cautiously, to see it was one of tori’s books she left on the shelf. I ran a hand through my hair, trying to collect myself. I felt like I was going to cry. I was almost certain I was going to die. Then, there went the front door; opening and slamming shut, causing me to yelp. I made a dash for the stairs, ready to lock myself in my room until the others came back.

        Before my foot could touch the first step, someone gripped my wrist, pulled me into them by tightly wrapping their arm around my waist and covered my mouth with their hand as I screamed bloody murder. I started throwing myself around and screaming until my lungs started to burn, desperate to get loose. But their grip only tightened.

The unidentified person started dragging me away from the stairs and to the living room (though I’m not sure why that was least of my problems. My only concern was escaping right now).  I was going to die and I knew it. My vision got blurry from the tears that were gathering in my eyes as I thought my life was going to end here.

Once the person stopped, I was able to swing my foot (rather hard if I do say so myself) into their crotch, causing the person to cry out in pain. As the person’s grip loosened my elbow connected with their stomach before they fell to the ground. After wiping my eyes before the tears could fall, I turned around to make a dash for my room once again. But I was stopped by the sight of my boyfriend lying on the ground, letting out grunts of pain while holding his…area.

I gasped once I realized it was him and dropped down beside him. “Oh my gosh! Niall, are you ok?!” he mumbled something I couldn’t quite understand due to the grunts of pain he was still letting out. There was a tap on my shoulder and I turned around while letting out a shriek, only to see it was Harry though. Who, by the way, was trying the hardest to keep in his laughter as he stood there with a smirk on his face.

I started to catch on to what was happening right now. Harry confirmed it for me when he let out a laugh and said, “You guys can come out now!” the boys and girls emerged from different parts of the house laughing their asses off. That was I all needed to know that it was them who were slamming the doors open and shut, and dropping stuff in the living rooms; it was these little shits who scared the hell out of me.

“OMG I can’t believe that you didn’t know it was us!”

        Louis said through his laughter as I squinted my eyes at them all.

“You’re so oblivious!” Harry added. “I was in the living room the whole time and you didn’t even notice me!” the rest joined in laughing, agreeing with him. After flipping him off, I looked at Niall who was still on the floor biting his lip in attempt to relieve some of the pain that he was feeling. “So this was all so you can scare me?” I asked in. he only nodded, unable to form words at the moment.  I touched his shoulder and faked a smile “Well, in that case…” I said before slapping his chest as he grunted and let out a few curse words under his breath as I got up from beside and faced the others.

“Fuck you all.” I said while sticking up my middle finger, I turned on heel and made my way upstairs, ignoring the snickers coming from the others. As I reached the middle of the staircase, I heard Louis snicker and say “Umm… are you ok?” I assumed he was talking to Niall, who I heard say “she kicks so hard!” the rest laughed at him. I shook my head. I felt bad that I had kicked him that hard, but I was mad at him to the point where I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

 Before I closed my bedroom door I heard Harry say, “Yah, you’re probably going to need some ice for your little situation over there, mate.”


        I was still in my room after about ten minutes. The others had finally stopped laughing downstairs about the “funny” situation. I was still mad at all of them. Especially Niall. My room door opened and then shut. I didn’t bother look to see who it was. I wouldn’t make a difference anyways. I was ignoring them all. I heard them make their way across my room and sit on the edge of my bed. their hand touched my knee. That’s when I knew it was Niall. I didn’t acknowledge him though. I simply kept my eyes glued to my phone screen, pretending to be so interested on what was happening on my Instagram timeline.


        He said softly. When I didn’t respond he nudged my knee again and said “Princess, talk to me. please. I don’t like it when you shut me out.” I bit my lip, practically melting over the sound of his smooth voice. I sighed and turned to meet his blue eyes. “I’m mad at you.” I mumbled. Niall nodded. “I know.” I shook my head.

“No, I mean I’m really mad at you right now. You almost made me piss myself!”

 I watched as he tried to contain the smile that was creeping onto his face. “Yah, and you kicked me in my private area. I think we’re even.” I sat up properly and sat beside him. “It was self defense. Plus, you deserved it. you know how much I hate scary movies! Not only did I have to watch one tonight, but my best friend and my boyfriend decided it would be “fun” to scare me even more!”

Niall frowned, but I could still see amusement dancing in his eyes. “Were you really that scared?” I bit my lip and nodded. “Yes. I thought I was going to die.” Niall’s eyes softened and he held out his arms to me. I gladly fell into them as he wrapped them about me and kissed my temple.

“I’m sorry, princess. I didn’t think you’d actually believe we were gone.” I let out a groan. “Can we not talk about how oblivious I am?” Niall chuckled. “Okay, we won’t. am I forgiven?” I smiled and nodded. “And I guess that I’m sorry for kicking you in your…you know, and then elbowing you in the stomach….and then slapping you afterwards.” Niall laughed.

