My One and Only

Cassidy Simmons is an average 19 year old girl. She attends university, gets by with a part time job and does a webcast about One Direction with her best friend, Tori to entertain themselves. When one direction starts getting interested in this show, they decide to pay them a surprise visit. That’s when Cassidy meets Niall and starts falling for him more than she ever has for anyone. But when Niall returns these feelings, things start getting complicated. Can they survive it or will everything they once shared crash and burn?


7. Getting Reveiled







I was sitting in my event planning class, writing down this giant note in my binder that our teacher said was very important. The words meant nothing to me as I jotted them down, stealing glances at the clock every now and then. 2:55 p.m. 5 minutes until school was done and I could go home and enjoy the rest of my Tuesday. I quickly jotted down the rest, and dropped my pen in my pencil case. The teacher nodded in approval for me being the first one done. I smiled and place my pencil case and binder in my bag.  I just wanted to get home. I think Niall said he was going to stop by today. I smiled at the thought of my boyfriend. We have been dating for three weeks now and everything was going great. He always tried to talk to me as much as he can, even when he was busy. True, I couldn’t always have him in arms but it was better than nothing. My phone vibrated in my back pocket. I pulled it out and saw I had a text from Niall.

Niallerboo: hey Cass. I can’t come by today anymore. Have a last minute recording session. Sorry :(.

My face instantly dropped. I was really looking forward to seeing him again. I haven’t seen him in at least a week because he went to Ghana with the boys to see the kids in the hospital. I huffed and tried to be happy.

Cass<3: Aww!! Okay l guess I’ll see u another time. I miss you. :( Xx

Niallerboo: I miss u too, babe. I promise you’ll see me soon.

Cass<3: okay. :) Xxx 

I locked off my phone and shoved it in my back pocket. The bell sounded a few minutes later and I got out of my seat to go to my looker. When I got there, Tori was standing there with the biggest grin on her face. I smiled at her weakly as I put some books in my locker before putting on my coat. “Hey, why are you so down? Isn’t Niall coming by today?” she nudged me with her elbow. I face her with the same weak smile. “He texted me class. Said they had a last minute recording session. He can’t come.” I shut my locker and we walked out the school together. It actually hurt to say those words. I knew I would miss niall but it was amazing how down I was feeling right now.

                “I’m sorry, Cass. I knew you were looking forward to it.” I shrugged and brightened a bit. “It’s alright. I guess that’s what happens when your boyfriend is a hot super star.” She laughed with. Tori and I both knew I was still sad but was putting up a brave front. We walked the rest of the way fangirling over our boyfriends. When got inside, we hung up our coats and I turned the T.V. whilst taking off my shoes. We both watched old re runs of Fresh Prince of Bel- Air for at least an hour until I heard the door knock. “I’ll get it.” I sprang off the couch and swung open the white door. There stood Niall in a plain white tee with blue jeans and a grey sweater. I gasped and chirped, “Niall!!” as I threw myself into his arms.

He stroked my hair as I kept my arms wrapped around his neck. “Hey, Cass. I missed you.” “I missed you to, Niall.” We stood on the porch, hugging for a while before coming inside. “I thought you had a recording session.” He shrugged. “I figured you would be more surprised if I told you that. “ I chuckled. “You’re adorable.” I gave a kiss, something I’ve haven’t had the chance to do in a week. He pulled me closer as my arms wrapped around his neck. About a minute later, we pulled away and were both smiling madly. “And what am I? A mouldy piece of bread?” tori asked. Niall laughed and gave her a hug too. I could tell she looked a bit down because harry wasn’t here now. The way her smile was weak, was probably how I looked a few minutes ago. I found it funny how only one guy could lighten up my day in a matter of minutes. “Oh, harry said he was coming by later, he just went by his mom’s for a while.” Niall announced.  That immediately brightened her mood.  She smiled widely and did a little squeal before running off to her phone. Probably going to text harry. “Hey, Niall and I will be up in my room okay, Tors?” she waved me off and went back to texting.

                I shook my head at the love struck girl and led Niall upstairs to my room.  “NO SEX!!” tori screamed. “WE WON’T” I yelled back. Niall laughed at us and flopped down on my bed. I stood there for a while looking in my mirror, fixing my hair and adding a new coat of clear lip gloss. “Come cuddle with me.” he said. I grinned and made my over to my bed. I loved to cuddle with him. He was like my teddy bear.  I rested my head in crook of his neck while he wrapped one around me, leaving the other hand free to play with my mine. “I missed this you know. Being lazy with you in bed.”

                I stated as he examined my fingers. That was our thing. Just lying in bed, enjoying each other’s company. We didn’t go out much and I was okay with that. I felt like the way we chose to spend time with each other was perfect. His ocean blue eyes stared into my brown ones, burning holes through them. “Same here. You’re an excellent teddy bear.” I laughed at his description of me. I thanked him and he fake gasped. “What? You’re not going to compliment me?!” I rolled me eyes. “You’re an excellent… potato.” He made the weirdest face I’ve ever seen and I bursted out laughing. He rolled on top of me, supporting his weight with his hands. “Am I not an excellent kisser?” I shrugged my shoulders and played along with his little game. He barely ever flirted with me so I enjoyed his little attempts. I mostly flirted with him because he was just too easy. All I had to was look him directly in his eyes, smile and whispering in his air, and he’d probably do anything for me. “I don’t know, are you?” He shrugged. “You tell me.” he leaned down and pressed his lips against mine. One of his hands touched my cheek, caressing it as I ran my hand through his hair. One of my favourite things to do. He pulled away after some time. “Well?” I nodded. “You’re an excellent kisser. 10/10.” He laughed at me and rolled off of me so that he was beside me. We just lay on my bed looking at the ceiling enjoying each other’s company.

  I cuddled closer to him and placed on lips on his cheek. “What time do you have to leave?” I whispered against his skin. I knew he would probably have some band stuff to take care of so I wanted to prepare myself for when he did. He looked at me and smiled his signature smile. “I can stay the rest of the day if you want me to.” I nodded my head. “Yes, please.”  He placed his forehead on mine after we both sat cross- legged across from each other. I intertwined our fingers as he kissed my nose. This made me giggle. “You’re so cute.” He whispered as he buried his head in my neck.  “What are we going to do all day?” I thought for a while. “We can bake, watch movies, order take out…” “Hmm… I like that. Can order Chinese food?” his breath tickled my neck, sending shivers through my whole body. I laughed. “As long as there’s chicken.” He chuckled against my skin. I leaned in and placed my lips on his neck, giving him a short, sweet kiss right in the middle of his neck.

