My One and Only

Cassidy Simmons is an average 19 year old girl. She attends university, gets by with a part time job and does a webcast about One Direction with her best friend, Tori to entertain themselves. When one direction starts getting interested in this show, they decide to pay them a surprise visit. That’s when Cassidy meets Niall and starts falling for him more than she ever has for anyone. But when Niall returns these feelings, things start getting complicated. Can they survive it or will everything they once shared crash and burn?


8. Horrible words




        School wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. A bunch of people were just whispering to themselves about what they had saw in the papers. The Directioners gave Cass and I shocked and dirty looks while the kids that had just seen the paper outside or had heard about it, just looked at us like we were from a different planet.  Cassidy just chewed on her bottom lip the most of the day as I twirled a strand of hair around my finger. Even teachers gave us looks in class. but overall, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  I was surprised that Zoey had nothing to say us. Come to think of it, I didn’t see her today in class. Maybe she took the day off or was sick. I wasn’t complaining though, she would have just made my day more uncomfortable than it already was.

         Around 3:00, Cassidy, Eleanor and I finally made it to Cass and I’s house. I groaned and flopped down on the Cass’ bed as soon as we reached her bedroom. “well, today was just awkward wasn’t it?” Cassidy mentioned as she sat down beside me. Eleanor took a seat on Cassidy’s pink computer chair and nodded with me in agreement to Cass’ statement. “Well at least no one told you to go die in a ditch.” Yup. I still wasn’t over that. Eleanor gave me a sympathetic look. I wonder how she dealt with all the hate when her and Louis first started going out. She made it seem pretty easy. I sat up straight on Cassidy’s bed and hugged her white stuffed bunny I had gotten her yesterday while we were at Wal- Mart. Apparently she named it  Boo.

        “the sad thing is it hasn’t even begun. Harry and Niall haven’t even confirmed that we are dating them yet. Imagine how it’ll be when they do.”  Cassidy sighed and grabbed boo from me.  “I need love. My boyfriend isn’t here to give it to me so boo will do.” I laughed at her. Because what she just said sort of sounded wrong. She rolled her eyes at me. “dirty minded girl.” She mumbled as Eleanor shook her head at me. “trust me, girlies. It will seem bad in the beginning but by the end of the first week, you’ll be over it. Sure hate will still come, heck I even get hate every now and then, but if he means that much to you, it’ll all be worth it.” She crossed one leg over the other and folded her hands in her lap.

        Cassidy nodded her head, absorbing the advice that Eleanor gave us. my phone started to play the sweet melody of More than this, signaling me that I had a new call coming in. I took it out the back pocket of my black denim jeans and looked at the Caller I.D.  Harry. I smiled, told the girls I’d be back and slid the answer button across the screen. “Hey, Haz.”  “Hello, love. How was school?” I smiled brightly. I loved when he called me ‘love’. It was just so sweet. I opened the door to my room and sat cross legged on my bed. “It wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be if that’s what you meant.” I heard him chuckle on the other line. “See! I told you it wouldn’t be that bad. You’ve got to have a little faith in me man.” He whined. I laughed and flipped my hair to the side. “Yah, whatever. So, what’re you doing?”

        He sighed. “I’m at some T.V. studio place. The boys and I are here for the whole interview thing.” I bit down on my bottom lip. “you guys are doing that now?” I thought they’d at least do it a few days from now. Why so soon? “Yah. Paul said it would be better if we could do it as soon as possible before the media could come up with certain rumors.” I nodded even though he couldn’t see me. “Why do you ask?” I heard say through the phone.  I ran a hand through curled hair. “No reason. I just thought that you guys would do it a few days from now ‘is all.” He was silent on the other line for a few seconds. “You do still want to go public right? Because I understand if you don’t..” I cut him off. “no! of course I do I just thought it would take I while for you guys to get an interview set up. You must be on high demand.”

I tried to sound mysterious and seductive but I was probably failing miserably. He laughed. “Shut up. Well, I have to go change into my clothes-,” “you mean you’re wearing nothing?!” I gawked. I was already imaging his toned abs and biceps. Lets not mention his lower section. I might die.  He erupted into a fit of laughter. “you’d like that wouldn’t you. But no, I’m wearing a shirt, boxers and sweatpants.” I felt so stupid now. The heat on my cheeks was already getting hotter by the minute. “oh.” He snickered. “like I was saying, I need into change into some different clothes for the interview so I will talk to you later, ok?”  I smiled. “ok. Bye hare bear!” I could already see him rolling his eyes. “bye Tors.” We hung up and I decided to take a 5 minute shower before putting on black and green yoga pants and a white tank top.

I walked downstairs to get an apple and then went back upstairs to Cassidy’s room where she was working on her short story and Eleanor was on her computer. “You guys, the boys are doing the interview today.” Eleanor looked a bit confused on what I just said. Cassidy on the other hand instantly closed her book and opened up her computer. “do you have any idea when?” she asked as she typed something. I shook my head. “I never got around to asking Harry. It was like a five minute phone call anyways.” She nodded while Eleanor just now caught on. Cassidy scrolled and clicked on a few more things before she found the information we needed.

 “Okay. It will be on channel 5 at 4:45 p.m.” Eleanor and I nodded as I checked the time.  4:00. We had 45 minutes to kill. Cassidy stood up and clapped her hands. “well, I think we should all go to the store to but the stuff for the sleepover before the show starts.” Eleanor got up from the chair and stretched. “Yah. That makes sense. It’d be best if you guys didn’t leave your house after they confirm it.” I nodded. “let me just go change.” They both nodded. “meet us in the car.” Eleanor hollered from Cassidy’s room. “okay.” I sad back. I simply threw on the clothes I had worn to school:  black denim jeans and very light material blouse which was turquoise. I pushed my phone in my back pocket, swiped on some eyeliner and lip gloss before running down the stairs and slipping on my black boot cut boots. I grabbed my key and locked up the house before jumping in the car. With that, Eleanor drove us Costco.      

When we arrived, we each grabbed a basket. “okay, what do you we have to buy again?” I asked. “Chips, pop, candy, stuff like that.” Cassidy shrugged. “do you think we should all split up? Like one of us buy the pop, another buy the candy and the other but the chips?” I suggested. Cassidy nodded. “that would be the smarter thing to do. we’d finish quicker.” Eleanor agreed. “I say we meet back her in 10 minutes.” Cass and nodded and we all spilt up. I was in charge of the chips. I easily found a whole bunch of them and bought like 5 bags. Regular, Barbeque, Ketchup, Spicy Doritos and Cheetos. That actually went faster than I thought it would. So I walked to the cash register and paid for the stuff and waited at the front of the store for the other two girls.

They both came in the next five minutes and we all drove back to the house with 20 minutes to spare. We all put the stuff in the cupboards and sat on the couch. I checked my phone for the time. 4:30. I groaned. The suspension was killing me. I just wanted to hear him the say words so all these ‘what if’ questions that were in my mind would disappear. Eleanor rested a reassuring hand my shoulder as I smiled at her.  Cassidy fiddling with her phone, locking it then unlocking it. “Cass, the time won’t move any faster if you keep checking the time like that.” I chuckled. She sighed. “I know but I just want the interview to start already. I’m like bored out of mind.” I knew how she felt. I just wanted it to start as well.