“I suppose that’s fine.” I smiled and rested my head on his chest. “Are you tired?” he asked me. I looked at him in disbelief. “How could I even think about sleep when all I can think about now is that dam movie and people breaking into my house?!” he only chuckled. “How ‘bout we cuddle ‘til you fall asleep the. Yeah?” i nodded. “Yes, please.”

Niall pulled the covers over us as I buried my head in the crook of his neck, as he wrapped his arms bringing us close so that our stomachs were touching. One of my arms rested on his stomach, while the other wrapped loosely around his torso. He began to softly sing the lyrics to Little things in my ear. I smiled, remembering all the times I imagine being in this position with one of the boys while they sang to me. and now it was finally happening.

I snuggled closer to him as he continued singing. His hand reached my cheek, and stroked it ever so lightly. Gosh, I loved when he did that.  I loved… him. Yes, that’s it. I loved him… I was in love with Niall Horan. That was what I was feeling earlier. No wonder I didn’t know what it was. I have never loved someone the way I loved Niall before. the heat rose in my cheeks as I thought this. As Niall reached his solo in the song, his words became slower and barely audible, telling me that, much like me, he was on the verge of sleep. I closed my eyes, ready to let sleep take over me as Niall’s words became mumbles. I’m not sure when I dosed off. All I know was that Niall wasn’t too long after me. 


        The boys and girls were still downstairs, talking and laughing. They had finally stopped talking about the park that oh so oblivious Cassidy, didn’t catch on to. It was Tori who decided that they should go apologize to her. “She won’t be mad anymore” she said. “Niall softened her up.” The others snickered, none of them noticing the hint of jealousy behind Zayn’s light, forced laugh. I would say that he didn’t even notice himself. They all agreed and made their way upstairs to Cassidy’s room.

Harry knocked her twice, only to get no reply. He knocked again, still not getting a response. Louis frowned. “Geez, I didn’t know she was that mad.” Eleanor shook her head and chuckled. “They’re just making out.” At the thought of this, zayn cringed. Liam noticed, sending a weird, yet concerned, look his way. Zayn sent him a small smile, a reassurance he was okay. But the truth is, Zayn did not know if he was okay himself.

Harry shrugged, his hand on the doorknob, ready to open the door without being invited in. “Only one way to find out.” Tori slapped his arm, causing him to pause. “You can’t just barge in like that! What if they really are? We can’t just interrupt like that.” Harry put on a funny face. “Why not? We do it all the time?” the others nodded in agreement as Tori sighed. “Fine. But if she gets pissed, I’m blaming all of you.”

Harry shrugged, mumbling something about how he could live with that. He turned the knob and pushed the door open, leaving an entrance for the others to come to in as well. Harry smirked. “Well, would you look at that.” The rest were confused. Tori was the next to come in, trying to see what he was talking about. The moment she stepped in, she knew exactly what he meant. Her hand flew up to her chest to touch her heart as she let out an ‘aww’.

“You guys gotta see this! It’s the cutest thing ever!” she cried out. Not too loud though, she did not want to wake the sleeping couple. One by one, Eleanor, Louis, Liam and Zayn entered Cassidy’s room, their hearts warming at the scene in front of them.

Cassidy was wrapped tightly in Niall’s arm, her head buried in the crook of his neck. Niall’s head was rested upon one of Cassidy’s many pillows, his face so close to hers that if he made the slightest movement, his lips would brush her forehead. Both of them were asleep with the covers over them. . Even though they didn’t need a sheet; the way their bodies were intertwined was enough heat.

Eleanor whipped out her phone to capture this sweet moment that the couple was sharing. She’d show Cassidy tomorrow. She was playing out how it would all go down in her head. Cassidy would blush madly, then yell at the girls for being creepers and taking pictures, all the while watching her and niall sleep. But then, she’d ask Eleanor to send it to her so she can add it to her growing collections of pictures of niall and her. This would become one of Cassidy’s top five favourite pictures of her and Niall together.

While the others admired them, zayn stared intently at Cassidy. And it scared him. It scared him because he knew- deep down- somewhere- he wanted to be the one holding her in his arms. He quickly denied it though, tearing his eyes away and looking at her picture frame that consisted of various pictures of Cassidy and Tori’s old life back in Florida, before they had moved to England. He didn’t want to feel this way, he couldn’t feel this way. What would happen to Perrie and him? What would the others think? What would Cassidy think?

These were all reasons why he couldn’t have feelings for Cassidy. But the most important of all, Zayn refused to be the boy who had feelings for his best mate’s girlfriend.

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