My One and Only

Cassidy Simmons is an average 19 year old girl. She attends university, gets by with a part time job and does a webcast about One Direction with her best friend, Tori to entertain themselves. When one direction starts getting interested in this show, they decide to pay them a surprise visit. That’s when Cassidy meets Niall and starts falling for him more than she ever has for anyone. But when Niall returns these feelings, things start getting complicated. Can they survive it or will everything they once shared crash and burn?


20. interviews (sophiam saga part. 1)


Three days later….


        I woke up at nine in the morning, my phone notifying me I had event going on today. I sat up in my bed and picked it up off my nightstand and read the screen.

‘Interview. Today, 12p.m.

I groaned while throwing myself back onto my mattress, my head meeting my plush pillows. I didn’t feel like doing anything today. Well, I didn’t feel like doing anything but hanging out with Sophia. She came home yesterday from the states, where she was visiting some friends for a while. She had texted me the news and we arranged to meet up today. The interview had completely slipped my mind. I would have to cancel and reschedule with Sophia.

I unlocked my phone and accessed Sophia’s number so I could text her.

Liam: hey! I have bad news :(

Sophia: oh geez… what is it?

Liam: I have to cancel today.

Sophia: Aww! Why?! :(

Liam: I have an interview today. It completely slipped my mind.

Sophia: that sucks

Liam: I know… I was looking forward to spending time with you.

Sophia: same here. But we could always hang out after you’re done.

        It was then that an idea popped in my head. Maybe, Sophia could come to the interview with us. The other girls would most likely come as well, so I didn’t see the problem with Sophia coming. I’d have to ask Paul but I was almost certain he’d allow it.

Liam: maybe you can come to the interview with me. Then we can just go hang out straight after that.

Sophia: that’d be great! Are you sure it’d be ok?

Liam: I’ll have to ask Paul, but I think it’ll be ok. I’ll let you know.

Sophia: okay.

        I locked my phone and decided to get up now and start my day. I walked into my washroom to take a shower and brush my teeth. When I was done with that, I went back into my bedroom to put on some fresh clothes. I decided on black jeans and a plain blue v- neck. Nothing fancy as you can see. Lou would probably end up making me change once I got to the studio anyways.

        I sat on the edge of my bed and picked up my phone to call Paul and ask him if it was okay if Sophia tagged along. He said it was, considering Tori and Eleanor would be coming as well. Cassidy had to work today. I took my phone with me downstairs, where I decided to grab some breakfast. I settled on a bowl of Banana Cheerios. As I took my second spoonful, loud banging erupted on my door.

“Liam! Open up!”

“Liam! Let us in!”

“Payno!! Answer the door!”

        I heard Louis and Harry yell at the top of their lungs. I rolled my eyes and sighed. These boys were so loud. I considered not answering them, and I actually didn’t. I didn’t want to deal with their loud selves so early in the morning. This didn’t last long. My phone started blowing up with text messages from both of them

Louis: stop ignoring us!

Harry: we know you’re up!

Louis: I don’t fancy waiting

Harry: I’m counting to three. And when I get to three you better be up to answer the door

Louis: ugh! Get your lazy self-up! My legs are getting tired!

Harry: being stubborn I see!

        I groaned. And through the mix of all this, the knocking continued. It was like they were taking turns; Louis would text me and harry would knock, and then they’d switch. I knew they wouldn’t give up. So I abandoned my cereal and got up to answer the door. When I did, I saw Louis and harry standing there, both with satisfied smiles on their face.

“Well, it took you long enough.”

        Louis said as he walked inside my house with Harry right behind him. I shrugged. “I figured you guys would go away eventually.” Harry laughed as we made our way to the kitchen. “Do you not know us at all?” I let out a chuckle at that. He had a point there.

I forgot how persistent these boys could be. “So,” Louis started as I sat down and started eating my cereal again. “What’s for breakfast?” I raised an eyebrow. “Were you expecting me to feed you?” Louis nodded. I chuckled. “Guess again. Just take what you want. But don’t touch my Pop tarts.” I told the both of them and Louis groaned. He loved pop tarts as did I. but last time he discovered had some he ate like the entire box! I only got one out of it.