“Five minutes.” Eleanor singsonged. She really wasn’t helping. It was like she was teasing us. I narrowed my eyes at here and playfully smacked her arm. She laughed and blew me a kiss.  Cassidy turned on the T.V and flipped to channel five. Two commercials later, the interview started.  “Welcome to the London word.” A young woman beamed. “Today day we have 5 international pop stars here with us today that go by the name of One Direction.” A bunch of people started screaming in the audience as the woman grinned. The boys walked onto the set with kiss you playing in the background. They all had wide smiled on their face as they sat down. The interviewer welcomed them and got straight down to business. She talked about their new CD, their new 3D movie, Niall’s new car and some other stuff that any directioner would already know.

        This was not want I wanted to hear. All I wanted to here was what the boys were meant to say. “so, Harry and Niall, yesterday, the Mirror released a very interesting story about your love life.” Harry and Niall nodded in agreement. “Harry, they have claimed that you are dating Tori Commons. Do you have any to say about that?” I looked straight at Harry even though he couldn’t see me. he grinned. “yah that is not a rumor. It’s actually very true. I’m Dating Tori.” The crowd erupted cheers and screams as I sat there with a content smile on my face.



        After Harry had announced that tori and him were dating, she completely zoned out and sat there with a smile of contentment on her face. Now it was Niall’s turn. “That’s wonderful.” The interviews smiled at harry. “Now, Niall. At your concert in New York, you admitted to liking Cassidy am I correct?” Niall blushed a bit my nodded his head. “yea.” “So, what we want to know now is if you had asked her out yet?” Niall smiled. “I can Happily say I am officially dating Cassidy.” That’s all it took for me to burst into a grin. I had been wanting to go public for a while so I was happy that it had been announced.  I didn’t take the hate and rumors into consideration, I was just happy that I would be able to call Niall mine to public and tell people that we were together. 

        The woman grinned happily. “well, there you have it. All members of one direction are taken. Congratulations on your new relationship.” She gestured to harry and Niall. They thanked and interview was over. Eleanor switched off the T.V. and faced me and my best friend. “well, how do you guys feel?” I smiled. “I’m happy that I can tell people we are together. That we don’t have to hide it anymore.” I admitted. She turned to tori waiting for an answer. Tori sighed. “I’m happy but worried at the same time. I’m happy he finally told the world but worried of what our lives will be like now. Imagine how’s it’s going to be tomorrow at school.” I shook my head.

        “this was a last minute interview it won’t be as bad because hopefully, less Directioners would have seen it and it won’t spread that fast.” Tori looked at me as if I had gone mad. “do you know how fast news travels in our fan base?! It’s probably already trending on twitter!” she was right. I bit my lip. I groaned just thinking about school tomorrow. I could really use a pep talk. As if he had heard me, Niall’s picture popped up on my phone screen. “I’ll be back.” I announced to the girls. I ran up the stairs and slid my finger across the screen of my Samsung Galaxy SIII. “Hey, Nye.” I entered my room and closed the door behind me. I lay down on my belly on my bed. “Hey, Cass. Did you watch the interview?” he sounded proud of his actions and it put a huge grin on my face.

        “Yah, Eleanor, Tori and I watched it together. Thank you.” I breathed out.  I needed to thank him. I knew he didn’t want to go public so soon because he didn’t want to expose me so soon. But, he did it to make me happy. “it’s no big deal.” I rolled my eyes even though he couldn’t see me. “yes it is. You did this to make me happy even though I know you didn’t want me to be exposed so soon. That means a lot to me.” rolled onto my back and looked at me ceiling, waiting for his reply. “anything to make you happy, Cassidy. You didn’t go on Twitter did you?” he asked hesitant. It made me wonder what people were saying on Twitter. “No. why? What’s on Twitter?” I asked quickly. “Nothing, Nothing. I was don’t want you reading through the hate again.  Last time you were lying on the cold hard ground.” He reassured me. I noticed he had quoted Taylor swift. “OHH!! TROUBLE, TROUBLE.” I belted it out as he laughed through the other line. “So, do you think you can come see today?” I asked. he sighed. “I wish I could. But I really can’t. the press will follow me. and since they know for sure we are dating, they might cause a commotion. I’m supposed to go home soon.”

        My face fell. I really wanted to just cuddle up next to him. Have him stroke my hair and whisper in my ear that everything would be fine. “Oh. I see.” Was all I said. I couldn’t help but sound disappointed. “I’m sorry, Cass. I want to see you too.” I tried to sound a bit more upbeat. “It’s okay. What day can you come over?” he was silent for a while. “Not for another few days.” “a few days?!” I shrieked. “Just until the press settles down about us.” I sighed. It sucked knowing he was in the same country as me but still couldn’t come over.

        I heard Niall sigh too. “Look, remember I said that you could come over anytime you wanted?” he talked in a low tone. Maybe people were around. “Yah?” “Well, if you want you can come over during the week. Like, at lunch or after school.” He suggested. I Thought about it.  It would be a way to get away from the press and for us to see each other until he had to go for the world tour. How could I refuse? “Yah. I’d like that. I want to see you as much as I can before your world tour starts.” It was going to be six months long. I wouldn’t see him for a whole six months. That is pretty long. “Let’s not talk about that. It’s not until another month. Right now, we will just enjoy the time we have together.” He said. I nodded but remember he wasn’t here. “Yah.” “well, I have to go.  But, do you think you could can come by tomorrow after school?”

        “Yah, I can. So see you tomorrow?” “yup.” With that we both said our goodbyes and hung up the phone. I closed my eyes for a few seconds before opening them again and smiling. I was happy that Niall was trying to make trying to make our relationship work. It meant a lot. I know we wouldn’t go out In public for a while but at least I got to see him.   I checked my phone for the time and saw that it was 5:00 p.m.

        I decided to take a shower. I let the hot water run down my body and my hair. I put my Neutrogena shampoo in my hair and let it lather up. I then soaped up my body with my Dove Happy time body wash. When I was done, I wash all the soap out of my hair and off my body before turning off the water and wrapping my body in my robe and my hair in a towel.  I moisturized my skin and put on my pink and white polka dot pajama pants with the matching long sleeve that had a big pink heart on it.

        As I was about to go downstairs my phone rang again. It was Perrie. I smiled. I hadn’t talking talk to her in so long. I answered it and put my phone my ear. “Hey perrie!” “Hey Cass! What’s up.” I sat on my bed and played with my sheets. “Nothing much. I watched the interview and then just took a shower? What’s up with you these days?” I heard her shuffle around before answering. “well, I’m at Zayn’s place right now. He left to go get us some Chinese takeout.” I smiled brightly. I haven’t talked to zayn In a while either. I was like closest to him out of all the boys. Well, of course next to Niall. “Ooo! Spending time with your boyfriend.  

