My One and Only

Cassidy Simmons is an average 19 year old girl. She attends university, gets by with a part time job and does a webcast about One Direction with her best friend, Tori to entertain themselves. When one direction starts getting interested in this show, they decide to pay them a surprise visit. That’s when Cassidy meets Niall and starts falling for him more than she ever has for anyone. But when Niall returns these feelings, things start getting complicated. Can they survive it or will everything they once shared crash and burn?


12. Homesick



        I went to Niall’s house right after school.  Eleanor and Tori said that I should put my ‘evil plan’ into action now. I agreed with them. So I walked to his house after saying bye to Tors and El. They insisted I tell them how everything went when I came back home. I knocked his door three times. He answered it and actually looked surprised to see me.

        “Hey, Cass. I thought you’d be over later.” He said as he embraced me into a hug. “I decided to come over right after school.” I said gesturing to my black Jansport bag that was slung over my shoulder. He chuckled as we stepped inside. “I guess I should’ve known then right?” I nodded and kissed his cheek.

        We watched T.V. in his living room for a while before he told me what was on his mind. “I asked you to come over so you can prove your point.” He murmured against my neck, his hot breath tickling it. I giggled. “I figured that’s why.”  “So...” he trailed off as his blue eyes stared into my brown ones. Time to put my plan in action. “Are any of the boys coming over?” I whispered as I traced my finger down his chest.

        He followed my finger before looking back up at me. “N-no.” I smiled before leaning in and whispering in his ear. “Good.”  When I looked at him his eyes were wide which made me want to burst out laughing. I placed my hands on his chest and pushed him down onto the couch gently before sitting on top of him. “Close your eyes.” He did as told and closed them.

        I leaned in close to his face, inches away from his lips.  But instead of kissing them, I moved my lips to his cheek and gave him a little peck on it. I smirked and climbed off of him slowly. His eyes were still close as I watched him scrunch up his face in confusion. “That’s it?”  He asked. “Yup.” I said popping the ‘p’. He opened his eyes and shot up from the couch. “All you did was kiss my cheek.” He stated. I smiled.  “I know.” He seemed to be in deep thought for a while.

        “So let me get this straight: you left me wondering what you were going to do for the whole day and all you do is kiss my cheek?” I nodded while smiling. He groaned. “Cass the way you were acting you made me think you were going to give me a blow job.” At this point I bursted out laughing. “Y-you thought...” I couldn’t even finish my sentence because I erupted in another fit of laughter.

        “You think this is funny?” he asked. I nodded. “Very.” He smirked and threw me over his shoulder and starting walking to the kitchen. “Niall! Put me down!” I squealed while pounding my fist on his back.  “Nope.” When we got to the kitchen he put me down on his counter.  He went to the sink and let the cold water run. Oh no. I knew exactly what he was going to do. I jumped off the counter and tried to make a break for it but niall grabbed my waist. I protested the whole time as he filled up a pitcher of cold water. “No, niall don’t do it! Please don’t- NIALL!!” I shrieked as freezing cold water was poured over my head and dripped down onto my clothes.

        Niall was too busy laughing at my reaction to notice that I had filled the pitcher back up, but this time with hot water. Without any warning, I threw the water at him and he screamed as the hot water came in contact with his skin. I made a break for it, running up the stair and locking myself into one of his guess rooms.  The walls were white and it had a black double bed with a whit duvet over it. “Cass, I know you’re in here.”  I giggled and stood closer to the door. “Please come out. I won’t get you back.” I thought about it for a while before unlocking the door. As soon as I opened it cold water was thrown at me.

        As Niall stood in front of me with the biggest grin on his. That’s when I remembered he got his braces off. I stood in front of him shivering from the cold with my arms crossed over my chest as I squinted my eyes at him. “Is little Cass cold?” I pouted my lips and nodded. “No thanks to my boyfriend who made me wet.” I realized what I had said and how it sounded. But it was too late. I looked at Niall who had a cheeky smile upon his face.