        We all talked while the boys busied themselves with raiding my cupboards, fridge and freezer. Harry settled on waffles and Louis had a bowl cereal and a pop tart (after we argued for like three minutes and he promised only to take one). Somewhere throughout our conversation we came to the topic of the interview. Louis and Harry told me Tori and Eleanor where coming and told them that Sophia was joining. They both smiled and nodded.

        “That’s good.” Louis stated. “The girls could get to know her better.” I knew Louis wasn’t too fond of Sophia. But he was being civil and was accepting her. And I was grateful that he would do that for me. It was my turn to smile and nod. “That’d be great.” We all finished our breakfast and decided to go and wake up zayn, all three of us knowing that he wasn’t up yet.


It was around eleven in the morning when Zayn, Louis, Niall, Harry and I reached the studio. Eleanor and Tori arrived ten minutes after and Sophia came about five minutes after them. The three of them seemed to be having a lovely chat while we got changed and our hair styled. Sophia seemed a bit nervous around them at first. I was guessing it was because she wanted to make a good first impression on them. But it didn’t take long for her to return to her carefree, fun loving self. I smiled as I caught glimpse of her giggling at something Tori had said.

        Zayn had just finished getting his hair styled so it was my turn now. I sat in a chair in front of Lou and let her work her magic upon my hair. I took in my surroundings. It was just the usual scene; Louis was talking to Zayn and harry, Niall was texting Cassidy with a lovesick smile on his face and the girls were talking amongst themselves. See? It was nothing out of the ordinary. This was just the usual scene that took place behind the scenes at interviews.

        Little did I know this wasn’t going to be your everyday interview.


The interviewer had just finished introducing himself and us to the audience. He started with small talk, making us laugh just to break the ice. Then he got to the questions. He first started asking us about the basics:

How was our tour?

Are we glad it’s over?

What could the fans expect from our next album?

Was it fun filming our movie while on tour?

        You know, just the usual stuff any interview would ask. Then he moved onto a topic that he claimed he couldn’t wait to discuss:


  I mentally let out a groan. I was not looking forward to this. Not only would Danielle come up in the mix of everything, but I’d most likely be asked to explain Sophia and I’s relationship. We weren’t dating, I knew that for sure. But, we weren’t exactly friends either. We were more than that. I gave myself false hope by saying that he wouldn’t ask me anything about my relationship. That hope didn’t last too long.  

“Liam, if I remember correctly, you just recently broken up your girlfriend, Danielle Peazer?” 

        To answer, I just simply nodded my head, with a polite smile on my face.  The interviewer continued. “And now, you’ve been seen a lot with Sophia Smith. So, Liam, do tell us, what’s the deal between you two?”

        It felt like everyone’s eyes were on me. Maybe cause they were. Everyone just looked at me, waiting for me to explain Sophia’s and I relationship. “Well, we met in school but lost touch when I tried out for X- Factor. Then, I met her again while we were in Florida, and we just started talking again. Nothing major, we’re just friends.” My voice was unsure, and the interviewer noticed. He smiled. “You don’t seem to sure, Liam.” A blush of embarrassment took over my cheeks as I avoided his gaze.

        “So, how about we asked Sophia for a little reassurance Yeah?” my eyes widened. “I don’t think that’s such a good idea…” I started but it was too late. The crowd was cheering for her to come out and the interviewer was grinning. I looked at the boys for help, but they just shrugged, obviously not sure what to do either. I looked backstage, to see Sophia standing there unsure, asking the girls what to do. Eleanor and tori just shrugged, much like the boys. Sophia sighed and slowly made her way on stage and sat beside me. Once the audience settled, the interviewer continued to talk.

“Well, let me start off by welcoming you Sophia.”