Are you on his bed?” I asked. I sounded like a creeper but it was fun teasing Perrie. Plus, if she was lying on his bed that meant that there might not be too much eating when he came back. “n-no. why would I be on his bed?” “because you’re nineteen. You have needs.” She bursted out laughing along with me. “And you don’t. I’m sure that when you go to Niall’s house you lay down on his bed.”  I rolled my eyes. But didn’t say anything. “wait! Have you’ve been over to his house yet?” I bit my lip. “Well, when we weren’t dating I went over to his old house to watch movies with him one time.” “and he hasn’t invited you over to his new one yet?!” I swear I was going deaf in one ear as she yelled in my ear. “Actually he invited me over today. He said I can come over tomorrow after school for you information.”

        She squealed on the other line as I rolled me eyes at her. “This is like such a big deal in your relationship! So, what are you going to wear?” she asked. I honestly didn’t know. “Why does it matter? We’re just hanging out. It’s not like we’re going to do anything else.” Perrie sighed exasperated. “Obviously you guys are.” We were both silent for a while. I wonder if she had heard what she just said and how it sounded. “Omg! No not like that! I meant like you guys will probably just fool around.” My jaw nearly dropped open. I rose one eyebrow up even though she couldn’t see me. “No! not like that either. I meant like make out. Not like fool around like second base.” I sighed. She needed to learn how to word her words properly.

        “Have you guys made out before?” I blushed. Still remembering the when he came over two days ago and literally took my breath away. “Well,” she cut me off. “Omg you guys did?! I have missed so much in your love life! I can’t believe I missed you guys’ first make out session.” I bursted out laughing at her. “What were you going to DO? sit in the corner and watch us.” she laughed too. “No! I just meant.. you know what never mind.” I heard the door open and close on the other line.

Hey, Babe.” The voice came closer. Zayn. “Who you talking to?” “Just Cassidy.” Perrie said. “let me put her on speaker.” She said. Soon, she announced that I was on speaker. “Zaynsterr!!” I chimed. “Castor!” he mocked me. I laughed. “So, what’s up?” “Nothing much. Just spending some time with perrie. What were you two talking about?” he asked. Perrie answered for me. :Nothing much. We were just talking about how Cassidy is having her first real house date Niall’s house and how she needs to figure out an outfit because they might make out.”  I was completely dumb founded. “Perrie!! You didn’t have to tell him that much.” “But why not, Castor? I want to know what is happening in Ciall’s life.”

I sighed. These too were made for each other. They were constantly embarrassing me. perrie and I continued talking about girl stuff, completely ignoring Zayn’s side comments. I could tell that Perrie mind was elsewhere but she still tried to focus on what we were talking about. Then it happened. While we were talking I heard Perrie let out a tiny moan. I screamed loudly covered my ears with a pillow. I heard zayn laugh as perrie yelled at. I grabbed my phone and continued talking again. “Zayn!! Can you at least wait until I get off the phone?! I do not need to hear you pleasure Perrie!”   

He only laughed as tori opened my room door. “What’s wrong?” she asked. “Zayn is pleasuring perrie while I’m talking to them.” “Eww!” she screamed and immediately shut my door. “Cassidy? I have to go. And if you hear on the news that Zayn Malik was murdered in his own house, you know why.” She said. “Come at my bro!” I heard zayn yell in the background. I laughed. “okay. Bye perrie. Good luck zayn.” They both said bye as I hung up the phone.  Crazy ass couple.



“You asshole!” I yelled at my boyfriend as I sat on him, hitting his chest. He only laughed at my attempts to hurts him, even though I knew I wasn’t even leaving a scratch.


Cassidy and I were talking about girl stuff. I could tell Zayn felt out of place but he was just going to have to wait.  It’s fair to say I should have seen that coming. With zayn being bored and needing something or someone, In this case to keep him busy. So as Cassidy and I were talking, he started grabbing my waist and planting little kisses on my lips and face while Cassidy was talking.

        I tried my best not seem off but it was hard. Of course, I found Zayn extremely attractive and I loved when he did this. But not while I was on the phone. I pushed him away and wagged a finger at him. But that didn’t stop him. He came back to my side and grabbed my waist, while leaving a trail of wet kissed on my neck. I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on what Cassidy was saying and did my best to answer like I was actually paying attention. Meanwhile, zayn’s hand found its way to my bare thigh, considering I was wearing a pair of his boxers.

        I thought he would stop there. But he didn’t. His hand went further up and stopped at my underwear. I tried my best to contain myself. But with his hand playing with the hem of my underwear and him leaving kisses on my neck it was hard not to. So I did. I let out a tiny moan and immediately regretted it. Cassidy Screamed loudly as I pushed Zayn away from me and started yelling at him. “What the hell is wrong with you?! I’m on the phone you idiot!” Through this he only laughed, finding the whole situation hilarious.

        “Zayn!! Can you at least wait until I get off the phone?! I do not need to hear you pleasure Perrie!”  Cassidy yelled at him.  He laughed harder as I sent him the death glare. But I couldn’t help but blush at what Cassidy said.  I heard the door open and close on her line. Someone asked her what was wrong. It was probably tori. “Zayn is pleasuring perrie while I’m talking to them.” Cassidy said.  “Eww!” Tori screamed and heard a door  shut. I am assuming that tori ran out the room. “Cassidy? I have to go. And if you hear on the news that Zayn Malik was murdered in his own house, you know why.” I said.  “Come at my bro!” zayn yelled playfully at me. I rolled my eyes at him as Cassidy laughed. “okay. Bye perrie. Good luck zayn.” We both said bye as I hung up the phone and tackled Zayn onto the couch in his room.


        “You asshole!” I yelled at my boyfriend as I sat on him, hitting his chest. He only laughed at my attempts to hurts him, even though I knew I wasn’t even leaving a scratch. “Why so mad Perrie? Didn’t you like that?” he teased. I groaned and hit one last time before crossing my arms over my chest, getting off him and sitting with my back facing him on the couch.  I felt him creep up behind me and move my pink hair to one side. “You know you can’t stay mad at me, Perrie.” He whispered as his breath tickled my neck. Well, duh. How could I possibly stay mad at him when he was doing that?

        I turned to face him. My face was serious. He smiled, happy that I faced him and pecked my lips. “You know I love you, right?” he said between pecking my lips. I nodded and kissed him properly. He smiled into the kiss, thinking that he had won me over. I grabbed the back of his neck, making him come further down on me. he grabbed my waist as I wrapped my legs around him.  I hated him for this. I was supposed to mad at him right now and he was making me do this?  He bit my bottom lip, making me gasp as he shoved he tongue into my mouth.

        We fought for dominance, of course he won. My hands played in his hair, something that he only let me do. It made me feel special.  My legs tightened around his waist as he carried me to his bed without breaking the kiss. He gently rested me down and kissed me from my collarbone and up as I removed his shirt. We stopped for a break. I watched his chest rise and fall. His naked chest if I might add. My eyes roamed all over his chest as he chuckled. “See something you, like?” he taunted. Of course I did. I saw his black hair that was put up into a quiff, his chocolate brown eyes that were glistening with happiness at the moment.  Then there was the smile that was plastered on his lips. And of course, his visible abs.