        “Really now?” “No! I meant like you threw water at me and my clothes got wet, you perv.”  He chuckled before wrapping his arm around my waist and kissing my wet hair. “Let’s go put on some dry clothes. Yeah?” I nodded as we walked to his bedroom.


I was in a pair of Niall’s sweat pants and one of his oversized shirts.  They were all baggy on me but I was warmer than before. or maybe my new found warmness was due to the fact that Niall and I were snuggled up under the covers on his king sized bed. My head rested on his chest with my eyes shut. I wasn’t sleeping, but I was on the verge to doing so.  Niall was running his fingers through my damp hair, untangling it without even knowing.

“You know your turning 20 in two weeks right?” He stated. I smiled. “Mmhm.” “So, what did you want?” “To Re decorate my entire room.” I said dreamingly. This was really something I actually wanted so badly. “Ah, I see. I think that would be good for me so that when I come over and we’re cuddling, I’m not starring at Louis, Harry, Liam and Zayn. “I chuckled. “Yah. That is kind of creepy right?” “Definitely. Other than that, what else would you want?”

“Hmmm… either a Pandora or persona bracelet. They’re so pretty.” “That’s cool.” He stated. “But I don’t want anything from you, Nye.”  Even though I wasn’t staring at him I knew he was rolling his eyes. “Of course I’m going to get you something.” I shook my head. “You, being mine is all I want.” He smiled and kissed my forehead. “We will have been dating for a month in a few days.” I blushed at the thought it. “I know. And I get to spend that whole day with you.” “Really?” I was surprised. I thought he would have to do something that day. “Yup. I’m all yours.” He whispered.

I smiled and pulled his head down to meet my lips. He caressed my check as I rested my head at the back of his neck. His phone started playing the sweet melody of ‘Lego house’ by Ed Sheeran. I was going to pull away until he said, “Just ignore it.” Against my lips. I smiled and nodded before kissing him back.  He reached over to his night stand and declined the call without breaking the kiss.  Then he went back to giving me all his attention. But his phone rang again. I sighed and pull away from him.

“You should probably answer it.”  He nodded his head as I rested my head back on his chest. He answered it “Hello?” I kissed his jawline as he listened to the person on the phone. “Hey, Zayn…. Nothing much, I’m just hanging out with Cassidy…. No you creeper... No… because like I said before I’m hanging out with Cass. But you can come over later…. Okay, see you then. Bye.” With that he hung up. “Why’d you call him a creeper?” I laughed.

“He said that you were being awfully quiet and asked me if I tired you out from any prior events we might have done.” I rolled my eyes. “Yah. He’s a creeper.” Niall chuckled and continued stroking my hair again “he wanted to come over.” “You could’ve let him.” He shrugged. “I’d rather spend time with you.” This made blush as he pecked my lips.

He pulled me closer to him. “You know, I don’t think the boys will be calling anymore. And it’s just us here...” I smiled. “Yah…” he rolled over so that he was on top of me. “No interruptions... What. So. Ever.” He said between pecks that he left on my lips.  “But how could you be sure that they won’t call?” he smiled while grabbing his phone and turning it off. “That’s how I’m sure.”

I laughed before wrapping my arms around his neck and pressing my lips against his.


        I was currently at Ikea with Liam, Danielle, and Harry. We had gotten her bed already and it was at harry and Louis’ house in the basement.  Now we were looking for lamps, mirrors and picture frames for her bedroom and bathroom.  Her walls were going to be a purple, much like they were now but this one was a bit bolder.

        So, we were thinking of black and white accessories so it would match her bed as well. Danielle suggested pink and blue as well, because those were Cassidy’s two other favourite colours.  So, we picked up two lamps; one blue lava lamp and a regular one that was pink, some a big black picture frame that said ‘Memories’ in cursive writing.