        The interviewer and Sophia exchanged greeting before he got straight down to business. “I’m just going to get straight to it and ask you the same question I ask Liam. But this time, I want the truth.” He started. “What’s the deal between you and Liam, Sophia.” Sophia was quiet at first. Which, I was a bit surprised at. Sophia was a talkative person. Plus, it’s not like she had to decide what to say. We were just friends… in a way. Regardless, all she had to do is say we’re friends. Nothing more.

        So, with me thinking that, you’d understand why I was utterly surprised and thrown off guard with how Sophia answered him. It wasn’t just me. The boys and girls were equally surprised as well. Sophia looked at the interviewer, then me, before smile and looking back at him. “Well, I guess there’s no point in hiding it anymore.” What? What was she doing? Hide what? “Yes, Liam and I are together.” the group erupted with cheers and claps as I hoped the confusion and shock I was feeling right now wasn’t showing on my face.

        The interviewer grinned while shouting “I knew it!” obviously proud with himself that his prediction was right. I looked at the boys who were wide eyed, their faces screaming “Why didn’t you tell us?!” Louis’ face also showed a great deal of concern for me. But that was because he thought Sophia was rotten. I pretended like I didn’t see that. I forced a smile onto my face, trying to see happy that Sophia and I’s “relationship” wasn’t a secret anymore. But behind that smile I was confused, shock and annoyed.  How could she do that? Just so bluntly on live television? It wasn’t even like it was; we weren’t together!

I just didn’t understand the logic of this all.


        The interview had just now finished and the boys and I were getting ready to leave. Once I was off the set, I walked straight past Sophia, not acknowledging her as I went to go change. I didn’t get far before Sophia grabbed my arm and spun me around to face her. “Liam, what’s wrong? Why are you avoiding me?”  I looked at her bewildered. Did she really not know why? “Why would you tell the interview we were dating?” I asked her with a low voice, yet annoyed, voice. I didn’t want any attention to be drawn towards us.

        Sophia still looked confused. “What’s wrong with that?” I ran a hand through my hair and pulled her to a corner so no one could hear us. “Sophia it’s not true! We’re not dating! And you just told the whole entire world that we are! Do you know how much chaos this is going to cause?!” I yelled in the same low voice I was using before. It hadn’t been long since I broke up with Danielle. The fans still weren’t over that yet. I couldn’t imagine how bad it would be if they found out I was already dating another girl.

        Sophia just looked at me with a small smile on her face. “Well, what if I want it to be true?” “That’s not the point…” “That’s exactly the point, Liam. I like you, and I know you feel something for me too. You’re just afraid of what other people will think.” I didn’t respond. She was right. There was a part of me that still, and would always, love Danielle. But, there was a part of me that wanted to be with Sophia. But I was afraid of what the fans would say, what the boys and girls would say. And how Danielle would feel when she found out.

        Would she care? Was she over me? Or was she still in that broken state I left her in. It killed me that I didn’t know these answers. Danielle and I hadn’t spoken since the breakup. I didn’t know if she was fine or not. The girls had said she was spending time with her family. Part of me believed them, part of me felt like they covering for her so she could avoid seeing me.

        I hadn’t realized I had zoned out until Sophia took my hand in hers and softly called my name, bringing me back to this world. I looked in her eyes and she smiled. “Don’t you want what I want? For us to be together?” I nodded my head and her smile grew. Her hand went up to my cheek as she came closer to me. “So then don’t worry about what the fans will thin, or how much chaos I supposedly just caused. Because you what? They don’t matter. All that matter is this; what we have.” She said softly, her lips inches away from mine.

        My heart was beating fast. I wanted to kiss her. God knows how badly I wanted to kiss her. But I couldn’t. Not when my eyes left hers for a second and saw tori and Eleanor looking at me with eyes wide, facing saying “are you two really together? Did you really move on that fast?” I put distance between us and lost her gaze. Sophia forced me to look at her again and came closer once again while looking in the girls’ direction. Once she saw their shocked expression she rolled her eyes and shook her head.