He gasped and shot up looking straight at me. I smiled sweetly and pretended nothing happened. “What’s wrong, Niall?” he raised one eyebrow at me. “Don’t tease me, Cass.” “What are you going to do about it?” he gave me a devious smile as he leaned in and tickled me. I gasped and fell onto my bed with in a fit laughter. Niall climbed on top of me and continued to tickle me in my sides. “N-Niall. S-stop!!” I managed through my laughs. He pretended to think about it while he tickled me.  “Nah, I think I’m good.” He said as he tickled me harder. Tears started to stream down my face from all the laughing. “I’m sorry!! I’ll never t-tease you again!! J-just stop tickling m-me!!” he continued tickling me as he decided whether to stop or not. “Say Niall Horan is so hot.”  “Niall H-horan is so h-hot!!” he stopped immediately and sat beside me. now my sides hurt from all the tickling. “you, my friend, are a jerk.” I said as I wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a peck on his cheek. I hopped off my bed and stood in front of my mirror while running my hand through my curly hair. I put it in a messy bun as Niall came up from behind and wrapped his arms around my waist.

I turned around leaned up against my dresser. He followed me off and stood in front of me. I smiled at him. “C-can I try something?” he asked shyly. He never really acted shy around me anymore.  It made me wonder what he wanted to do. I nodded my head, even though I was confused. He slowly placed his hands underneath my thighs, a bit below my bum. It caught me by surprise, so I jumped a bit. His hands immediately went back to his side as he looked down. “Sorry.” He mumbled. I shook my head. “Niall, its fine. You just caught me by surprise ‘is all. Do it again.” He looked up to me. “are you sure?” I smiled. “yes, I’m sure.  He took a shaky breath in and slowly placed back it in the same spot. I bit my lip, which apparently made him blush. It felt good when he touched me there. Wow, that sounded wrong. Never mind. he leaned in and kissed me with so much passion. More than he ever has. Of course, it caught me by surprise but I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling his head closer to mine and returned the same amount of passion.

The kiss got heated fast. Our bodies were pressed against each other so that no air could pass through us. My hands were tangled in his hair and he had pushed me up against the door of my closet.  He softly bit my lip, asking for entrance to which I gladly gave him. His tongue roamed my mouth as I grasped his shirt and he hugged my stomach in attempt to pull my closer to him. Something we both knew wasn’t possible. One of my hands touched his hip, but I didn’t dare go further. I wasn’t ready, it was too early and Niall knew that. About two minutes later, we pulled away and gasped for air. He had taken my breath away. literally.

                “What….Was that?” I managed through gasps of air. He blushed and shrugged his shoulders. I don’t even know if he knew where that came from. It might’ve taken us both by surprise. But who cares, I loved every minute of it. “You should….. Do that….. More often.” I said between breaths. He chuckled as I tried to catch my breath. I looked at myself in the mirror.   My hair was sticking to my mouth and face, because my face was so hot and the little bit of lip gloss left on my lips was sort of sticky. Most of my hair fell out of the bun so I decided to put it in a side ponytail. “I’m going to change in some sweatpants. Wait here.” Niall nodded and I took a pair of grey sweatpants with the word, ‘WILD’ on the side out of my drawer and walked into the washroom. I slipped out of my black skinnies and into my grey sweatpants. I took off my purple sweater that had a green dinosaur on it and it said ‘EPIC’ in big letters.

I kept on the white, skin tight tank top I had on underneath. I took a look in the mirror and confirmed with myself that all my lip gloss had been taken off. It was probably all on Niall now. “Dammit. That boy... being hot and everything.” I muttered. I couldn’t believe I just got mad at my boyfriend for being hot. If he kept this up I would be going through one tube of lip gloss every week. I put on another cote of clear lip gloss that made my lips shimmer. I smiled at the improvement and walked out to my room to find Niall playing with my mascara. He would pull the rod out, inspect it for a while and then stick it back it. “how do you not poke yourself in the eye with this thing?” I didn’t even know he knew I was in the room. “Because I’m a pro.” He shrugged and put it back away. we walked downstairs, prepared to watch some movies. When we got there, we saw Harry and Tori in a full- blown make out session on the couch.

Like seriously, they looked like they were about to reach second base.  I coughed nervously, trying to catch their attention. Harry sprang off of Tori and she sat up straight, straightening her shirt in the process. “erm... hi.” “hey. I thought you and Niall would be in room.” She answered shyly. “umm.. we came down to watch movies.” She nodded. “hey, Harry.” He gave me a short wave as he ran a hand through his curls. “so, what… are you guys doing?” Niall chimed. “nothing.” They said in unison.  I looked at the white shirt that was on the floor, and then to Harry who had no shirt on. If already didn’t know the boys, I’d probably had passed out at the sight of a shirtless harry. But I have niall now and he’s all I need.  They followed my gaze and tried to explain some stupid story about how harry got hot. “yah.. that doesn’t explain why Harry was practically swallowing your face. And the red lipstick on his  lips.” This was actually quite amusing. Harry wiped his mouth, an attempt to get the lipstick off.

Now they knew how niall and I felt when they legit walked in each time we were kissing while we were in New York. I snickered. “New plan, you two stay here. You’ve already defiled the couch so just stay there. Niall and I will just watch T.V. in the basement. Sounds good?” we all nodded. As I passed tori to go in the basement something in her ear. “Next time, were the lip stains one. That way it doesn’t go on him.” She laughed and nodded. I walked down the stairs with Niall. ‘what did you say to her?” he asked. I shrugged. “Just girl stuff.” That was enough for him to drop the subject immediately. That is how I tortured niall. He called me a stalker once because I knew what time he was born, so I kept text messaging him facts about different lipsticks and lip glosses. At first he tried to sound interested but then he finally apologize for calling me a stalker.