        We went to Wal- mart, Leon’s, Perfect bath, Bed, Bath and beyond, PB Teens, and Target. By the time we were done shopping, we had basically everything we needed. We just needed to go to Home Depot for paint colours. Which we were going to get tomorrow because it was now. 6:30 p.m. Harry and I dropped off Liam and Danielle before heading over to my house.

        “Do you think Cass will like it?” I asked him as I rested my head in his lap, looking up at him. “Yah. If she wants it that bad I’m sure she’ll like it.” “But what if we didn’t get the stuff she wanted? What if she wanted the lamps in different colours? She has to love it Harry.” I said freaking out. Harry sighed. “Tors, you’ve been her best friend since you guys were five years old. I’m pretty sure you know what she likes and dislikes by now. So don’t stress over this okay?”

        I nodded my head as he lightly kissed my lips. “I know she’ll love everything. Especially since you went through so much trouble to make it happen.” I smiled before pressing my lips to his and touching his cheek.  As we kept kissing, my hands tugged at his hair, causing him grunt.

        “Ugh. You know, other people have to sit on those couches.” Cass’ voice ringed through the living room. I pulled away from Harry and sat up as he smirked at Cassidy. “True. Remember that next time you and Niall want to try and reach second base on his couch.” Cassidy sent Harry a death glare as my mouth hung open. “What exactly happened last time you went over to his Cass?”

        She looked at me with a blush creeping onto her cheeks. “Nothing. I mean, we did do something but… we didn’t go as far as Harry is saying.” Harry scoffed. “Yah right. If the boys and I didn’t walk in, you guys probably would’ve had sex right then and there.” My eyes widen at Cassidy, who was blushing furiously now. “Now we wouldn’t have.” She mumbled to reassure me.

        Harry smiled. “Cassidy, his shirt was off.” “So? You and tors were making out and your shirt was off. “Harry shrugged. “True. But Tori’s shirt was still on, yours wasn’t.” “I had an undershirt on!” Cassidy protested. “Doesn’t matter.” Harry said while laughing. Cass rolled her eyes. “Whatever Harry. “She mumbled while sitting on the love seat. “Love you too, Cass.” Harry said while blowing her kiss.  She sighed and shook her said causing me to laugh and shake my head at Harry.

        “So, how did you plan go?” I asked Cassidy. She laughed. “Great he was so confused. He thought I was going to him a...” she trailed off, remembering Harry was Here. He smiled and rested a hand on his chin. “No please do continue, Cass. This should be good.” “I`ll tell you later, tors.” I nodded while harry pouted, knowing he wasn`t going to hear the rest of the story.


        Harry had now left and Cass was continuing with her story as we sat on my bed. “Kay, so I like straddled him and then told him to close his eyes. Then I kissed his cheek and climbed off. He was so confused! And then he was like `I thought you were going to give me a blow job`. That’s all it took for me to burst out laughing. “Why would he think that?” she shrugged. “I have no idea.” “so, about what Harry said: what exactly happened that time at Niall`s?” Cassidy sighed and fell back onto my bed.

        “I honestly don`t know, Tors. First, we were watching an old episode of Jersey shore, and then next thing I know we were like full on snogging.” I nodded by head while smirking. “The events of Jersey shore probably turned you guys on.” Cassidy playfully slapped me as I laughed. She continued. “We didn’t even hear the boys come in. but then Harry yelled something about no sex in the house.”   

        I smirked. Typical Harry. “Then what happened?” I asked her. She shrugged. “Nothing really. We just pulled away and were forced to deal with the boys teasing us. It was so embarrassing Tors.” She whined causing me to chuckle. “I’m sure it wasn’t that bad.” She looked at me. “I was straddling him and I’m pretty sure the boys heard me moan.” I was silent for a while. “Okay that’s pretty bad. Can I ask you a question?” Cassidy nodded her head while sitting up and crossing her legs.