“There you go again; caring way too much what others think.”

        I didn’t saying anything. She sighed “I know you want to kiss me Liam. So why don’t you?” “The girls are looking.” I stated. She looked at them once more before smirking. “So then let’s give them a show.” And with that, she pressed her lips to mine.

        I got to say, I was surprised at first. Could you blame me/ that kiss came out of nowhere. But once I processed what was happening, I kissed her back. My arms wrapped around her waist as hers went around my neck. I heard some gasps. Most likely from Tori and Eleanor. But once, I didn’t care. All that mattered was that I was finally kissing Sophia.

        The kiss deepened, with neither of us having any intentions of pulling away. That is until I felt flashes of light on my face. That’s when I pulled away, horrified that someone had caught us. I prayed that it was either tori or Eleanor. My prayer wasn’t answered. Because when I looked, not only were there two people from the show grinning like idiots with cameras, but there stood zayn, Louis, niall, harry, Eleanor and tori, all with their mouths hanging open, clearly surprised with what that they had just witnessed.

        “First you guys come clean about your relationship, and now we have a picture to go along with the story! This is brilliant!” one the men with cameras said. Oh no. no, no, no. I didn’t want this pictured leaked. It would go viral in a matter of minutes! I was happy that Sophia and I were together but let’s face it, the fans would go crazy! It’s bad enough they got news that we are dating, but now a picture of us kissing? I don’t think they could handle that.

Instead of freaking out like me, Sophia only smiled and leaned into me, placing her head on my shoulder. The men snapped pictures of that too. The boys and girls just looked at us. Louis and tori were studying us closing, well not really me but Sophia, almost like they knew something. Like they knew why this was all happening. Much like earlier, I ignored that. I didn’t want to think about whatever thoughts they were having about Sophia.

All I cared about is how everyone was going to react to this.


Danielle POV

Few hours later…

        I was sitting in my flat, surfing through my twitter timeline and mentions on my phone, while I sat on my bed with some popcorn and a cup of juice. I was really bored. I had been on day. Tori and Eleanor went to the boys’ interview earlier today, a way to spend time with their boyfriends. So I couldn’t hang out with them. Cassidy couldn’t because she had work, so she was out of the question.

So that left me alone. I knew the interview was over now but I knew tori and Eleanor would be spending time with harry and Louis and I refuse to interrupt that. They haven’t seen them in six months. They deserved to spend as much time with each other as possible. That went for Niall and Cassidy as well. I don’t even think I’d be able to get a hold of her anyways. Once niall was around, she was completely oblivious to her surroundings. I mean, Cassidy was always oblivious, but with niall that trait of hers just heightened.

Yeah, I heard about that whole incident where Cassidy kicked niall in his crotch and elbowed him in his stomach. When tori told me I nearly dropped off my chair from laughing too hard.

So anyways, while I was going through my mentions, I realized a lot of people kept tagging me in a picture and video. They would stay stuff like that:

“I wonder how Danielle is taking all this…”

“Can’t believe this is happening! #imissPayzer”

“Well… this popped out of the blue”

        This all made me curious. What had happened? All I knew is that it involved Liam and I’s breakup. I clicked on the link to the video in one of the mentions. The link led me to YouTube. The video was of the boy’s interview today. At first it started off with some ice breaker questions, before the interview moved onto relationships.

        This caught my intention. I knew they’d discuss Liam’s and I breakup, which would bring me one step closer to figuring out what all the fuss was about.

  “Liam, if I remember correctly, you just recently broken up your girlfriend, Danielle Peazer?” 

        The interview asked Liam, who smiled and nodded politely. That sort of hurt. It almost seemed like he was happy that we broke up… that he was happy without me. I sighed and shook that feeling away. The interviewer continued.

“And now, you’ve been seen a lot with Sophia Smith. So, Liam, do tell us, what’s the deal between you two?”

        Sophia. The girl Liam was always spending time with. I had nothing against her; I was just jealous; jealous because she had taken my place. It had always been Liam and I. We were always together. But now, it’s over. Liam and I are no longer together and my role was given to Sophia.