I turned on the light and the room light up, showing a white carpet, a washer and dryer, a lazy boy chair, one three leather black leather couch, and a flat screen T.V.  “shit. We forgot the movies.” I huffed. “I really don’t want to watch those two like sallow each others faces.” I explained as niall wrapped his arms around me. “well I can’t. harry will kill me if I interrupt their make out session when I go home.” I laughed. I could see harry doing that. In the end, I knew I would have to end up going so I told I’d be back and went upstairs with my eyes closed. I opened the door and entered the living room, guiding my way to our selections of movies with my hand. “Cass, you can open your eyes. We aren’t doing anything.” Harry Laughed. I slowly opened them and grabbed two hand fills of movies and made my way back downstairs. Niall was sitting on the couch talking to someone on the phone. After a few minutes I understood that it was the Chinese food place, Super Buffet.  I set down the movies and came up from behind him. I know I said I wouldn’t tease him again so, I’ll just call this simply ‘turning him on’.  I trailed my fingers up his arm, making him turn around and smile at me.

                He turned back around and continued to talk to man. I wrapped my arms around stomach and kissed his him. Starting from his shoulder as I worked my way up his neck, stopping at his ear. Niall gasped loudly and turned around to narrow his yes at me as I smiled innocently. He continued ordering food as I continued ‘turning him on’. It was the perfect time to do it. He couldn’t do anything about it because he was preoccupied. I snaked my hand up his shirt running it up and down his abs. to top it off I kissed his jawline making him yelp in frustration. “is everything alright, sir?” I heard the guy on the other line ask him. I had to restrain myself from laughing. “Yah I’m fine. I just a got bit… distracted.” He said as said he looked at me. he mouthed ‘I’ll so get you back for that’ to me. I mouthed ‘bring it on, Horan’ right back to him.


                NIALL P.O.V

                                I could not BELIEVE she just did that. It turned me on and frustrated me all at once. I knew I couldn’t get her back while I was talking to the guy so I mouthed ‘I’ll so get you back for that’. ‘bring it on, Horan’ was what she mouthed back. I smiled at her while shaking my head and moving to the other side room. That girl could really make me feel like I had no control over my body. Her smile, her laugh, her annoying teasing side, her beauty. It made me blush just thinking about her.  I finished ordering the food and sat next to her on the black, leather couch. “I hope you know that you’re an annoying tease.” I said while shaking my finger at her. She laughed and climbed onto my lap. “that’s what you like about me, right?”

                She whispered in my ear. I breathed in deeply. She was so intoxicating. It was hard for me not to just grab her face and kiss the life out of her. “Yah.” I admitted. She giggled. She was so adorable. My feelings for her were so strong. I couldn’t control them. Each day they grew. Even when I didn’t see her, they kept getting stronger and stronger. Her big brown eyes stared into my blue ones, before she kissed me. not like out kiss early (I still don’t know where the hell that came from) but a lot softer.  I kissed her back and placed my hands on her waist as hers got tangled in my hair. I noticed she had an obsession with my hair. She was always playing with it.

                If I were zayn, I probably would have dumped her.  A while after, she deepened the kiss and I leaned all the way back onto the couch so that she was straddling me. I supported her weight by putting my hands on the back of her thighs. Somewhere during this process, I hoisted her further up on me without breaking contact with our lips. I felt her smile kiss with made me smile too. she bit my which me gasp. She giggled and pulled away. I smiled and her and tucked some hair behind her ear. ‘you’re so beautiful.” I murmured. She blushed and looked away. I met her gaze. “I mean it, cass. You’re beautiful, funny, precious, kind, sweet, innocent, wonderful, ama-“ “Okay, I get it.” She giggled.

                I blushed, not realizing that I had been describing every aspect about her. “and you’re adorable.” She stated as she climbed off me and sat on the other end of the couch. “what movies did u get?” I asked breaking the silence. “umm.. I have mean girls, Perks of being a Wall flower, In Time, The hunger Games, Step up Revolution, Abduction, Bambi, and Running Scared.  I nodded in approvement to her choice of movies. “Well, the food will be here in 30 minutes. What do you want to in that time period?” I asked smoothly. She shrugged and snuggled up to me.  “How ‘bout we just stay like this?” I nodded and intertwined our fingers.  I truly think Cassidy was perfect for me.



                The door bell sounded, notifying Niall and I that the food he ordered was here. I groaned and untangled myself from him before shaking him to get up. He had fallen asleep and I was the verge of doing so but, the doorbell rang. He yawned and walked up the stairs with me and opened up the front door. “I have an order for Niall Horan?” the delivery man said. Niall smiled his Horan smile that made me feel all tingly inside. “that’s me.” the man gave the food to Niall, who gave it to me and went through his wallet to pay the man. “I’m guessing she was the reason to your distraction, Niall?” the man pointed me. I guess he was the guy Niall was on the phone with. Awkward. I turned red in the face and looked deep into the brown take out bag. Niall chuckled and shook his head, no giving the guy a straight answer. The man laughed. “I bet she was. What is she, your girlfriend?” I had a feeling this man knew exactly who Niall is, and was trying to figure out what type of relationship Niall and I really had.

                Everyone knew Niall and I were close, but they never knew we were dating. “no, we’re just friends. Right, Cass?” Niall looked at me. I hated telling people Niall and I were just friends. I mean, I know he did it to protect me from all the hate and media but it still bothered me. I didn’t want to have to hide what we had from people. I plastered a fake smile on my face and looked the guy straight in the eye. “yah, we’re just friends. Nothing else.” I nodded my head to assure and he shrugged, took the money and thanked Niall. As Niall closed the door my smile vanished and I went to the kitchen to put the food down. I started unpacking it as Niall came into the kitchen. “Are you okay?” I faced him with a funny face. “Yah, I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be? “we continued packing out the food. He had ordered a lot. I was guessing we were going to give some to Tori and Harry. “Because that was like the fakest smile I have ever seen. I know you’re real smile, Cass. That wasn’t it.” I mentally cursed him for being able to read me so well.

                “oh.” Was all I managed to say. He stopped unpacking and stared and me until I  finally looked at him. “Come on, Cass. Tell me what’s bothering you.” His voice was smooth it made me feel so safe. I sighed and leaned on the counter. “I don’t like hiding our relationship.” I admitted. Both his eyebrows raised and his eyes widen. I took his silence as a chance to go on. “I mean, I get why we keep it a secret but, I don’t know I guess that I want to be able to say ‘yes we are dating’. I don’t like lying and telling people that we aren’t. I want to be able to proudly say that we are together. You know?”  he simply nodded and I could he fully understood where I was coming from.