        I bit my lip and nodded as I traced my hand up and down his abs.  he took a deep breath in and closed his eyes. That meant he liked it. I pushed him down so that I was on top of him now. I placed gentle kisses on his chest and neck as my hand played with the elastic of his sweatpants. I received a moan for this. I smirked. Mission accomplished. “You’re so easy.” I laughed as I kissed him right above his sweat pants.

        He shrugged. “you expect me not to be with you being so hot?” he asked. I blushed and kissed his lips. He pushed me back on my back so he was in control again.  I guess he had let me have my way with him for a while.  I don’t know how or when but zayn had managed to take off my shirt. But I didn’t question it. He kissed my stomach and looked into my eyes. “Zayn.” I whined. “Perrie.” He said seductively. “you know I’m still mad at you right?” he smiled. “what better way to make it up to you then?”

        He winked and I rolled my eyes but I know I was blushing. He stroked my cheek. “Come on. Just give in.” I he whispered as he placed his warm lips on my neck. My hands were placed on his naked back as he kissed my lips. I moaned into his mouth receiving a chuckle from him. My hands fumbled with his sweatpants until they were off and across the room.

It didn’t take long for him to remove the boxers I was wearing and we were both left in our underwear. He looked up and down my body as I took a deep breath in and nodded. “You win. Do what you want.” I said quietly. He smiled, a look of accomplishment and lust in his eyes. “I love you.” He said serious. Before we did something like this he always told me the same thing. So I that I knew he actually he cared for me and truly wasn’t going anywhere. He was all mines. I smiled and gave him a longing kiss, one that lasted for a few minutes. “I love you too.” he smiled and nodded before he continued to make it up to me.

        ELEANOR P.O.V


        I was now leaving Tori and Cassidy’s house.  I was in my car when Louis texted me.

Louis: hey babe. Do you think you can come over?

I smiled and replied instantly.

El: yah. I’ll be there in 20 minutes.

Louis: ok. I’ll leave the door open for you.

El: ok.

I started the car and drove all the way to Louis house. When I got there, the door was opened, just like he said. I went inside and he was on the couch playing the computer in FIFA. I rolled my eyes and giggled. He never played anything else. My giggle made him pause the game and look at me. he smiled and greeted with a big, warm hug. “hey.” He said as he kissed my hair. I grinned. “Hey, Lou.” We both sat on the couch. “So, did you watch the interview?” I nodded. “Yah. I went over to Cass and tors’ house after school and watched it with them.  They were like freaking out.”

Louis laughed. “Yah. Harry and Niall were really happy after they said it. Want anything to drink or eat?” he asked as he sauntered over to the kitchen. I smiled. “Do you have those tiny samosas that you had last time?” he chuckled and nodded before taking them out the freezer and putting a lot of them on a tray and putting the tray in the oven.  I hopped up on the kitchen counter and flipped my hair to the side. “So, what did you do all day. Besides the interview and playing FIFA by yourself.

He playfully rolled his eyes.  “your just mad that you can’t beat me in that game.” I scoffed. “I can beat you anytime I want to. I just let you win.”  He cocked an eyebrow.  “Really now?” I nodded. “Well then. We’ll just see about that.” He said. I shrugged and hopped off the counter, taking a controller in my hand as he sat down beside me. he put the game on two player and we started to play. I was actually surprised when I beat him. But I didn’t show it. I simply smirked at his dumb founded expression. “How.. did you do just beat me?”

“I told you, I always let win. Except for today.” I think he actually started to believe me.  I laughed. “Maybe next you’ll beat me.” he scoffed. “you cheated.”  I rolled my eyes. “Whatever gets you through the night, Lou.” I said as I pecked his lips. He pulled me back and gave me a proper kiss. He always seemed to put in a daze, made me forget the simplest things ever. “There’s your trophy.” He smiled as I shook my head and laughed. He went to go check on the samosas and they were done so we spilt the pile in half.

  When I was finished I lay my head down in Louis’ lap. “I’m stuffed.” He laughed. “Of course you are.” He said as he stroked my hair. “What time is it?” I asked. “7:30 p.m.” I sighed. “I barely even touched my homework.” I got up from the couch and went through my bag for my notebook. “Why do homework when you can do me?” Louis said. I rolled my eyes. “Because if I do my homework I get good grades. If I do you, then,” “then what?” Louis asked, obviously amused and wondering where I was going with that. “Then I’ll be late for school.” I opened my notebook and started working on my homework. “But I’m bored.” He whined. I giggled. “Then you can help with my homework if your that bored.” He shrugged and sat beside me as I he tried to understand my homework. He was soo sweet. One of the many reasons why I loved him.

I finish my homework in 30 minutes with a little from Louis. It was now 8:00 p.m. “I should go home now.” I admitted. He frowned. “can you stay the night?” I smiled. ‘I wish. But I won’t have time in the morning to drive to my house, take a shower and get ready before school.” He sighed but nodded. “You can, however, come over to my house if you really want to.” I suggested he smiled and agreed to. When we got to my house I took shower and put on my pajamas. I decided to call Perrie since I hadn’t talked to her in a while. It rang for a while before she answered. “Hello?” she sounded tired. Weird. Perrie usually didn’t sleep until the early mornings. She was a night owl.

 “Hey, perrie. Were you sleeping?” ‘Oh, hey el. Not really. I was just getting up. What’s up?” “nothing really. I’m hanging out with Lou but I wanted to talk to you because we haven’t in a while. What are you doing?” I asked. “Umm.. nothing. I’m just lying down in be-,” “Babe?” I heard a tired zayn call for perrie on the other end. “Was that zayn? Who’s bed are you lying in exactly?” I asked. “Zayn’s?” she stated but it came out like a question. I smiled. No wonder she was so tired. “Oh wipe that smile off your face, El. Nothing happened.” I found it funny how she knew I was smiling.   

“yah. Didn’t do anything my ass. Why else would you be so tired?” I said. She sighed and I could practically hear the blush on her cheeks. “Well, I will let you get back to your boyfriend and talk to you tomorrow okay?” “okay. Bye el.” “Later Perrie.” With that we hung up the phone and I sat down next to Louis as he and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. My phone rang and this time, it was Danielle Calling. “Hey, Dani. What’s up?” “Hey el! I was calling to see if you knew where Perrie was. I was supposed to go over to her house but she’s not home and she’s not answering her phone.” I smirked. “Yah, she’s at Zayn’s house.” Danielle laughed. “figures. She said they were spending the day together but would come home by 9:00. I guess she got held up am I right?” I laughed too. “You’re dead on.”

        She chuckled. “Well, I have to call her and embarrass her but I’ll talk to you see on Friday okay?” “okay bye!” with that we hung up and snuggled up  next to Louis. In a few moments I fell asleep.