        “Well, we met in school but lost touch when I tried out for X- Factor. Then, I met her again while we were in Florida, and we just started talking again. Nothing major, we’re just friends.”

        His voice sounded unsure. He didn’t sound positive, like he usually did. This time his voice gave off the impression that he wasn’t too sure what their relationship was. The interviewer noticed this too and thought that it would be a bright idea to bring Sophia onto the stage to clarify.

And then it happened

        After exchanging greetings with the man, he asked Sophia what her relationship was with Liam. Sophia smiled.


 “Well, I guess there’s no point in hiding it anymore. Yes, Liam and I are together.”


 While the crowd erupted with cheers and claps as the interview grinned while shouting that he knew all along, I stared at my phone screen with my mouth open. Had I heard her right? Did she… did she just say that Liam and her were dating?

No. No, she couldn’t have. I must’ve heard her wrong. There’s no way they could be…. it hasn’t been that long since Liam and I broke up. Had he forgotten me already?

Still in denial, I went back to the part where Sophia was brought on stage and asked to clarify her relationship with Liam.

“Well, I guess there’s no point in hiding it anymore. Yes, Liam and I are together.”


“Well, I guess there’s no point in hiding it anymore. Yes, Liam and I are together.”


“Yes, Liam and I are together.”


“Yes, Liam and I are together.”


“Liam and I are together.”


“Liam and I are together.”


        I played that over and over and over, just to let it sink it. I had heard correctly. Sophia and Liam were dating. He had moved on… he had forgotten about me; about all the time we spent together. He forgot about us. I had been replaced by Sophia.

        Now Sophia would be the one to hug him, kiss him, and cuddle with him. She’d be the one to calm him down when he got worked up, and tell him that everything would fall into place when he was stressed.

 That used to me my job. And it was a job that I loved doing with all my heart. But I had been fired from that job; terminated; replaced by her. Liam didn’t want me anymore… he didn’t love me anymore.

With all this on my mind, I began to cry. It was too much to take in. I thought I was done crying over him, done being upset over our breakup. I knew a part of me was still hurting, but I thought I moved passed that gloomy stage of the breakup. I guess I had. But this news sent me all the way back there.

If I had reacted like this to the interview, you can probably guess that I didn’t take the picture of them kissing all that well either.

I had pressed the back button on my phone screen so it would bring me back to twitter. I hadn’t planned on reading any of the other mentions. But one caught my eye and it was just too hard to resist.

@Payzer_shipper: as if confirming they were dating wasn’t enough. Now they have to go and do this?! I’m sure this was all @Sophia_smith idea. She knows @DaniellePeazer is going to see this eventually. Gosh I can’t stand that bitch.

        There was a twitter picture attached to it. I regret clicking on it to view the picture. It just broke me even more. I clicked on the mention and the picture was revealed. There they were, kissing. Liam had his arms around her waist, and Sophia’s were wrapped around his neck. They both seemed lost in it, with no intentions of stopping anytime soon.

Oh my gosh.

My hand flew up to my mouth as my phone landed on my soft bed and more tears streamed down my face. This was way too much to take in at the moment. I wasn’t expecting that, nor was I ready for it. I wasn’t over Liam yet. I still loved him. So it hurt to see him with another girl. And it killed me to see him kissing another girl.

But even if I was over him, Liam would still hold that place in my heart as my first true love. Even if I had already found someone else, like he had, and everything was going great, I think I would react the same way.

I mean, I don’t think I’d break down crying, but it would still hurt. Heck, god could have come down from the heavens and warn that this would happen and I still wouldn’t be able to stand it. Someone could have hung a giant sign with lights and bright sirens on the highway saying, “Danielle, later on today you are going to see a picture of Liam kissing Sophia. It will destroy you. Beware…” and I still wouldn’t be ready.

No, nothing could have prepared me for that.