        “Yah. Anything.”  I nodded. “Okay, well if the boys didn’t walk in, would you have, you know, given yourself to him?” it was as if my words made her freeze. She didn’t respond. She just starred at the wall while biting her lip.  Oh god. This can’t be good. “Cass?” I said with my voice full of worry. She and Niall have only been dating for a few weeks. “I don’t know tors. And that’s what scary. I can’t think straight when I’m in that kind of situation with Niall. My judgement gets all cloudy.”

        I nodded my head and she continued. “And I’m not ready, Tors. Niall makes me happy and I like him a lot but we’ve only been dating for a short period of time. I need to know he’s the one.” I nodded my head again. This was probably something she thought about often. “You know what makes it even more confusing?” she asked. I faced her. “What?” “Sometimes, I feel that he already is.”  I grinned at my best friend. “Aww, Cass!” I chirped before pulling her into a hug.

Cass P.O.V


I was on my laptop at the moment, seeing who was on Facebook while I was working my short story. It was due in two days. Tori already finished hers and Eleanor barely touched hers.  I was nearly done mine. Just a few more pages and I would be done. My computer let out a sound, notifying that someone had started a chat with me on Face Book. It was my sister Lindsay.

LindsLovesNye: SISSY!!

I grinned and laughed at her profile Name.

CassForeveryoung: Heey. What’s up?

LindslovesNye: Nothing just laying on my bed. Hbu?

CassForeveryoung: Literature homework  :(

LindslovesNye: lol poor you. Can you take a break though? I want to skype call you.

Cassforeveryoung: YESS! I’m bored out of my freaking mind. Just let me log on.

LindslovesNye: LOL ok.

I quickly opened up Skype on my computer and logged in. I was instantly sent a video call request from Lindsay. I accepted it and her face popped up on the screen. “Cass!” she chirped. “Lindsay! I haven’t talked to you in so long. How have you been?” she shrugged. “Good. Dealing exam review and crap like that. How about you Miss ‘I’m dating Niall Horan and haven’t told my little sister anything about my relationship’.” I giggled at the name she gave me.

“I’ve been good. I have to deal with the whole exam thing too. And I will tell you anything you want to know about Nye’s and I relationship.” She squealed. “Great! ‘Cause I have tons!” Oh god. What did I just walk into? “Okay, so first off: Who asked who out?” “Niall asked me out when we went to the beach in New York.”

I smiled at that memory. I was incredibly happy to the point where I couldn’t even answer him at first. Lindsay nodded and moved onto her next question. “Has he kissed you yet?” I nodded, a blush creeping onto my cheeks. This made her scream. “Okay, what do his lips feel like?” “Lindsay!” “What? I’m just curious.” I shook my head. “I’m not answering that.” She pouted but dropped it anyways. “Okay, umm.. What was I going to ask again, oh! Have you guys made out yet?” I faced I looked at the brown haired girl as my cheeks rise in temperature. “Why do you want to know?” I mumbled. She gasped. “OH. MY. GOSH. You have haven’t you?!”

I allowed myself to smile at the thought of the times we did. Bad choice. Lindsay screamed and dropped off the chair she was sitting on. “Lindsay! Shut the Hell up! I’m trying to sleep.” I male voice yelled. That must’ve been my brother,  Jordan. He was two years younger than me. “Whatever, Jordan. You don’t have to deal with the feels!” I laughed at what she said. I taught her so well. Soon, Jordan came into her room in a pair of red basketball shorts, a plain white tee, and a black snapback that he wore backwards.

“Jordan!” I chirped. His attention was brought to the screen so I could see his face now. He smiled. “Cass!- I’ve missed you! I can’t deal with Lindsay and Ashley by myself.” He said as he sat on Lindsay computer chair. I laughed. Ashley was my youngest sister. She was 2 at the moment. Lindsay got up and smacked him upside his head. “It’s not exactly a picnic living with you either. Without Cass you’re constantly bothering Me.” she glared at him.

I can imagine that. They would always fight and I was like their separator. Whenever one got too worked up, I’d hang out with them to try and calm them down. Jordan ignored her by waving her off and looking at me through the screen. “So, what have you been up to you? You know besides dating Niall Horan.” He rolled his eyes. “He couldn’t stand one direction. I think it was mostly because Lindsay and I were always blasting their music and screaming our heads off about them.