I woke up without the help of my alarm clock and took a quick shower before putting a pair of white jeans on and a blue crop top that said ‘WILD’ across over a black undershirt. I decided to curl my hair today. I put on my black mascara and light pink lip-gloss. I put on a pair of black short cut conserve and took out my black Jansport bag that tori and I decorated in high school. I put my hand lotion, lipstick and mascara in the small compartment of my bag along with my keys and phone. When I walked down the stairs, Tori were  already downstairs, eating a yogurt. “Hey, Tors.” I said as I went through the fridge  for something to eat. I decided to warm up a banana muffin. I warmed it up in the microwave for 15 seconds before eating it.

        Tori smiled at me. “Hey, Cass. Why are you up so early?” I smiled. “I could ask you the same thing. But honestly, I couldn’t sleep. I’m a bit nervous about today.” She nodded her head. “I am too.” she threw her yogurt container out and  quickly washed her fork. Yes I said fork. Of course she tried her best not to eat with a spoon.  She was wearing a pair of light wash skinnies and a white floral print top. her hair was straightened as she had a dark red lipstick on and some black eyeliner.

        “But it won’t be that bad, right? I mean as long as we stick together, right?” I asked for reassurance. She hugged me. “I hope so.” we had a lot of time of time until we had to start walking to school.  So, we decided to watch some T.V. At 8:15 we left and started walking to school. We met Eleanor in the parking lot. We all walked into the school together where people immediately stared at us. some Directioners gave us dirty looks while others just stared at us. we went to my all just hung out in the cafeteria until the bell ring until we heard Zoey calling us. here we go.  “Well, here’s half the skanks of the Girlfriend club sitting in our cafeteria.”

        Her friend, Macy Collins just smiled in agreement to zoey’s statement. Macy never really talked and she only did what Zoey said to. I rolled my eyes and ignored Zoey. “I saw Niall and Harry admit you guys were dating them. I bet you guys were just over the moon.” She said. Macy nodded her head. “What do you want?” tori asked exasperated. Zoey just smiled and ignored her question. “So how long have you been dating Niall, Cassie?” “That’s none of your business.” I said. She laughed. “I bet he hasn’t even kissed you yet.” I smiled. Just the thought of his lips on mine made me forget that this bitch was standing right in front of me.

        Her expression immediately changed from satisfied to surprised and sour. “Well, isn’t that just sweet?” she asked macy. Macy laughed. “the sweetest.” Zoey rested her hand on the table. “I hope you know he doesn’t like you. He doesn’t care for you. He acts like he does but in reality you’re just a cover up. I mean, can’t you see it? When he’s on tour he probably fucks a different girl each day. He may even be fucking one right now.” She smiled sickly.  If she was trying to find my soft spot, she definitely found it and stabbed it with a knife five times.

        But, I wasn’t going to let her have that effect over me.  I smiled. “Is this you trying to me make me feel bad or you being upset that you didn’t get to Niall before me. what? Did daddy cut you off?” she gave me one of the dirtiest looks she could ever give me. “Whatever, Cassie. Just remember what I said.” With that she walked away with Macy hot on her trail.  As soon she as was gone, my brave front fell. I bit my lip , holding back tears I could feel coming. Eleanor rubbed my back as tori held my hand. “Cass? Are you ok?”  she asked. I stopped taking self- pity on myself and face here with a smile. “Yah, I’m fine. you know  that Zoey just gets on my nerves.” They both gave me looks, like they didn’t believe me.  luckily the bell rung for class to begin.

        Eleanor and I both said our goodbyes to tori as we walked to class. “Are you sure you’re fine, cass?” I sighed. “I don’t really want to talk about it, El.” My voice was barely a whisper. She nodded and we sat down in our seats. It was fair to say that I wasn’t myself in the morning. I barely talked in class, even though my directioner friends were talking to me, asking questions about Niall. I only put on a fake smile and promised them details tomorrow. Eleanor kept glancing at me and I would put on a small smile, telling her I was alright. She never bought it. Nothing was making me feel better. I tried thinking about one direction and Niall. But it would only bring back the memories of what Zoey said.

        I just needed him. So, when the bell rang for lunch I snuck off to the bathroom. Fortunately, it was empty so I was able to call Niall.  He answered on the second ring. “Cass?” I bit my lip. “Hey, Nye. Are you busy.” My voice was low but loud enough for him to hear. “No. I’m just at home. Why?” I took in a breath. “Um.. I was wondering if I could over now instead of after school?” I prayed he would say yes. he was silent for a while. “Yah, you can. Are you ok?” he asked. I closed my eyes. “I just need to see you.” My voice cracked as I blinked back the tears. “Yah just head over.” He sounded concerned. I nodded and hung up my phone. I texted tori telling her I went to Niall’s and that I’d be back before lunch ended.

        I didn’t wait for a reply. I just walked out the school and to Niall’s house. It was a 10 minute walk.  When I reached his house I hesitantly knocked on his door. He opened it a few seconds after and looked at with a look of concern. “Hey… you ok?’” he asked. I didn’t answer him; I just fell into his arms as he stroked hair. I could tell that he was taken aback by my actions but still comforted me anyways. He closed the door with me still in his arms.  We just stood at the front of his house, me holding onto him for dear life. A few minutes later we pulled apart. “What’s troubling you, Cass?” he asked as we made our way to his room. The walls were a light blue and his chocolate duvet cover was spread over his bed. We both sat on his bed.

        “When tori and I got to school earlier, this girl came up to us and started like bothering us.” he nodded, encouraging me to continue. “And she said,” I took a deep breath. “she said that you don’t care about me and that when you’re on tour you have sex with a different girl every day. She told me you don’t even like me.” I didn’t want to cry in front of Niall. I did not want him thinking I was weak. But the tears were building up in my eyes.

        Two spilt over and I tried to blink the rest away but they only fell faster. I didn’t know if he was surprised of what Zoey said or the fact that I was crying. Either way he pulled me into chest and rubbed my back, allowing me to cry more. I just cried, letting my emotions get the better of me. he whispered sweet things in my ear like ‘it’s alright’ and ‘I’m here’ as he rubbed my back. I didn’t want to ruin his shirt with my mascara dripping so lifted my head up to face him. “Cassidy, you know I care about you right?” I just nodded. “and that I really like you. You’re the only girl that is on my mind when we are and when we aren’t together. I promise you that I have never been with another girl while I am dating you.” He Wiped my tears away with his thumb, not caring that some mascara got on it and caressed my cheek.

        I smiled at him. “Please don’t let people tell you otherwise, okay?” I smiled and nodded. “Okay.” He kissed my cheek before kissing my lips. I kissed him back and let his big, strong arms wrap around my average waist. my hands played with his hair as he leaned further down on me, making me fall back onto his bed. He climbed on top of me without breaking the kiss. I loved being in this position with him. We were so close that not even a magazine cover could be placed between. After a while, we both pulled away and I had the biggest smile on my face. He grinned. “There’s that smile that I love.” This only made me blush as he rolled off of me so I could get up.

        I checked my phone to see my reflection. My mascara had ran down my cheeks and was smudged over my eyes. I sighed.  I asked niall where his washroom was and he pointed to a door in his room. I wiped off all my mascara on my eyes and cheeks and put on a fresh coat. When I came back in his room I sat down next to him and rested my head on his shoulder.  “So, who was this girl that said that to you?” he asked. something was telling me not to him.  So I didn’t tell him. “It’s not important.”

