My One and Only

Cassidy Simmons is an average 19 year old girl. She attends university, gets by with a part time job and does a webcast about One Direction with her best friend, Tori to entertain themselves. When one direction starts getting interested in this show, they decide to pay them a surprise visit. That’s when Cassidy meets Niall and starts falling for him more than she ever has for anyone. But when Niall returns these feelings, things start getting complicated. Can they survive it or will everything they once shared crash and burn?


5. Girlfriend, Girlfriend, Will you be my Girlfriend?



I was scared out of my mind last night. I kept thinking some possessed chick was going to kill me in my sleep. So, I slept a bit longer than usual. I woke up at noon and took a 20 minute shower before thrower a pair of yoga pants and a graphic tee. When I walked out of the bedroom tori was watching old re runs of Saved by the Bell. I joined her for a while. “Well, look who has finally awoken.” She teased. “I know right? I couldn’t sleep at all last night. That movie scared the shiz out of me.” I shivered at the thought of it and tori laughed at my reaction. I stuck my tongue out and got up from the couch to go raid the fridge for some brunch. I decided on Mr. Noodles. I was eating when Niall decided to Tango call me. I quickly pressed the accept button. “Hey, Nialler.” I said in an upbeat voice. “Hey Cass. How’d you sleep?” He asked in a teasing voice. I narrowed my eyes at him. “I barely slept at all thanks to you.” He laughed and shrugged.

  “So, what are you doing today?” he asked as he sat cross- legged on the couch I saw him on.  “Well, tori and I are supposed to go to the beach with Perrie, El, and Dani. You guys want to come?” I heard the boys shout in the back ground about how they wanted to and started bothering Niall. I laughed at the scene. “I’ll take as a yes.” niall sighed and tried to fight them off. “Cassie, I think you left something at our room last night.” Louis beamed. I thought for a second. I don’t think I left anything behind. “Sorry but I think I have everything-“you’re pink lip gloss on Niall’s cheek.” He laughed. Niall gave him a death glare as my cheeks turned red. I remembered how I had kissed his cheek before I left. But I thought I had kissed lightly enough to not leave any of my lip gloss. “Oh.” Was all I could I say. I looked down as Louis laughed at me. His phone and he walked always. Probably Eleanor calling.

        “Yah. We’ll join you guys. What time are you leaving?” niall asked forgetting about the whole lip-gloss thing. I mentally thanked him for that.  “Like 2.” He nodded and told the boys to start getting ready. “Well, I’m going to go get ready but, I’ll see you later, Niall.” “Okay. But before you go, I wanted to know if I could talk to you later tonight.” I thought for a moment. What did he want to talk about? “Okay, sure.” I nodded. “Great! I’ll see you tonight.” He said as I ended the call. I went to take a shower and prepare for our beach trip. When I got out the shower, I put on my purple bikini with the word ‘love 98’ written in bottom corner in pink cursive writing.  I put my slightly curled hair in a high ponytail before adding a light pink lip gloss to my lips. I added water proof mascara onto my eyelashes and put a pair of denim short shorts over the bottom with a crop top over the top. It was a lot warmer in New York so we were able to enjoy their beaches.  Tori were wearing a white summer dress over her yellow bikini that she paired with brown wedges.

        “Ooo! Cassidy is all dolled up for niall.” She teased. I rolled my eyes and playfully hit her arm. She laughed at me while eating some ice cream she got from room service. I was about to complain about how she never got me anything but she shoved a whole bowl full in front of me. “Aww!! You know me so well.” I said as I shoved a spoonful in my mouth. She laughed and nodded in agreement. The girls soon came in their bikinis with dresses and shorts and crop top over them. The boys soon came and Louis drove us to the beach. With Louis driving, it was making a 20 minute drive, a 45 minute one. “Ugh! Lou can you drive any faster?” Eleanor complained. He shook his head. I groaned and rested my head in nail’s lap. Soon, I heard police sirens chasing the car and immediately got freaked out. “Dammit.” Louis muttered before pulling over and rolling his window down.  The police officer came up to the door with a tired look on his face. “Is there a problem officer?” Louis smiled. “You do realize you’re driving at 20 In a 60 zone right, sir?” I had to hold my hand over my mouth to prevent from laughing. This was just like the shooting for WMYB. Oh, Louis. Harry flicked him and Louis decided to play smart. “I’m sorry sir. But, my best mate’s girlfriend, Tori has a ‘condition’.” Tori gasped. The police officer raised an eyebrow. “She’s been in a car accident where a drunk driver was going way too fast. Nearly killed her. So, she insisted I go no higher than 20.” Louis said all sweet and innocent. Harry glanced at tori, who looked like she was going murder Louis. “Is this true, Tori? Which one’s Tori?” the officer asked. “me.” tori raised her hand and smiled. “Yes, it is true. It was a very traumatic experience for me.” she nodded. The officer nodded as well and started going on about how there are great therapists here that she could see for more help.