                He didn’t say anything. He just looked away and started unpacking again. I sighed. Maybe he didn’t fully understand after all. “Sorry, I probably sound really selfish right no-“ “No you don’t. I understand. I just don’t want you to get overwhelmed with all the media and hate so soon. You know how directioner can be. You belong to that fan base.” We both laughed. Ah yes, the fan base I belonged to was the best. Tori and I’s show was still strong, probably stronger thanks to the boys. Everyone expects that harry and Tori are dating. They think niall and I are too but we simply just  ignore the questions.

As far as Niall and I knew, only that one fan we met knew we were dating. And she promised that she wouldn’t tell. “we aren’t that bad, are we?”  Niall cocked an eyebrow at me. “Cass, you know what time Zayn and I were born.” “so? What if you guys got kidnapped and I had to answer a question to save you guys and that was the question? Then you’d be glad I knew that wouldn’t you?” he simply laughed at my stupid scenario as I playfully smacked his arm. “One day, Cassidy. I promise I’ll tell everyone we’re dating.” I smiled at the blonde Irish cutie. “really?”

“only if makes you happy. “I blushed and kissed his cheek. “well, you ordered a lot of food. Are we going to give some to Tors and Harry?” “yup.” He said popping the ‘p’. we decided on giving them chicken, rice, vegetables, chow mien and chicken balls. We walked up to Tori’s room and knocked on the door. “It’s open!” I unlocked the door to see them next to Tori’s laptop, looking at stuff on Tumblr.  “Hey. We got you guy’s Chinese food.” “thanks.” Harry waved me off. “What’re you guys looking  at?” I asked while sitting on Tori’s bed. Niall followed and played with my hair.  Harry laughed. “Your Tumblr fan page.” My face went white. I shot Tori a glare.  I really didn’t want Niall to see. I looked at Niall who seemed very intrigued all of a sudden. “Really now?” he said as he made his way over to Tori’s computer desk. I pulled on his arm to stop him. Some stuff I put on there were really embarrassing. He looked back at me. “please don’t read it. Some stuff are embarrassing.” He laughed at me and put his hand on my cheek.

                “the more reason to read it, babe.” That actually caught me off guard. He pried my fingers off of his arm and went to her computer desk. I tried to pull him back Harry pushed me on Tori’s bed and sat on my back. “Tori!! Get your fat- ass boyfriend off of me!” Niall laughed and Tori just shrugged and sat back on her chair. I made a mentally note to get her Back for that. Maybe Niall could sit on her. Niall scrolling through the whole page, while I was protesting. “Wow, Cass. ‘Omg the boys have a signing in New York! Wish I could go, I’d crawl under the table, chain their feet together and take them home.. forever’.” He read. My face turned a deep shade of red. Harry looked at and raised one eyebrow. “you’re so effed up in the brain.” He said. Niall and tori laughed as I huffed. He continued reading my embarrassing post out loud.

I sat under harry, kicking and struggling now and then to get loose. It was so embarrassing. My boyfriend (who happened to be a member of my favourite boy band) was reading my Tumblr one direction page. Some stuff were explicit too. 

“so peoples, I’m really pissed off with one direction right now. Why do they have to be so sweet and hot and.. I just. WHY DO THEY MAKE ME LOVE THEM. It’s not fair. It’s not fun to see a picture of them and like scream my head off. My voice actually hurts right because their video came on much music and I was screaming so loud. My mom is laughing at me and I’m sitting up in my room crying while stroking a picture of Niall shirtless and eating chocolate for Liam. I came to the conclusion that they are my drugs. My feels are everywhere I can’t function now.”

Niall read the last post on my page.  Through this I was punching harry in attempt for him to get off of mw. They all looked at me and harry was slightly snickering. “Can you get off me now?” I mumbled. Harry laughed and got off my back so I could sit up. I glared at Niall as I came off of Tori’s bed. He smiled cheekily and leaned in to kiss my cheek, I dodged it. “no kisses for you.” I singsonged. I walked out Tori’s room with my hands crossed over my chest. “what?” I heard niall gawk. Tori and Harry laughed at him as I made my way down to the basement, grabbing Niall and I’s food on the way. I sat on the leather couch, completely ignoring Niall when he sat beside me and wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling me forward.

                “Are you really mad at me?” I just shrugged. I was annoyed. Not mad. But he didn’t need to know that. He sighed. “Cass, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.” He said. I smiled. It was impossible for me to not forgive him. I kissed his cheek. “you’re too sweet.” I admitted. He blushed. “so, am I forgiven?” I nodded my head and kissed his lips sweetly. Not too long after, Tori and Harry came down, asking if they could watch movies with us. We agreed to let them join, so we all sat and watched movies together.


I woke up at 6:30a.m to the sound of my alarm clock. I groaned and twisted around to turn it off, but something was immobilizing me.  I felt around my bed to find the source, only to feel two arms wrapped around my waist. Two masculine arms. Niall. Now I remember, he had crashed at Tori’s and I’s flat last night. I pried his arms off me and shut off my alarm clock off. I stretched, stood up and sighed, knowing I had another long day of school ahead.

                I took a 15 minute shower then started working on my hair. I fully straightened it and put on my black mascara with my light red lip stains lip gloss. I wrapped my white robe around my body and strolled into my room.  I turned my phone on to check the weather. 20 degrees.  I decided on wearing black tights, a black and yellow floral high waist skirt, and a black tank top with yellow ballet flats. I put my binders and pencil case in my black Gucci side bag that my mom had gotten for me when I turned sixteen. I put on my brown short leather jacket, just incase there was a breeze. I heard niall start to stir. I sat on beside him on bed. “Cass?” he asked in a tired voice. I smiled. “Yes, Niall.” He turned to face me with his eyes still closed. He began to open his eyes. When they were fully open, he smiled at me. “looking beautiful as always.”  I blushed as he leaned up and kissed his cheek. “what time is it?” he asked, rubbing his eyes. I checked my phone. “7:45  a.m.” he raised an eye brow. “what time did you get up then?” “6:30 a.m.” I shrugged. Niall looked surprised. “it takes time to look this good.’ I said flipping my hair. He rolled his eyes. “you always look this good.” He mumbled. Sure I did. Regardless, I kissed his cheek as we walked downstairs to the kitchen. Tori and Harry were in the kitchen making breakfast. “hey.” I said as I sat on one of the chairs at the table. Tori smiled. “morning.” “hay.” Harry said. I laughed. Tori was wearing grey jean capres with a white flowly top. her hair was curled and she was wearing a burgundy lip stick with black eyeliner.  “whatcha guys cooking?” Niall asked. Leave it up to Niall to ask that question. “pancakes.” Harry answered. Soon he put 2 pancakes on my plate, 2 on Tori’s, 3 on his and 4 on Niall’s. I finished one pancake but I couldn’t finish the second so I gave it to Niall.