        He gave me a look, as if to say it is important. “All you need to know is that she’s a bitch.” He laughed at my statement. “Can’t you just tell me? this way if she comes back I can help you.” I smiled and kissed his cheek. “That’s sweet but I can handle her. Trust me.” he thought about it for a while before nodding his head and kissing me on my lips again. My arms wrapped around the back of his neck as he pulled me on to his lap. He fell back on to his bed so I was straddling him, something I didn’t do often.

        My hand travelled up his shirt, feeling his abs. it made me blush and smile against his lips. “I can’t….. believe…. You thought.. I didn’t… care about… you.” He said between my lips. “Words hurt.” I said. He smiled. “I wouldn’t kiss you like this if I didn’t care about you.” He managed to say, while deepening the kiss with more passion. I wanted to stay like this, I really did. But I had to get back to school. I pulled away from him and he looked confused. “I have to get back to school.” I said as climbed off of him. I looked at my hair in the long length mirror he had on his wall. Luckily it didn’t look messy at all, or else I would some explaining to do to Eleanor and tori.

        Niall came up from behind and moved my hair to one side so he was able to kiss my neck. “Can’t you stay the rest of the day?” I closed my eyes trying to contain my smile. He did not need to know that I loved when he kissed my neck. “I wish I could but tori and Eleanor would worry about me.” I turned to face him so I could peck his lips, before grabbing my bag and walking down the stairs. “Can you come over later?” he asked. I smiled and shrugged. “Maybe, maybe not.” He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “Tease.” I laughed and gave him one last kiss before I started walking back to school.

        When I got there, I went straight into the cafeteria and saw Eleanor and tori sitting at a table. I grabbed a chair and sat down with them. “Hey!” I chirped with a big smile on my face. They smiled back. “Hey, Cass. Are you feeling better?” Eleanor asked. I grinned and nodded. “Much better.” Tori grinned at me. “So, how was your time at Niall’s?” she said in a low voice so only Eleanor and I could hear her.  “It was awesome. He really made me feel better.” They both nodded.  Eleanor pulled her black bangle higher up on her arm and smiled at me. “well, I know he didn’t just talk to you to make feel better.

So, tell me cass. What happened?” I rolled my eyes. “Nothing that concerns you.” I singsonged. She covered her mouth with her hand and chanted something about her OTP feelings. “hey, did you guys talk to perrie yesterday?” she asked. I laughed. “Yah. And zayn was like pleasuring her on the phone and she said she was going to murder him but I’m guessing something else happened.” Tori laughed. Eleanor grinned. “Yah. I called her at like 8 last night and she sounded tired. She didn’t go home last night.”    

        Tori and laughed. “so, if she didn’t go home last night,” tori said. Eleanor and I looked at each other. “laid.” We said in unison. Tori nearly spit out her juice. She shook her head. “Umm.. no. they could have been enjoying each other’s company until the morning. Harry and Niall spent the night at our house without getting laid.” “Yah but Perrie and zayn have been dating longer and can’t keep their hands to themselves.” She thought about for a while before looking at Eleanor and I nodding. “laid.” We all said.   


        We all decided to go to Eleanor’s house after school. It was really pretty. The walls in the living were painted a light green and had pictures hung on them. Her couches were white and soft while they surrounded the flat screen T.V. she has. We all worked together on our literature, trying our best to understand it.  When we were finished, Perrie came over saying she was bored so we all hung together. perfect time to tease. Tori started first. “so, Perrie, what time did you get home today?” Eleanor and I laughed as perrie face flushed.

“Did zayn keep you captive all night?” Eleanor asked. I spread out on her couch. “I can just see it right now. Perrie is saying she is leaving to go home now and zayn says ‘no, perrie don’t leave me.’ and then perrie says. ‘I’ll never you leave you zayn.” I said as I leaned on perrie and mocked her and zayn’s voice. She rolled her eyes and pushed me into the couch as Eleanor,  tori and I laughed our asses off. “you guys are terrible.” Perrie mumbled and soon gasped. “Why aren’t you at Niall’s house?” she asked me.

“I went at lunch instead. This girl pissed me off at school and needed him to comfort me.” perrie frowned. “what did she say?” “oh, you know, that niall doesn’t really like me or care about me and when he’s on tour he fucks a new girl each day.” I said as I shrugged. She looked furious. “she actually said that?! Who is she? I’ll find that bitch right now-,” “Perrie sit down. Here name is Zoey. But no one tell Niall or the boys. Niall seems to think if he confronts Zoey, she’ll stop.” I shook my head. Boy was he mistaken. She’d never stop. Not ever. Not until she was satisfied.

But I could handle her. I wouldn’t always go running off to Niall when someone told me something like that. I’d have to remember that that he really does care for and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  Perrie shifted in her seat. “I guess that’s true. Now, tell us what you guys did.” She demanded. I laughed. “like I told Eleanor: nothing that concerns you.” She groaned and turned on the T.V.  Niall called me and the girls insisted I put him on speaker. So, I told them not to say a word. “Hey, Nye.” “Hey, Cass. What’s up?” “Nothing much, just at Eleanor’s house with Tori and Perrie.”  He gawked. “and yet you don’t want to spend time with me.” I laughed at him.

“Aww! Are you jealous?” “a little.” I rolled my eyes even though I couldn’t see him. “but seriously, can you come over?” he asked. I knew I was going to end up going to his house by the end of this conversation but I decided to ask stupid questions. “why?” he sighed, knowing I was doing this on purpose. “because I miss my beautiful girlfriend.” I blushed as Eleanor clamped a hand over her mouth.  “you just saw me this morning.” I giggled. “yah, but you were sad and you couldn’t stay that long. Plus we never got to finish what we started.”  he said. I wish he didn’t because the girls’ eyes widened as Eleanor was hyperventilating. Is that how I looked when I fangirled?

        I smirked. “What did we start? I have no idea what you are talking about?” I said as I shook my head at the girls, reassuring them that nothing happened. Niall laughed. “Sure you don’t. You seem to have lost your memory while you were straddling me, and telling me you love me.” I gasped. “that never happened!” he laughed. “True. But you did straddle me.” I rolled me eyes. When I didn’t answer him he chuckled. “Don’t worry, I enjoyed it very much.” “good to know.” For that brief second I forgot the girls were here. When I looked at them they were sitting there with shocked expressions.

“am I on speaker?” he asked. “Why would you think that?” “Because you would have said something more flirtatious back.” I laughed. “you did not just use the word ‘flirtatious’.” He laughed. “I did and I’m proud.  So, Perrie, Eleanor and tori, can I steal Cass from you guys?” they all laughed. “you could steal for a week and I wouldn’t care.” Tori said as I slapped her arm. “So, Cass..?” niall asked for my confirmation. I smiled. “of course I’ll come over, Niall.” he picked me up from Eleanor’s house.