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Aliyah: just left my parent’s house. Heading to Starbucks. Pick me up from there

Christina: oh my god… stop getting Starbucks you junkie!!

Aliyah: NEVER! Just pick me up in like 30 alright?

Christina: okay. But I swear if you go crazy again I’ll throw you out the car… with it moving.

Aliyah: whatever. See you later.

        This was a conversation my best friend and I had often. You see, I loved Starbucks. I got it whenever I could. It was basically my life. Christina, Cassidy, Tori and my other friends always teased me about it, saying that if I ever were to get a cut, I’d bleed caffeine. I  simply would roll my eyes and flip them off. Then Eleanor would defend me, saying that Starbucks was addicting. That’s why I like Eleanor. She knew the truth.

        The Starbucks was about a twenty minute walk from my parents’ house. I didn’t mind it though. I always enjoyed when London had great weather. It was rare so I took advantage of it when it came around.

        When I got there, I ordered a cookie crumple iced Frappuccino. I surveyed the store, looking for a place where I could sit and write. I really enjoyed writing. It was a passion of mine. That’s why I majored in literature at St. Thompson University.

        I mostly wrote fan fiction about my favourite band, one direction. I adored them. But aside from that, I was working on a new Taylor Lautner story, all the while coming up with a bunch of new story ideas that u had to write down before I forgot.

        I spotted a booth in back near a window. Perfect. I loved window seats. I made my way over there quickly, not wanting someone to come along and snatch it before me. On my way there, I spotted someone. Someone familiar. It took me five seconds to figure it who he was before I gasped and stood frozen in my spot.

        The person I had spotted was Liam Payne, a fifth of one direction. I just looked at him, taking in his beautiful appearance. His brown hair was put up in a quiff, and his lips were slightly pouted as he sported his thinking face. He was so hot! I always wondered how one male could be this hot. It seemed almost impossible.

        If you hadn’t already guessed, Liam was my favourite out of all the members of one direction. It was when somebody’s shoulder bumped mine by accident that I kept moving again. Thankfully, no one had taken my spot.

As I passed Liam’s seat he looked up. His eyes were such a beautiful shade of brown. I smiled nervously and waved at him. He smiled back and sent a wave my way too. I felt like fainting right then and there. But I was able to collect myself and keep walking.

        When I was settled down in my booth, I couldn’t even write. My mind was having a mini fangirling session at the moment because Liam Payne- the living breathing Liam Payne- had just smiled at me. And waved!

        Yes, you’re probably thinking I’m over reacting and that he’s no one special. But if you were a diehard fan like me, you’d understand why I felt like doing fifteen cartwheels and a round off right now.

        Aside from that, I couldn’t take my mind off his face. And no, I don’t mean his plump lips or perfectly chiselled cheek bones (even though I was at first) . I’m talking about what was behind all that. He looked upset about something. Or maybe deep in thought was a more description.

        Either one would fit the bill now that I think about it. Instead of working on chapter thirty- six for my one direction fan fiction broken promises, I only stared at Liam, abandoning my notebook and pen.

        The goodness in me was shining bright at the moment. Liam looked like he needed someone to talk to at the moment. Maybe… maybe I could be that someone. I wanted to, I really, really wanted to. But I was scared that I would break down crying because he had uttered a word to me.

That wouldn’t be a very good first impression.

        I sat there for another seven minutes, fighting with myself until I built up enough courage to get up from my booth, and walk over to Liam’s.

Liam POV


        I was sitting in Starbucks with a white chocolate mocha, thinking about what happened today.

First, Sophia tells the whole world we are dating.

Second, she tells me she likes me and wants up to be together. I accept.

Third, we kiss and two men with camera take a picture and they are leaked to the entire world. Chaos took place on twitter.

Fourth, the boys drag me to zayn’s house where they confront me for not telling them about Sophia. I had to tell them that I didn’t know we were dating until after she had said it. When I said that, they all exchanged concerned faces, which pissed me off. Sophia was not like that. How many times would I have to insist this?