                I checked the clock hanging on the wall. 8:15. Tori and I had to be at school for 8:30 and if we didn’t want to be late, we’d have to leave now. As if she read my mind, she said, “well boys, Cass and I have to get going. If we don’t leave now, we’ll be late for school.” “I can drive you guys.” Harry offered. Tori and I shook our heads in unison. He rolled his eyes. “I have to drop Nialler home soon anyways, and he lives like 5 minutes away from your school.” I took a mental note of that. I’d have to walk by it one day. Tori sighed and we agreed to let the Harry drive us.

                We all piled in the car. Tori in the passenger seat and Niall and I in the back. We drove with the radio in the background. Live While We’re young came on and Tori and I had a fangirling session. Niall chuckled. “you’d think because you guys know us now, you’d be less crazed.” I laughed. “that gives us the more reason to be crazed.” He shook his head at me as tori and I sand along. Soon we were at our school and there seemed to be a bit of a commotion. Weird. We thank harry for driving us and gave Niall a kiss on the cheek before getting out the car and walking with Tori to the front of the school.

                “What did you think is going on?” she asked. I simply shrugged my shoulders. “let’s go find out.” We linked arms and walked up to the front of the school, pushing ourselves through the crowd of people. It was much better inside the school. I let out a breath and me and tori proceeded to walking to my locker. We were talking about what the big commotion might be about when we heard someone squeal. Tori and I gave each other looked behind us to see no other than Eleanor Calder. I gasped  and tackled her in a hug along with tori. “el!!” we screamed in unison. She laughed and hugged us tighter. “Omg!! I missed you girls so much!!” she blossomed. I grin. “we missed you too. what are you doing at our school?” she grinned back. “I go here now!” tori let out a loud scream as people stared at our little reunion, whispering stuff to their friends.

                   That’s probably what caused the commotion outside. Eleanor was linked to Louis so she must have gotten notice by people. “So, what’s your major?” I asked. “Event planning.” I grinned. “so is mine! And tori’s is literature. But I take it too because it is mandatory here. Who do you have for Event planning?” she pulled out a timetable from her jean purse and skimmed through it. “Mrs. Rupert. First and last period.” “that’s who Cass has!!” Tori answered for me. “what about literature?” Tori asked. El took one more look at her timetable. “Mr. Payne. Second  period.” “that’s who we have!” I chimed. The bell sounded. Telling us that class would start in 5 minutes. We gave Tori a hug because she was off to her major. You see, at this school, whatever you majored in you had twice a day. There were four Periods: Major, Literature, and Lunch, then Major or literature, whichever it said on your timetable. We had day ones and day twos. So if it was a day two, you would switch what you had in  3rd period with what you had on a day one schedule.

                Eleanor and I headed to our class, with me showing her which way to go and the bathrooms on the way. Then I heard an all too familiar voice. We both stopped and I saw her mop of blonde bouncing as she approached us. Zoey. I squinted my eyes as she called my name with the fakest smile on her face. “Cass! Hi!” she said as she stopped in front of us. “Zoey! What do you want?” I said faking enthusiasm as I said her name. “I just wanted to ask you for your notes from literature yesterday- hi. I don’t believe we’ve meet. I’m Zoey.” She smiled brightly as she stuck out her hand for Eleanor to shake, who politely did, telling Zoey her name. I knew Zoey. She only wanted to get to Eleanor. Eleanor was semi- famous from dating Louis so she obviously wanted something from her. Or else she wouldn’t have even looked my way.

                “Are you two friends?” Eleanor asked. I laughed dryly. “if you call her always insulting Tori and I to make herself feel better than yes, we’re the best of friends.” Zoey narrowed her eyes at me, knowing that Eleanor would believe and wouldn’t be her friend. Eleanor looked at me to confirm if I was telling the truth. I nodded.  Zoey smiled sweetly. “Come on, cass. That was ages ago.” “that was yesterday.” I said with my face like this: -__-. “I know what you are doing, Zoey. And I won’t let you use her like that.” I said with determination. Zoey gave me the death glare.

                “Whatever, Cassie.” She said becoming her normal self again. “Just leave her alone.” Eleanor said squinting her eyes at Zoey who looked taken back. “Come on, Cass. Let’s go.” She said. And with that, we made our way to our major class. I showed her where I usually sat and she sat beside me after showing the teacher her timetable and receiving a warm welcome from the class. some girls who were also Directioners, went a tad crazy and started fangirling and asking me for information. Yah, tori and I were like the top Directioners at this school. Like a boss.  “Omg!! Cass, What is she doing here?!” Emily squealed. I smiled. “She just transferred her today.” I answered.

                She squealed again but piped down when Eleanor came and sat down, giving the girls a short wave. “so, I hope you know your first week or two here is going to be hectic. “ she laughed and shrugged. “they’ll get used to it. “ I agreed and pulled out one direction notebook. “umm.. who’s that boy staring at you and me?” she asked in a whisper. I turned around to see Rick staring at us with longing eyes. I rolled my eyes. He was nice but was always trying to flirt with me even though he had Zoey. I guess he liked Eleanor now too. I faced her. “that’s rick. He always tries to flirt with me and   I guess you now too. but pay him any mind. Zoey is his girlfriend.” She rolled her eyes. I wasn’t sure at rick or at the mention of Zoey. “pig.” She muttered making me laugh.

                Emily was looking at us intently so I decided to introduce them. “Eleanor, this is Emily. She’d one of Tori and I’s directioner buddies and most loyal viewer of our show. Emily this Eleanor.” Emily smiled big and waved at Eleanor. “Hi, Emily.” Eleanor said. “h-hi.” Emily stuttered. Making Eleanor grin. “surprised to see me here?” Emily just nodded. Making me laugh. Soon, Mrs. Rupert quieted down the  class to start the lesson.