I thought she’d never leave. Cassidy’s birthday was in two weeks and I wanted her to have the best 20th birthday ever. I had told Eleanor at lunch when Cassidy was at Niall’s house. We agreed on throwing her a surprise party on the day of her birthday. Right now, Perrie, Eleanor and I were calling the boys and girls to make sure they’d be available that day. Luckily, the boys would be in the area there so she’d have Niall with her to celebrate her birthday. Her parents were seeing if they could fly here but they weren’t sure yet.

Over all, everything was good. We just needed to figure out where to have it and how to get here there without her knowing what we were doing. Niall’s house was out the question because she would most likely be there all day. We were leaning closer to Eleanor’s house. I just hope everything would fall into place.


        The living room in Niall’s house was silent. The t.v. was on but it was muted, due to Niall’s back pressing against the remote.  My hands were matted in is hair as he grabbed my waist, pressing my body further down on his, if that was even possible. He bit my bottom lip, making me gasp and his tongue entered my mouth.  I could taste the metal from his braces as he flipped over, without both of us falling off the couch so that he was on top. I wrapped my legs around his torso and grasped at his shirt.

        I felt that he wasn’t close enough for me enough though there was no way for us to get closer. One hand grabbed the back of his neck while the other traced his bare stomach under his shirt. Not close enough. He showed me he agreed breaking away long enough to bring his shirt over his head and tossing it on the floor. I took a deep breath in and pulled him further down on me before his lips crash back onto mine. His hand rested on my stomach as he lifted my tank top up a bit. I didn’t have a problem with it at all, it just made us closer. He ran his fingers gently through my curled hair.

        I would tell you how this started but I had no idea how.  We were lying down together watching t.v. and now we were full on snogging. (A/N: for those who don’t know, snogging means making out.)  I gently bit his bottom lip, making him moan into the kiss. I smiled, knowing that I was the reason for that. I was all his and he was all mine. His phone was ringing but he didn’t bother answer it. I had his full attention. I pushed him down, so I was top of him again. He played with my crop top, telling me he wanted it off. I wasn’t sure at first, but I had an undershirt underneath it so it would be ok. We took a short break so I could take off my crop top.

        It joined Niall’s shirt next to the couch as our lips moulded together once again. I traced one of my fingers from his abs all the way down to the rim of his sweatpants. I stopped there as he groaned in frustration. That only made me more attracted to him and I deepened the kiss.  He set his hands just under my bum which surprisingly made me moan and him chuckle. We both in our own world together. it was like everything was completely still and silent and all we could was the sound of each other’s heartbeat.

             “I said no sex in the house!” a deep, husky yelled. It reminded me of my father’s voice so it startled me. I’m guessing it startled Niall too, maybe even more than it startled me, because he legit pushed me into the other end of the couch. The couch could sit three people so it wasn’t a short push. I was airborne for 4 seconds. I let out a short scream before my back hit the other end of the three seated couch. I would yell at him if I wasn’t out of breath. My breathing was heavy as I gave him a short glare but my eyes caught something else.  Four boys that go by the names Liam, Harry, Louis and Zayn.

        All colour drained from my face. How long have they been standing there? I think I would much rather it be my father standing in front of us. sure, he’d get pissed at me and Niall but he wouldn’t tease us like these four would. I tried not to make it obvious that I was out of breath due Niall and I’s snogging session. Niall looked behind him to see who’s voice that was.  He seemed a bit more relaxed when he saw it was just the boys. “H-Hey, guys. What’s up?” Niall asked. I didn’t say word. The boys looked at Niall and I with amused faces.

        “Hey, Niall. We just came by ‘cause we wanted to hang out.” Harry said. “Obviously you’re busy though.” Louis laughed. I tried to make myself invisible by hugging my knees to my chest, placing my head on top of them and covered my face with my arms. Apparently, that didn’t work and Liam felt the need to point me out.  “hey, Cassidy.” I came out my little shell and  gave them all I little wave. Now I know had tori and harry felt when Niall and I walked in on them. There was no words to say. Although the boys seemed to find some to say. “Having fun, cass?” Zayn smirked.  My cheeks flushed. I’m pretty sure that I was as red as zayn’s varsity jacket.

        “Just out of curiosity, which one of you yelled?” Niall asked.  they all pointed to Harry who laughed. “Well, can you blame me? you guys didn’t even hear us come in through the door. We were standing here for a good 2 minutes.” My face got even hotter.  Two minutes. They probably heard me moan. Gosh I hope they didn’t. Louis looked at me, Niall and then our shirts which were still on the floor. could this not get any more embarrassing? I just wanted to dig a hole and bury myself in it.

        Louis picked up my crop top and examined. “Nice top, Cassidy,” he read what it said on it. “‘WILD’. I bet Niall thinks you’re wild.” He said with a perverted voice. I rolled my eyes and buried my head in the couch. “How did you even get in here?” I heard Niall ask them.  “We all have keys, remember?” harry said. “I should really get that changed.” Niall mumbled. I totally agree with him. This is one of the most embarrassing days of my life.  My phone rang. Tori was calling me.

“Hey, Tors.” “Hey, Cass. Are you still at Niall’s?” she asked . “yah. I’m still at his house.” “how’s that going?” “My head is buried in the couch.” I mumbled. She laughed. “Why?” I turned to look at Harry and smiled. “Why don’t you ask your boyfriend?” Harry cursed under his breath. Tori gasped. “What did he do?! I’ll call you back.” With that she hung up without another word. I smirked. Tori obviously thought harry ruined niall and I’s alone time. Which in a way he did. Soon, Harry’s phone rang. He looked at the screen and sighed. “I hate you.” He said to me before he answered the phone. “Hello?” “THE HELL DID YOU DO?!” we all heard her yell at him. I smirked as harry gave me the death glare.

I grabbed my shirt from Louis, who was pretending to be a French fashion designer zayn. They were examining the colour, and bold letters while putting on fake French accents. “Darling! The shirt isn’t done yet.” Louis yelled after me in his French accent.

I shrugged my shoulders before putting my shirt back on. I rested my head on Niall’s chest. Unfortunately, he put his shirt back on. Harry was still trying to explain to Tori that it wasn’t his fault but she was still giving him shit. I sat there satisfied at the scene. “I didn’t know she was going to be over.” Harry mumbled. A few minutes later they were on a happier note and they hung up. I checked my phone for the time. 9:00 p.m. had I really been at Niall’s house for that long? I got here around 6:30 p.m. I sighed, knowing that I had to get home. “I have to get home now.”  I told niall while raising my head from his chest.

        He nodded. “Do you want me to drive you?”  I nodded and we both got up to leave. “I’ll be back boys. Don’t break anything.” Niall warned the boys. They all just shrugged. “Bye, Liam.” I said as I waved. He smiled and waved back. The other three looked taken aback. “how come you said bye to Liam and not us?” Harry asked. I smiled. “Because Liam is the only one that managed not to piss me off.”

        Zayn rolled his eyes. “How did we piss you off?” I scoffed. “you,” I pointed at zayn. “asked if I had fun.” “You,” I pointed at Louis. “were advertising my shirt and said that Niall thought I was wild, and you.” I pointed at Harry. “Nearly gave me a heart attack and made Niall push me all the way to the other side of couch. So, basically, to sum it up for you, you all pissed me off the moment you walked in the room.”