        The whole time niall and I tried not to laugh. “Okay, you’re off the hook, sir. But, I think tori now knows that going slow can get her in an accident as well.” The officer said as Louis and tori nodded. Finally, he let us go. As soon as the officer drove away, tori slapped Louis upside his head and Niall and I bursted out laughing. My face turned red and could feel tears streaming down it. “Louis you are so stupid!!” I managed to say through my laughs. This time, he went at a reasonable pace of 40.


        We had finally reached the beach and I legit ran out the car to stretch. I could smell the ocean and the smell of the sand from the playground, along with the food from the small boardwalk they had. I could hear the people, laughing and cheering on one another in volleyball and the waves crashing onto the shore. I sighed with happiness as I slipped off my white sandals so I could feel the warm sand on my bare feet. Niall stood beside and admired how I was embracing the beautiful surroundings of the beach. When the other finally came out the car we decided on where to set up. We chose an area where not many people were around and it wasn’t a far walk to the ocean or boardwalk. Stripped out of my crop top and short shorts to release my purple bikini as I lay down on my purple, pink and white beach towel. I caught nail’s eyes on me then all the down my body and up again. “Take a picture. It will last longer.” I winked. He blushed and quickly looked away. The girls and I decided to relax awhile and gush over the boys while they were lost in a game of volleyball.

        We talked about Perrie and zayn, Danielle and Liam, Tori and Harry, Eleanor and Louis, then niall and I. I told them how our date went and how we told each other we liked one another more than friends. They all gushed over this. “Wait. So are you guys a thing now or..?” Perrie asked with a smile written on her face. I sighed. “No. I mean, I thought he was going to ask me out last night but, he just he liked more than a friend. I don’t know. I guess, I wanted him to ask me to be his girlfriend. Maybe it’s too soon. What do you guys think?” I glanced over at them who had serious thinking faces on.  I chuckled. Eleanor was the first to speak. “I don’t think it is. You guys have been on a good amount dates, you guys talk to each other often and have known another for three weeks. I think you guys are ready to date.” The girls nodded in agreement and I shrugged. “I guess I’ll have to wait to see if he will ask me out. He did say he wanted to talk to me tonight. Maybe that’s why.” The girls shrugged as well before we decided to take a dip in the water.. I stood on the shore, letting   tithe water touch my feet before fully emerging into the water. It was cold but freezing cold.

        The boys soon decided to join us. Well, except for zayn. He thought we were way too deep into the water for his liking.  Perrie sighed. “I’m going to get him in the water whether he likes it or not.” She stated. She whispered something her plan to all of us. I thought it was bit too over the top for zayn and I didn’t want him to be freaked.  But, I agreed along with the others. I just hope he didn’t get too mad.





        I sat on the beach with my headphones in, blocking out my surroundings. I was in the water with the others for a while, but then they went too deep into it and I decided to come back to shore. I saw the boys come out the water and head to the board walk.  I closed my eyes trying to pay attention to the song that was playing on my iPod. I heard screaming and I shot my eyes open to find tori running up to me. Well this should be good. I pulled my head phones out. “What’s up, tori?” she took a breath and face looked drained of colour. “Perrie!! She a big wave came and pulled her into the water! We can’t find her and we help!!! We don’t know what to do!!” she looked like she was about to break down crying. It took me awhile to process what she just said. Perrie could be drowning now. I threw my iPod in the sand and ran to the water, diving in. stupid move I know. But I would never forgive myself if perrie died and didn’t anything to help. I began searching in the water, trying my best to tread water. Then I saw her. Lying in the water. I quickly pulled her to me and water up to the surface.  I started coming closer to the others. “Hey, zayn.” I heard perrie said. She was completely fine. I screamed like a girl getting attention from everyone in the ocean. She laughed at my scream and pulled away from me treading water by her now.