“I’ve been preparing for exams. And Niall is good if that’s what you were getting at.  He shook his head. “It really wasn’t. But is he treating you right?” he asked me in all seriousness. Even though Jordan was younger me, he acted like he was older. Always being protective, interrogating any guy I dated and always tried to make me change whenever I was shorts or something too reliving. Which to him, meant shorts and a tank top or a dress. It was annoying but I knew he was just trying to protect me.

“Yes. He treats me really good.” I said in all honesty. Niall really did treat me right. Jordan nodded in approval. “Cause if he isn’t I’ll fly to England and deal with him.” I laughed at him and shook my head. “That won’t be necessary.” “Oh my gosh if you saw how Lindsay was reacting when she found it… she was screaming, crying, throwing stuff because ‘you stole her man’.”

Jordan laughed along with me as Lindsay rolled her eyes. “Well you did. But’s all good because you guys are so CUTE together!” I blushed at her statement. It reminded me of what Niall did earlier today when Emily said that.  “So, where’s mom, dad

And Ashley? I mine as well say hi now.” Lindsay nodded. “I’ll go get them.” That just left Jordan and I. “So, how’s Tracy?” I asked him. Tracy was his girlfriend. They have been dating for a while. He blushed at my question and held his down. “She’s good. She went to Cuba with her family for a week though. I really miss her.” He said. “Aww! You love her.” I teased. He rolled his eyes. But he was still blushing. “Cassidy!” Ashley said as she ran into the room wearing a princess crown with pink top and a white shirt.

“Ashley! I miss you so much!” I chirped. She sat up on Jordan’s lap. “I miss you too, Cassidy. You missed the bid fair. I got to wide the twain and daddy won me a stuff fwoggie.” The way she miss pronounced her words made my heart gush. She was so cute. “That’s cool. I got to go to a fair too. My friend took me.”

“And by that you mean Niall.” My mom’s voice said on as she walked in and sat down beside Lindsay on her bed. “Mom!” “Hey, sweetie. How are you and Tori doing?” Jordan smirked. “Yes. How is Tori doing, Cass.” I rolled my eyes. Jordan always flirted with Tori just to piss her, Tracy and myself off.  I rolled my eyes as he laughed. “We’re good. She went over Harry’s house not too long ago.” My mom nodded and smiled. “How’s Niall.” I smiled. “He’s good. I was over at his house earlier today.”

My mom rose an eyebrow at me. “We just watched T.V.” I laughed as I confirmed her.  “You better have. I’m not too thrilled about you dating right now. Let’s not give me a worse reason to want to kill him.” That was my dad. Only he would hate my boyfriend before even meeting him. I sighed heavily but smiled. “Hi daddy.” My dad smiled at me. “Hey, Baby girl. I miss you.” I hated when he called me that. But I just put up with it.

“I miss you too. I miss all of you guys.” I sighed, feeling down at the moment. I really did miss them all. I just didn’t realize how much until now. A sob left my mom’s mouth as Jordan, Lindsay and I rolled our eyes and sighed. My dad sighed. “Come, on. No crying.” My dad groaned. My mom wiped her eyes. “I’m sorry. It’s hard to have your child so far away from you.” I smiled. “Cass, when are you gonna visit us?” Ashley asked. “I’m not sure yet. I hope soon. Well, I should go finish my homework. It’s getting late. But I will talk to you guys soon okay?”

They all nodded and said their goodbyes. And the call was ended. I sighed I closed my laptop before lying down on my bed. I was feeling sort of homesick  right about now. My phone went off and I noticed Niall was calling. “Hey Nye.” I said as I held the phone to my ear. I was trying not to sound depressed but I was failing. “Hey, Cass. Did I wake you?” “Nope. I’m wide awake.” “So then what’s wrong?” he questioned. I sighed. “I just finished a Skype call with my family and I’m a bit homesick right now. I miss them lots.” I explained.