They all laughed, even though I was being serious. I ended up saying bye to all of them before Niall drove me back home.  We didn’t really speak. It was sort of awkward. I mean, after that kiss did I except it not to be? I have no idea where it came from but I did know that was the farthest Niall and I have ever gone. Is that what made it awkward? Another thing I knew is that I enjoyed every second of it.

It was intense, but sweet and gentle at the same time. It sent tingles throughout my whole body. This boy was pulling him towards me so fast. We haven’t even been dating for a month yet and he was doing this to me.  there was something different about Niall, it’s like everything I do with him feels right.  I didn’t even think of him as Niall from One direction. To me, he was just Niall, the boy that I like so badly. Why were my feelings for him so strong? Every freaking day they grew, even when I didn’t see him.

        It was scary, but wonderful at the same. “Niall?” I played with my clothes and bit my lip. “Hmm?” “Where did that come from?” he didn’t answer at first. It was like he was trying to understand it himself. “When I figure it out, I’ll let you know.”  I smiled and looked out the window once again. “Did it make feel uncomfortable?” he asked. I shook my head. “No. but that was the farthest we’ve gone.” I said slowly and quietly, as if someone might hear us.

“Is that good or bad?” he asked.  I bit my lip and faced him even though his eyes were on the road. “It’s scary. It’s not healthy how much I like you in such an early stage in our relationship.” I saw him try to contain the smile on his face. He knew I was being serious. “Sorry.” He mumbled. “it’s not your fault. You didn’t do anything wrong/”

He nodded. “well, I like you a lot too, Cass.”  I smiled. “is this,” he gestured to me and him. “all too fast for you?” I didn’t know if it was. I knew my feelings were growing quick but I liked the speed we were going at.  “No. it’s a good speed.” I reassured him. He smiled. “Well, if it helps, I’ll try not be too attractive from now on.” I laughed at him.  Pssh, like that was even possible.  We had pulled up at my house and sat in his car for a while.

“You’d tell me if you felt uncomfortable when we like, kiss, right?” I knew he was talking about us making out. I guess he didn’t feel comfortable saying it out loud. Understandable. I intertwined our fingers. “Of course. But you don’t need to worry about that. I always feel comfortable kissing you.” He smiled and kissed my cheek before I went inside.



I was back at my house in 10 minutes. I heard grunting and shouting from outside. I sighed. What were these boys up to now? I unlocked the door and followed to noise. I saw Liam, Zayn and Louis pulling Harry’s leg in attempt to get his head out, which was stuck in between my banister. They didn’t seem to hear me. I smirked and took a quick picture so it could go on twitter. “Okay, one, two, and three.. PULL!” Louis instructed as the three boys pulled Harry’s leg again.

Harry screamed in pain. “Boys!” I yelled to get their attention. All their heads turned to me as Liam, Zayn and Louis dropped Harry’s legs. I rose my eyebrow. “Do I even want to know?” zayn shrugged. “Probably not.” I sighed and looked at Harry. “How on earth did you manage to get your head stuck in there?” “Well, Louis said my head was big and to prove him wrong I stuck my head here. When  I tried to pull out, it got stuck.”

Zayn laughed. “Haz, you have to work on a better explanation that sounds wrong.” I snickered. It sort of did.  Harry rolled his eyes. “Are you guys going to help me get my head out or not?” I went to the kitchen and got a bowl of water. I threw it on Harry’s head, hoping it slide through the ,middle of the banister easily. He gasped. “What the hell, Niall?!” I shrugged. “It may help it go through easily.” All four of us yanked on his legs until his head was out.

“See, I told you your head was big.” Louis said as harry smacked him. “So, How’s Cassidy?” Louis said while wiggling his eyebrows. I rolled my eyes. “thanks a lot by the way.” Was all I said as I made my way up to my room, the boys hot on my trail. “Aww!! Did we ruin your time with Cassidy?” Liam teased. I huffed, not answering them. Zayn laughed. “it’s funny, everyone seems to walk in on you guys when you are being.. intimate.” That was true. Every time we were cuddling or kissing or flirting, someone would walk in on us. “tell me about it. But new topic. Cassidy’s birthday is in two weeks. Did the girls call you about the party.”

Harry nodded. “they said they’re probably going to have it Eleanor’s house.” I nodded. I had no idea what to get Cassidy for her birthday. I mean, I had lot things in mind but I wanted it to be special.   

I pulled out my phone and tweet the picture, tagging the boys in it. I got a lot of favorites and retweets. Cassidy commented on it.

@Cass_lovexo LMAO @Harry_styles you are so stupid

        I smiled. Harry tweeted her back.

@Harry_Styles @Cass_lovexo I am not! I was just curious.


Aside from Cassidy’s birthday there was something else rattling round in my brain: Cassidy crying. It made me angry to think that someone would even think to say that to someone. Cassidy didn’t know I knew, but she was sort of insecure about me leaving her, or even that I was cheating on her.  She was a strong person and words didn’t usually faze her. So when she came to my house crying I knew that she had to be insecure about it.

I wish I knew who had said it.  I could go down to her school and ask them to leave her alone. But Cassidy being herself, decided not to tell me.  “Whatcha thinking ‘bout, Nialler?” Liam asked as he plopped down on the couch next to me. “Just Cassidy.” Liam laughed at me. “What else is new?” I playfully nudged him trying to forget about the blush that was rising to my cheeks. “No, I mean some girl upset her today.” They all looked at me. “What’d she say?” zayn asked. I told them the horrible things the girl had said to Cassidy as they mirrored the shocked face I wore when Cassidy told me what she had said. 

The boys saw Cassidy as one of their sisters, so it must’ve hurt for them hear that someone told Cass that. “Do you know who?” Louis asked. I shook my head. “No. Cassidy wouldn’t tell me. she said she can handle her but I still want to help, you know?” they nodded. Harry spoke next. “Yesterday while we were tors and cass’ tori said she didn’t want to hear the comments from ‘her’. Do you think it can be the same person who said that to Cassidy?” I thought about it. It could be. If it was, then this person has obviously been in tori’s and Cass’ life longer than we thought.

I shrugged, “Maybe.”  Harry smiled as his eyes lit up, signalling he had an idea. “What if we went to their school? You know, to find this girl and talk to them.”  I sighed. “Harry, we have no idea what this girl like or her name. We won’t be able to find her.” He thought for a while. “Well, if someone hated Cassidy, they’d call her ‘Cassie’. So, we ask each girl if they know her and see what they call her.”

 He suggested. I still didn’t think it would work. But I guess it was worth the shot. “Okay, we can try.” I said. “Umm… no.  you guys will get spotted and mobbed!” Liam explained. “Oh come on, Liam! What if someone was saying stuff like that to Danielle?” harry argued. Liam sighed. “Okay fine. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.” We both smiled, thanking him for understanding. “Oi! I want to come too. you know to see Eleanor.” Louis added. We allowed him to come and decided to go on Monday at lunch.

Hopefully, our plan would go as planned. Hopefully. 


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