“are you sure you want to do this, Cass?” Tori asked, making sure I was on board. I nodded. We were all in Eleanor’s car on Niall’s street. It was lunch time and we had an hour and 30 minutes to eat and do whatever we pleased. My plan was to do a drive by for his house, just for curiosity. But he couldn’t see us, I’d never be able to live it down. “Which house number is he again?” I asked Eleanor. “25.” I nodded. “let’s do this.” I said. We drove around the black until we got number 25. Eleanor stopped right in front of his house. “why’d you stop?” I asked.  She made a confused face. “I thought we were going inside. “ she said like it was obvious.” “No! we’re doing a drive by.” I said. I couldn’t risk him seeing me. “I think you should just go in and see him, Cass. Then you’ll see each other every lunch and be like Ezra and Aria. from pretty little liars.” I groaned. Eleanor was always saying I looked like Lucy Hale. I didn’t. it was annoying being compared to her.  “I think you should to.” Tori Said from the back seat. “he’ll be happy to see you.” She singsonged. I blushed. “okay. I’ll go.” I said. I opened the car door and stepped out about to step up on the porch when I saw him move across the room upstairs. I gasped and ran back into the car. He was looking at the car with an eyebrow raised. Eleanor and I started arguing about how I should’ve went inside. “guys!! He’s looking at Cass. I think he knows it’s us.” Tori freaked out. I looked up at Niall who was staring at me, Tori and Eleanor from his window and got freaked out. I quickly put on my seatbelt and cursed for Eleanor’s car being topless. “DRIVE, DRIVE, DRIVE!!” I screamed, falling back into my seat as Eleanor stepped on the gas and drove down the street.


Harry had decided to stay over at my house. It was around noon and I had just finished changing my shirt. I walked pass the window in my bedroom and heard a car door open and slam.  Curious, I  looked out the window with my eyebrow raise. I saw a topless convertible. It looked like Eleanor’s car. The two people in the front seat were arguing and I could’ve sworn I heard ‘why didn’t you go in inside?!” and ‘Cass, he’s your boyfriend he wouldn’t care!’ was that Eleanor and Cass? But who was the person in the back. The girl in the back looked up and her face went white. Tori. She told the two girls something that made them stop arguing. Cassidy looked up at me as I stared at her with my eyebrow cocked up. She buckled her seat and screamed, “DRIVE, DRIVE, DRIVE!!!” to Eleanor, who stepped on the gas and drove away, making Cassidy and tori slam back into their seats.

                I was a bit shocked at what just happened because usually this stuff only happened in the movie. But then I bursted out laughing at how crazy Cassidy could be at times. Harry came up to my room and I told him what happened, making him laughing with me. I decided to call Cassidy and embarrass her.


                I let out a breathe as Eleanor sped away from Niall’s house. “that was close.” I said. Eleanor and tori agreed as we got further away from Niall’s house. During our car ride my phone started ringing. I checked the caller ID. Niall. “Omg!! Guys it’s Niall.” I sweated. “well answer it!” Tori said. Eleanor pulled over so it wouldn’t sound like we were driving. I clicked answer and put him on speaker. “hey, Niall.” I said happily so he wouldn’t know I was nervous. “hey, Cass. Where are you?” he asked. “Just at,” I looked for the closest store near us. “Tim Horton’s with Tori and Eleanor. She goes to our school now.” I said. “I see. So, the weirdest happened.” He started. “and what would that be?” I asked. “well, three girls in a white topless convertible car did a fail drive by at my house.” I bit my lip. He continued. “the two girls in the front were fighting and the girl in the back saw me, told the girls in the front and girl in the passenger seat started screaming at the drive to drive.” We all, in unison, shifted in our seats, knowing we got busted. “really now?” I said. “Yah. And the weirdest thing: the three girls looked just like you, Tori and Eleanor. Care to explain?” he asked. “dammit. He knows.” Tori said. “no shit Sherlock.” Eleanor answered. Niall started laughing on the other line of the phone. “so, who’s idea was it?” he asked. “Cassidy’s!” Eleanor and Tori yelled. I sighed. “Gee. Thanks, girls.” Niall laughed again. “Cassidy, you’re a stalker. “ I gasped. “Am not! I was just.. curious to see where my boyfriend lives.” “well, next time can you actually come in and say hi. Like Eleanor said, I’m boyfriend I wouldn’t care.” He said. Shit. He heard us arguing too. I smiled at how welcomed he made me feel. “Okay.” I said. “so, do you guys want to get something for lunch. Because I know you’re not at Tim Horton’s.’ he said.

                “how?” I said. He laughed. “guys. I can see you guys parked outside. When you drove away, you must’ve made a turn and came back onto the street beside me. you’re about five blocks away.” I rolled my eyes. “now who’s the stalker?” I muttered. Eleanor and Tori  agreed. “I would come over but we already ate we have to get back to school in 15 minutes.” I frowned. ‘it’s ok. One day you can come by and we’ll just hang out. You know without Eleanor and tori.”  I smiled. He just asked to come over to his house one day. I’ve been over once but he moved to a bigger place and I haven’t been there yet. “so, like a date?” “um.. yeah. I-if it’s cool with you.” I smiled. “yah. I’d like that.” I said softly.

                “Cool.” He said. And now we were back to being the awkward couple we started off to be. “well, I have to go now. But, I’ll talk to you later okay?” “okay.” We hung up and me and the girls squealed. “Omg!! You have your first house date with Niall coming up! This is like a big deal.” Tori stated as Eleanor was driving us back to school. “I know! We have to get you all pretty and stuff for him. Not that you’re not pretty. Because you are.” Eleanor said. I laughed at how excited they were getting and it was my date. “speaking of dates. How are you and Louis?” I asked Eleanor. She blushed at the name of her boyfriend. “well, I slept over at his house last night and we uh..  j-just hung out.” The blush on her face made it obvious that more happened. “yeah. Something tells me you guys did more than just hang out.” I said wiggling my eyebrows. “you guys made out!” Tori teased. “sure. Let’s go with that.” Eleanor muttered. Tori and I both sat in the car with our jaws opened.

                If they didn’t make out then they.. OH MY GOSH!!  “NO! you guys didn’t did you?!” I asked. Eleanor blushed, confirming that I was right. They.. they.. my OTP had sex. I was trying to wrap my mind around that as Tori sat in the backseat, completely dumbfounded by the information she just received. I didn’t blame her. I was just as shocked as shocked as her. “wow.” Was all I managed to say. “it’s a good thing Harry slept over at our house then.” Tori added. Eleanor looked at her through the review mirror. “he did? I thought he was at Zayn’s. “ tori shook her head. “no. he slept over. Niall did too.” this time el looked at me.  “ooo! So what did you guys do?” I blushed at the memories of last night. The way he held me during the movies and peppered kisses on my cheek every now and then. How we cuddled up together on my bed and our very first make out session.