“Ah, I see. Do you need someone to keep you company?” he offered, causing me to pull a small smile. “Yes, please.” He chuckled. “I’ll be there in five.” “Okay. See you then. Bye.” “Later.”  With that I hung up the phone and looked into my mirror. I threw my hair into a ponytail and changed out of my high waisted shorts and floral top. I traded them for a pair of black yoga shorts with purple out lining and a dark purple tank top. I swiped my baby lips over my lips and folded my clothes neatly before putting them in my dresser.

I checked myself in the mirror one last time. Why was I even checking? Niall was just coming over to hang out.  The things he made me do. If it was anyone else I could’ve cared less how they saw me.  I found myself fixing my ponytail before the doorbell rang. I walked down the stairs, trying not to fall because the lights were off. I should’ve turned them on. Eh, LWWY.  I opened the front door to see Niall standing there with a pair of black jeans on, a blue v- neck, and a charcoal grey sweater.

He looked at before letting his eyes scan my body.  “Take a picture. It will last longer.” I winked. He found my eyes and again blushed a bit before mumbling a sorry. I shook my head. “You didn’t do anything wrong.” I said as I pulled him inside and he wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me into a hug. “Thanks for coming over.” I thanked him as we walked upstairs into my room. Well, Niall walked. I tripped and he caught me before giving me a piggy back ride the rest of the way up.

“It’s no problem.” He reassured me as he sat on my computer desk, picking up my short story book. “Hmm.. Cassidy keeps a diary.” He teased. I laughed. “It’s my book for literature class. I had to write a short story.” He nodded. “Can I read it?” I bit my lip, unsure. It wasn’t really good. Just something to get me at least a 75%. “Erm.. Sure.”  He opened it up skimming through it. When he got to a certain page, he looked at me and smiled before reading it aloud.

“His golden brown hair was tousled, a mop of perfection worn upon his head. His blue eyes bored into my brown ones, before he grinned, showing off his braces.”  I blushed as he rose an eyebrow at me. “Is this about me?” I shook my head. “My teacher said I couldn’t write about one direction anymore.” I mumbled.

It was about niall. I needed inspiration and he was the first thing that came into mind. He continued to read more. “His red polo shirt hugged him perfectly, showing how muscular his arms were. He paired it with a pair of beige khaki pants and white Nikes. His thick Irish accent sent chills down spine every time he opened his mouth.” Niall laughed. “Yah. It’s definitely not about me.”  He said sarcastically. I rolled my eyes. “Believe what you want.” He chuckled before joining me on bed.

“Are you okay? You know, with the whole homesick thing?” I shrugged. “I guess. But I just miss them, you know?” he nodded. “Sometimes, I miss Greg, my mom and dad like crazy.” “What do you do to make that feeling go away?” he shrugged. “I hang out with the boys. Who put on fake Irish accents to make me laugh.” I smirked. I could see them doing something like that.

“Well, I’m hanging out with you and I need your help in order to make that feeling go away.” “Hmm… I will watch Twilight with you or Vampire Diaries and let you fan girl about how ‘hot’ Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder and Taylor Lautner are.” I giggled as he put air quotes around the word hot. I knew that was torture for him. When I started getting into TVD, Niall and I were talking on the phone and I said Ian Somerhalder was sexy and he, well he didn’t really know how to respond.

“Well, that does sound intriguing, but I won’t put you threw that. At least not today.” He shrugged. “Well, what do you want to do?” I shrugged as well. “I’m hungry.” Niall laughed. “Well, what do you want to eat?” “Taco Bell.” I haven’t that in a while.. I was probably craving it because that was what I used to eat all the time back home.

Niall nodded. “Okay, then. Let’s go get your taco bell.” I nodded while stretching and getting up. “I have to change. Meet me downstairs.” “Hmm.. or I can just stay.” I playfully smacked Niall’s arm as he laughed. “I’d rather you not see me in my underwear thank you.” I said as I pushed him out my room. I threw on a pair of dark wash jeans and a pink zip op sweater over my purple undershirt.