Fifth, Sophia and I hang out a bit before going to my flat and snogging. Got to say, that was a highlight of the day.

        So that recap basically brings me here to where I am now, trying to sort out everything out. So,  Sophia and I are a couple now… great. I know I don’t appear to be excited, but believe me, somewhere inside me I am fist pumping and jumping in the ear because I got the girl.

        But that part of me is clouded with all the questions swimming through my head. The picture of us kissing is on every social media site out there. And that meant, eventually, Danielle would see that picture.

How would she feel?

Would she even care?

Or would she be upset that I had moved on?

        I have moved on, but there is always going to be a part of my heart that carries Danielle with me wherever I go. I can’t help it. She was my first love. She was the first girl to ever make me feel that I mattered.

        My thoughts were put on halt when the girl who had waved at me earlier (thank god she didn’t cause a scene) plopped down in front of me in my booth. Her eyes were squeezed shut. She opened one slowly before opening the other. She was clearly nervous.

        I had seen her before, I knew that. She was at Cassidy’s surprise party. She looked the same but with some alterations. For one, her hair was shorter. Last time I seen her, it used to reach the middle of her back. Now, it rested a bit past her shoulders. She had added brown highlights to it as well.

        Unlike before, she had a small diamond nose ring. Other than that she was the same as before. She still wore glasses that framed her chocolate brown eyes, and still had long eyelashes and chubby cheeks, which were stained pink at the moment.

“Umm…hi. I don’t know if you remember me but,”

        I cut her off by smiling and saying, “I do. You were at Cassidy’s birthday party. I don’t remember your name though… what was it again? Aliyah?” She smiled and nodded. “Yeah.”

        We both sat in silence for a while, with Aliyah just staring at me, blushing then looking down, and staring at me again. I found her nervousness amusing. But I also found it also adorable. When we hit the minute mark of not speaking, I asked, “Did you want something?”

        I didn’t want to come off as rude. That was the last thing I wanted. I was just trying to help her get to her point. I knew she was nervous. I know she wasn’t always like this. At Cassidy’s party she was loud, funny and care-free. Just like the rest of Cassidy’s friends.

        Aliyah blushed once again. “No. I just saw that you looked a little sad or conflicted or something like that. I wanted to help take your mind off it. You know, like be your listener while you rant.” I raised both my eyebrows, very impressed. What a nice thing to do.

Most fans would ask me for an autograph or a picture. But Aliyah offered me someone to talk to. She wasn’t thinking about herself at all. I admired that. She chuckled nervously and blushed deeper before looking down. “I guess now that I’m hearing it out loud, it’s a bit creepy. Sorry for bothering you. I’ll just go.” She mumbled.

She picked up her iced Frappuccino and fixed her bag   on her shoulder before getting up, ready to leave. “No, wait.” I said as I grabbed her hand. As I did so, an electric pulse shot up my whole arm, making my hand feel all tingly. It wasn’t a weird feeling. It felt right; good. Almost as if this was how it was supposed to be.

Wait, what?

        How could it be that I was feeling this way? I just got together with Sophia- a girl whom I have wanted for a long time- and now, here I am, saying it feels right when I had Aliyah’s hand in mine?

Well, I guess I could add that to the list of things I needed to sort out.

        Aliyah looked down at her hand, that was in my mine, with wide eyes. Did she feel it too? Or was she just surprised that I was touching her right now. She met my eyes for a second, before her cheeks turned red and she looked away. I continued with what I was saying.

        “It’s not weird. It’s actually quite sweet of you. I do need someone to talk to you right now. And if you are willing, I’d really like you to stay.” Aliyah smiled and nodded before sitting down in front of me again.

        Do you mind going for a walk with me? I don’t want anyone to overhear us in here.” I asked her. She nodded. “sure.” With that we both got up and made our way out of Starbucks. I started off by telling Aliyah about Sophia and I.

        “So… Sophia and I are dating.” I assumed she had already known. She was a big fan of us and it was on every social media site out there. But the way she nearly choked on her drink told me otherwise. She looked up me, slightly gapping with wide eyes.