                I still had no idea where that came from but I would replay It over again. “How ‘bout you Cass? What did you and Niall do? Eleanor asked. “by the blush on her cheeks, I’m guessing a lot.” Tori said teasingly. “well, we watched movies, cuddled and umm.. made out.” I mumbled the last part so no of them heard me. “huh?” Tori asked like London from Suite Life of Zack and Cody. “we made out.” I said louder. They both gasped and had like a heart attack. “Omg!! My OTP feels.” Eleanor screamed. I blinked. I didn’t Niall and I were her OTP. Then again, she didn’t ‘Elounor’ was mine. How ironic.

                “was that like your first make out session with him?” Tori asked. “yes.” I said dreamingly. It was of my favourite moments in my entire life.  They both ‘awed’ as I rolled my eyes at them. We pulled up to the front of school, got out the car, and made our way to literature class, which, unfortunately, was where Zoey was. When we got inside the class, Eleanor showed the teacher her timetable like she did in the morning and sat down at Tori and I’s table. Zoey looked at her and waved sweetly. Eleanor simply ignored while Zoey sent me dirty looks. She thought it was my fault. I winked at her and turned back to Eleanor and Tori. Mr. Payne started the lesson and asked Tori to help Eleanor with the assignment since this was new to her. Tori was killer at literature. She was like the best in the class. it was no wonder why she wanted to be an author someday. She had written some one direction fan fictions and got some major credit.

                When she writes her first book, I’ll be the first one to read it. “alright, class. your assignment will be writing your own short story. It must be 10 pages long, have a strong plot, and two main characters. It also needs a front cover, a character list and a copyright page. You can but a journal and write it in there or simply print it off Microsoft word. It will be due next week.” Most of the class groaned. But tori was so excited. I was just happy I’d have a reason to write something about one direction. “and tori, Cassidy, nothing about One Direction. If I have to read another thing about them I might just fail you for the rest of the semester.” He said jokingly. We both laughed. “Obviously I won’t fail you. But I’m serious. No more writing about one direction.” I groaned. Well, there goes that idea.


School was done and Tori, Eleanor and I were at Wal-Mart, looking for a nice journal to write our story in. it took a while, but I finally found the perfect one. It was black but had pink flowers coming out the side of it. Perfect. I picked it up and another one that I would use for my personal Diary. It was Purple swayed and had a card pocket where I was supposed to put a little slip of paper that said my name at the front. I put both of them in my basket and snuck off to the cosmetic section of Wal-Mart to pick up some more mascara and face wash. I saw that baby lips was on sale and picked up two. Just in case. Then, I went to the poster section to see if they had any new posters. Most of them I already had but there was a calendar that I didn’t have so I picked it up and put it in my basket. I remembered that Tori and I needed some stuff to cook in the week for dinner so I headed to the food section and picked up boneless chicken, a small pack of rice, a frozen pizza, juice mix, vegetables, pineapple, apples, strawberries, taco shells and some spaghetti. I was about to go find the girls when I saw some One direction magazines. This is why you should never leave me out of your sight in Wal-Mart. I felt the need to but everything. I picked up one for tori and one for me, then I headed back to the girls.

                “where’d you go?” el asked me. I shrugged. “just to pick up some extra things.” They both shrugged and we started heading to the cash register when Eleanor saw some L’Oreal lip stains colours that she didn’t have. Even though she had twenty of those. Tori picked up some eyeliner. Even though I already visited this part of Wal-Mart I shrugged and picked up a light pink lip stains and red Sally Henson Nail colour. “Omg!! Guys we should have a sleep. You know, with the other girls too.” tori suggested. “yah. That’d be fun. We can do each other nails, eat junk food, gossip, do a twit cam, and watch sappy movies. “ Eleanor chirped. I agreed with two of my best friends and we paid for the stuff before to the mall to buy new Jammies for the sleep over. It wasn’t really necessary but we were all down for shopping. We went into urban planet first.

                I Picked out a pair of light pink pajama bottoms that said ‘What the duck’ in black and had cut duckies all over it. I decided I needed a tank top to go with it. So, I picked out a light tank top  that, luckily, said ‘don’t duck with me’ in big, black, bold letters. I saw a pair of light tan short cut house slippers. They looked like Uggs but weren’t. they went perfect with the pajamas so I decided to buy them too.  I found Eleanor checking out a zebra print onesie. “I think I’ll but this one. What do you think Cass?’ I examined it as she held it up against her skin. “I think the a cheetah print would look better on you.” I  stated as I took the cheetah print onesie off the rack and handed it to her. She nodded in approval. ‘Thanks, Cassidy.” “no problem. Now, let’s go find tori.” We linked arms and went looking for tori. When we finally found her, she was looking at a pair of light green yoga shorts that said ‘NERD’ across the bum. She was holding a white crop top  up against it. “what do you guys think?” she asked. I nodded in approval. “it looks good, tors.” Eleanor agreed and tori thanked us. “let’s see your, Cass.” She asked. I held up the pants, shirt and rested the slippers on the floor. They laughed at what the shirt said. “that’s so you. You definitely have to buy it.” Tori said along with Eleanor. We walked to the front of the store and paid for our stuff. On our way to the car, Niall texted me.

Niallerboo: hey stalker. ;)

I rolled my eyes but I couldn’t hide the smile that was playing on my lips.

Cass<3: ugh!! Don’t call me that! What do you want anyways :).

Niallerboo: just wanted to see if to talk. I have a vocal rehearsal and a photo shoot in a an hour. Can I come over b4 it starts?

Cass<3: sure. El, tors and I are on our way home now. We went shopping for jammies because we want to have a sleepover with the rest of the girls. We’re going to plan it when we get to my place.

Niallerboo: ooo. R boys allowed at this sleepover. I want to see you in your new pajamas. ;)

Cass<3: ur such a horny teenage boy :p.

Niallerboo: ik. Well, I’ll be there soon bye!! And I have a surprise.

Cass<3: cool!! Can’t wait to see it!! Bye!!

Niallerboo: bye babe.

I smiled. I loved it when he called me babe. It was so cute. “guys, Niall’s coming over.” They both just ‘blah’ ed at me as I laughed. “is Harry coming?” Tori asked while biting her lip. I texted Harry.

Cass: Hare Bear! Get your ass over to tors and I place. She misses you!!