I met Niall in the living room where he was sitting on the couch, doing something on his phone. “Nye I’m ready.” He nodded. “Let me just finish this level of Flow. It’s quite hard.” I walk over to him and looked at the screen of his phone before rolling my eyes. “This level is so easy!” I exclaimed before taking his phone and doing the level for him. It took me ten seconds as he sat there and looked at me in awe.

“How did you do that so fast.” I shrugged. “Maybe because I’m on 14x14 and your still on 7x7?” he huffed before pushing his phone in his pocket while I put on my black ballet flats.  We walked out to his car and drove a fifteen minute until we finally reached a taco Bell. The walls inside were painted purple and over the cash registers there was the taco bell sign. Niall bought me a fries supreme with a large cup of Mountain dew. That was my absolute favourite pop ever!

We walked back to the car and drove back to my house. I finished my food before Niall suggested watching a movie. “Okay. Which movie?” he thought for a while before grinning. “How about Sinister?” I gave him a look. He was doing this on purpose. He knew I absolutely hated scary movies. Yet he always wanted to watch them. “Absolutely not.” He pouted at my answer as I tried to ignore his cute, puppy dog face at the moment.

“Niall, no. you know I hate scary movies.” “But Cass,” he whined before wrapping his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him. “I’ll here to protect you. Please?” I breathed in as he kissed cheek and then my neck. “No.” I said again. I leaned up against the wall as Niall pressed his lips to mine, grabbing my waist once again. My hands played in his hair. I haven’t done that in a while. I forgot how it felt. “Please?” he murmured against my lips.

I shook my head. “No.” he moved his lips to my neck, leaving little kisses all the way down to my collarbone as I tried to contain myself. “Please?” he whispered in my ear before looking at me dead in the eyes. I’m so going to regret this I thought before nodding my head as Niall smirked. I rolled my eyes. “It’s only cause you said please. Don’t be full of yourself.” I said as I sat on the couch while Niall surfed through Netflix and pressing sinister.

“Are you sure it’s not because you find me extremely attracted?” I rolled my eyes but didn’t answer him, causing him to laugh. “You know you can’t resist me, Cass.” He said while pressing play and sitting down beside me. I couldn’t. And he knew it. I smiled before tracing my hand down his chest, stopping at the belt of his pants. “Just like you can’t resist me?” I watched as he swallowed hard. “J-just watch the movie, Cass.” He stuttered causing me to laugh. “And move your hand.” He mumbled before placing my hand in my lap.


        The movie was done and my heart was pounding. Niall chuckled before stroking my hair. “It really wasn’t that bad.” “You say that all the time.” I whispered. He shrugged and I rested on his chest. “I’m never watching another scary movie again. No matter what you do.” “We’ll see about that.” He said, almost sounding sure of it. I shrugged. “You’re probably right. But just remember,” I said while touching his chest again. “I’ll always be the tease in this relationship.” I whispered in his ear.

“And why is that?” I smirked before kissing him sweetly and running my hand through his hair. He leaned down on the couch so that I was straddling him now. I learnt he enjoyed that. My hand slipped under his before I moved to his neck. “Because, you’re too easy.” I mumbled against his skin. My hand glided down and stopped at his before I lightly sucked on his neck. I received a moan for that. I pulled away laughing. “See? You can’t even last a minute.”  He rolled his eyes. “Well, maybe it’s because you’re really hot.” He said under his breath. I don’t think I was supposed to hear him, but I did. And I blushed.

“Oh, so you think I’m hot?” he faced me and blushed. “Well… Yah.” He was so adorable when he blushed. I found myself wanting to pinch his cheeks. But I knew he’d think I was weird. Even more than he already did. “Well, I should probably start heading home.” He said after checking the time on his phone and getting off the couch. “No!” I shrieked while grabbing on his arm. He rose an eyebrow at me. “I’ll be scared here all by myself.” I whispered. I sounded like an 8 year old that was staying home alone for the first time.