        “What the hell, Perrie?! You scared me!” I said. I gave her a quick hug and kiss. “Are you, ok?” I asked her. She nodded. “ I just wanted you to come in the water with us.” My jaw dropped. “You made me think you were…. Dead just so I could play with you?” I said it in  a hushed tone because the thought of a dead perrie scared me. She nodded with a content smile on her face. I looked at her for a while before leaving her to go back at shore. She pulled me back.  “zayn, it was just a joke.’” “You made me think you were dead! Do you understand how crushed I would be?! I don’t know how I would I live without you..” I looked at Perrie who was smiling big and blushing. “What are you smiling at?” I mumbled. “Well, I proved something today.” “What was that?” “That you love me.” my face softened towards her. “Of course I love you, Perrie.” She smiled and hugged me. I hugged her back and her a long kiss. “No more pranks like that though.” I said stern she laughed and nodded while we made our way back to the others.  A gave tori a glare. She smiled and blew me a kiss. I laughed and splashed her water. Soon, we were all splashing each other. 


The night stars and moon had taken over the sky and we were all sitting in the sand on our towels with another towel wrapped around us. There was a bond fire that we circled around and we all just talking about the day. I sat beside niall then tori was my other side who sat beside harry who sat beside Louis who beside Eleanor who sat beside Danielle who sat beside Liam, who beside Zayn who sat beside Perrie. “I want Marshmallows.” Tori pouted and we all agreed looking at niall. He sighed and pulled out a whole bag from his back pack. I laughed tor it open and passed it around after taking one for myself. While the others were laughing and eating Niall whispered in my ears. “Can I talk to you now?” I blushed at the way his minty breath tickled my ear and nodded. We got up. “We will be back.” I told the others who erupted in “ooos” and “awwhs” I rolled my eyes and walked with Niall to the other side of the beach. We finally sat on a giant rock watching the waves crash onto to the shore. “So, what did you want to talk to me about?” he looked at me with his ice blue eyes and took a breath. “Well, it was more like I wanted to ask you something.” I smiled at his shyness. “So what do you want to ask me?” he took another breath. “Well, I like you Cass. And we’ve been on a few dates. So, I was wondering if you…. You would like to… be my official girlfriend?” I was pretty sure my heart just stopped. I sat there with a smile plastered on my face.

        It was like I was in a daze. Niall just asked me to be his girlfriend. I turned to him with that stupid smile I had on. “I mean, I understand if you don’t want to. I just thought since you said you liked me that..” I cut him off by answering him. “I’d love to be your girlfriend, Niall.” He looked at me then grinned. “Really? You’re not just saying that because I went on some rant and rave..” I shushed him by placing my finger softly on his lips. “Don’t ruin the moment, Niall. Just sit with me and look at the stars.” He agreed as he wrapped his arms around as we sat looking at the stars. I believe that this was officially  the best day of my life.


The others were goofy off and dancing near the fire. It was Eleanor who had noticed Niall and Cassidy sitting on the rock watching the stars, as Cassidy was intertwined in Niall’s embrace. “Hey guys. Look at them.” She gushed. The others looked in the direction she was pointing too as their eyes landed on the new couple. The girls awws as the boys just admired them. “They’re so cute!” tori explained as she rested her head on Harry’s shoulder. “Do you think he asked her  to be his girlfriend.”  Harry asked. Danielle shrugged and said, “We’ll have to ask Cassidy.” The girls nodded as they fell into their own embrace with their own boyfriends. But, no of them expected this couple to have such a rollercoaster coming towards them. Of course all relationships have their ups and downs but this couple had a huge one coming their way. And if Cassidy knew the emotional disaster it would put both of them in, she would have stayed friends. 

Short Chapter i know but i thought it was sweet.  and OMG thank you guys for reading!!! i have 39 reads!! you're probably thinking 'WTF is wrong with you. that not alot.' but to it is. i thought i was gonna get 2. spo thank you and byee!!!

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