        “Sophiam is real?” I chuckled at her question. “Yeah. But that’s sort of the root of my problem.” Aliyah raised an eyebrow. “How so?” “Well, you see, I hadn’t known we were dating.” Aliyah’s face scrunched up in confusion.

        “We had an interview earlier today, and I was asked about my relationship with Sophia. I said we were just friends but my voice wasn’t sure. So they brought Sophia on stage and she told everyone we were.” Aliyah nodded, showing me she was paying attention. “I guess you could say I was mad at her for that. I mean, we didn’t even discuss it! She just decided that on her own.”

        “Don’t think I don’t want to be with her though… because I do. And I’m happy we are finally together. It’s just…I’m afraid of what other people may think.” I finished. Aliyah studied me for a second before smiling. “And by other people, I assume you mean Danielle. Am I correct?”

        My jaw dropped to the floor. “How did you know that?” Aliyah giggled. “I just put two and two together. You just broke up with Danielle a while ago. And now you’re with Sophia. You still care for Danielle but want to be with Sophia. You’re just not sure how Danielle will react.”

Again, Aliyah left me stunned. “Are you a Physic or something?” Aliyah laughed and I smiled. “No. you’re just really easy to read is all.” I nodded. “If you really want to know how Danielle feels about all this, you should just talk to her.”

I sighed and shook my head. “I don’t think she’ll want to talk to me.” “Keyword: think. You won’t know unless you try, Liam.” Aliyah reminded me. “I know but… we haven’t talked since we broke up. It would be awkward.” Aliyah shrugged. “Life is awkward. But it never stays that way. It was awkward for me to come and talk to you. But now it isn’t. We’re having a nice conversation.”

She had a point there. I sighed. “I’ll think about it. Thank you for listening to me Aliyah. I really appreciate it.” before Aliyah could say anything, I wrapped her in a hug. And there was that electric shock again, making me feel all warm and tingly inside. It took a while for her to respond, but in the end she hugged me back. “It’s not a problem at all, Liam.”

When we pulled away she was blushing again. She did that a lot. It reminded me of Cassidy. Her phone beeped and she checked it. “Oh. It’s my friend. She’s at Starbucks waiting for me. I should head back.” I nodded. “I’ll walk back with you.”

        While we walked back, we had a very simple conversation. Aliyah was very easy to talk to. Even though I had just met her today, I felt like I could pour out my hopes and dreams to her. She should be a counsellor. When we got to Starbucks, we said our goodbyes before Aliyah walked off to her friend’s car.




        “Was that Liam Payne?!” Christina shouted once I got in the car and she made her way to our shared apartment. “yes.” was my only reply. I was still blushing and smiling madly because Liam and I had just had a very nice conversation, as if we knew each other for ages.

        And don’t even get me started on that electric shock I felt whenever he touch me. It made me feel warm and tingly, but in a good way. It was almost as if that’s how it was meant to be. But of course I would think that. I have been in love with Liam since forever.

        Christina glanced at me quickly before focusing on the road again. “That’s all I get?! You’re not even going to tell me why you guys were together?!” it was funny how she appeared to be more excited about this than me. And I was the one who had talked to Liam.

        I giggled and shook my head. “Not now. You’re driving. And you’re going to get way too excited. I don’t feel like dying today. I value my life you know?” Christina rolled her eyes and huffed. “Fine. But when we get home, you better tell me everything or I swear, I will shred you’re Liam posters one by one and use it for my bunny’s cage.”

        I stared at her menacingly. “I’d like to see you try. I won’t think twice about ripping hair out.” Christina laughed and shrugged. We drove the rest of the way listening to music on the radio.

        When we got home, I didn’t even get time to take off my shoes before Christina pulled me into the living and sat me down and made me tell her everything. Once I was done, we were both fangirling like crazy, surely screaming loud enough for the whole floor to hear.

I was never going to get over this. 


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