He smiled. “Okay, I’ll stay with you.” He sat back down beside as snuggled up to him, burying my head in his warm sweater. The scent of his cologne filled my nostrils before I felt my eyelids getting heavy, and I fell into a comfortable sleep.



“Oh hey, Niall. I didn’t know you’d be over.”  Tori said as she came through the door at 9:00 p.m. I smiled and waved my hand slightly, trying to not to disturb Cassidy who was still asleep with her head in my sweater. “Hey, tors. What’s up?” she kicked her green converse and sat down on the couch across from me. “Nothing much. I just came from Harry’s house. What have you and Cass been up too?” she asked while wiggling eyebrows, causing me to chuckle.

“We went to Taco bell, watched a movie and then she just fell asleep. She was too scared to stay home alone.” Tori raised her eyebrow. “What movie?” “Sinister.” She rolled her eyes and shook her head. “Leave up to you to make Cassidy watch a scary movie with you.” She laughed as I shrugged. “So, do you know what you’re getting her for her birthday?” she asked and I nodded. “A purple Pandora bracelet and an infinity necklace.”  Tori nodded. “She’ll love it.” “What are you going to get her?” I asked. Tori shrugged and sighed. “I have no idea. But I want it to be perfect you know?” I nodded.

“How did the shopping go today?” I knew her, harry, Danielle and Liam went looking for the stuff that Cassidy wanted for her room today. Tori grinned. “We got basically everything! We just need the paint and a few more accessories.” I nodded. Cassidy started to stir beside me. She lifted her head up with her eyes still closed and pulled on my sweater, trying to use it as a blanket. She eventually gave up and buried her head in it again, before drifting off to sleep once again.

Tori smiled. “You have got her so hooked.” Her words made me blush and look down at Cassidy. “I’m serious Niall. I’ve never seen her with this like with another guy.” I smiled with my head still down, unable to face Tori.  “And I probably shouldn’t be telling you this but she’s probably going to tell you anyways so I’m just going to say it.” This time I faced her. ‘What is it?” tori took in a breath. “Cassidy is still a virgin.”

Wow. Wasn’t expecting that to come out her mouth. I was a bit surprised. “Really?” tori nodded. “Are you sure?” this time tori rolled her eyes. “She’s not a slut, Niall.” “No, I just meant that none of her other boyfriends have ever tried to you…” “Well, yah. They’ve tried. She’s just smart enough to say no.” I nodded. “But you,” she continued while smirking. “You don’t make her think straight when it comes to stuff like that. And I know you’d never take advantage of her or pressure her into anything… but it’s just that,” she sighed.

 “I understand, Tors. You don’t want her to rush herself into anything.” I finished for her and she nodded. “Just please, be mindful of that when you guys do… whatever you do when you’re alone.” She laughed along with as I nodded my head. “Thanks for telling me tors.” She smiled. “No problem. Well, I’m going to go sleep. I’m kind of tired and I need to wake up on time tomorrow. You’re probably going to stay the night because Cassidy is not going to let you leave so, night!” she chirped while walking up the stairs. I laughed. “Night, tori.” I decided to bring Cassidy up to her room. I turned on her little lamp that sat upon her bedside table before lifting up her blanket and placing her in her bed.

I kissed her forehead before making way to leave her room. She pulled on my arm. “Please stay. I might have nightmares.” She whispered, half asleep and half awake. I smiled. “Okay, I’ll stay.” She scooted over as I lied next to her and she placed her head on my chest and instantly fell back to sleep again. I smiled at the sleeping beauty, happy and thankful that she was mine before drifting off to sleep myself.


So... was it good? I'M DONE EXAMS!!! WOOHO!! that means my summer has OFFICIALLY started and that i can post more often XD. i don't want this to be a loong author's not so.. byeeee!!! 

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