Hazza: okay I’m coming

Cass: kk thanks.

“he is now.” I said. Tori grinned. “thanks, Cass.” I winked at her. “anytime, tors.”  It was true. I would do anything for this girl. I decided to text Louis and tell him to come over, for Eleanor.

Cassie;):D: LOUIS!!!

Boobear:D: CASSIE!! Lol wassup??

Cassie;): nuthin. I wanted u 2 come over to tors and I place. El’s going to be there. So is niall and harry.

Boobear;): idk.. I’m kind of tired…

Cassie;): ooo! Cause of what you did last night with el?

Boobear:D: :O she told u?!

Cassie;): LMAO. She didn’t have to. It was written all over her face. And plzz come over. Ik she wants to see you. And I miss you!

Boobear;): okay fine. But not for you 4 Eleanor.

Cassie;): works for me.

Boobear:D: btw.. did you guys have fun doing a drive by on Niall’s house?


Boobear:D: ROFL. Later

Cassie;): bye.

I locked my phone and sighed. I was going to kill niall. “Louis is coming over too.” I told Eleanor. She smiled big. “thanks cass.” I put my thumbs up. We all fell into a comfortable silence. Five minutes later, we were Tori and I’s house. We all jumped out the car and grabbed our shopping bags and school bags, before heading into the house. We brought our stuff up into tori’s room and I gave  her the magazine I got her. She freaked. Apparently she bought me a stuffed bunny. She knew I absolutely enjoyed bunnies. I went in my room to rest it on my bed. When I came back I remembered I had to put away the food I bought. I put the chicken, juice mix and frozen pizza in the freezer, the rice under the cupboards, the pasta in the cupboards, the vegetables in the fridge and the fruit on the counter. When I came back upstairs, I put my new makeup and pajamas away before going back into tori’s room and collapsing on her bed. I whipped out my phone and entered ‘S memo’, prepared to write a list of things we needed to do for the sleepover. “okay girls, the main thing we have to do id confirm a date and time. “ they both nodded. “we could have it Friday to Saturday. They can get her at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, and go home around 12:00 a.m. on Saturday. “ tori suggested. That did sound like the time they would end up leaving anyway. We both looked at Eleanor for confirmation and she simply nodded. I typed in the times and dates. “next, we need to make sure the girls can actually come over that day. “ Eleanor stated. “yah. Should we call them now?” I asked. Tori nodded. “el, you have them on face time. We should just face time them.” I shook my head. “how ‘bout  tori and I talk to perrie and Eleanor talks to Danielle.” I suggested. They both nodded.

                I was about to text her when I heard a car outside. I’m guessing Harry was here. “tori, your boyfriend is here.” I said as I put my phone on her bed. She rushed downstairs, almost knocking my over. I heard her groan. “you’re not Harry.” The person chuckled. “nice to see you too, tors.” It was an Irish accent.  It was my boyfriend. I walked down the stair and embraced him a hug while he kissed my forehead. “did you stalk anyone else on your way home.” He said. I pulled away from the hug and punched him in the chest. He hissed and looked at me. “that hurt.” I shrugged. “so, what was your surprise.” He led me outside and saw a black BMW convertible.  I smiled hugely. Niall had told me he was going for his driving test soon and that he was going to buy a car. “you passed.” I turned around to face. He nodded. “now, I can drive you places.” He said. I blushed and looked in tori’s direction. Who was mouthing ‘he’s too sweet’ to me.

                 I mouthed ‘I know’ back before hugging Niall again. We walked inside and went upstairs where Eleanor was face timing Danielle. I ran into the screen. “Dani!!” she grinned. “Cass! I miss you soo much.” I nodded. “I miss you too. so, are you coming on Friday?” she grinned and nodded. “Obvi. I can ‘t pass up a sleepover with my girls!” she chirped. “okay. Well, I have to go call perrie to see if she can come so I’ll talk to you later.” I said. We said our goodbyes and Eleanor stopped the face time while say hi to Niall. Not too long after Harry showed up with Louis and we all just lounged on the couch. The boys watched TV. while tori, Eleanor and I continued to plan the sleepover. Perrie said she was coming so all we had to do was buy food, drinks and rent a new movie.

                I was sitting in the two seated couch with Niall on the far end of the living room. The girls and I were talking about the sleepover when Niall saw the opportunity to get me back for teasing him yesterday. His hand went up the back of my shirt and started playing with the dimples on my back at the bottom of my spine. (A/N: I swear that was an coincidence.) I gasped. “Cass? You ok?” Eleanor asked with a confused face. I nodded. “Yeah, I’m fine.” I smiled. Tori looked at me and shrugged. We continued talking about the sleepover as Harry and Louis watched Fresh prince of Bel air, and Niall kept teasing me. when no one was looking, he pushed my hair to the right and left a trail of kisses starting from my collarbone all the way up to my ear while his hand rested on my bum. As he continued to kiss my neck, his hand started travelling up my skirt. “NIALL!” I shrieked. The other looked at me as if I had gone mad. Niall’s hand disappeared from underneath my skirt and he sat there with a smug  “are you good?” Louis asked. I nodded. “I’m just going to sit over there.” I mumbled pointing to the love seat. Tori looked at me, waiting for me to explain. ‘I’ll tell you later’ I mouthed. She nodded and glared at Niall. I got a text.

Niallerboo: told you I’d you back.

Cass<3: screw you

Niallerboo: you know you want too.  

I bit my and could already feel the heat rising in my cheeks. I huffed and put my beside me in the love seat. I hated that this skirt didn’t have pockets.  I decided to secretly text Eleanor and tori what had just happened. I put them in a group chat.

Cass: he was teasing me.

I glanced at them, not wanting to make it obvious that I had just texted them. I witnessed Eleanor’s eyes widen and her type furiously on her phone. Tori was close behind her.

Elwha? Why? He rlly just started teasing you out of nowhere?!

Tor: explain. Now

Cass: well. Yesterday while he was ordering Chinese food I sort of teased him too and him yelp into the phone and he said he’d get me back. He just did.

El: oh…

Tor: wooow. Well I guess u deserved it. It was funny tho. Harry wants to noe with just happened.

Cass; don’t tell him!!

Tor: fine

El: I’m guessing I can’t tell Lou.

Cass: nope.

We stopped texting after that and I remembered that I should start working on my short story. But I didn’t want Niall to leave yet and he would just distract me. so I’d work tomorrow at lunch.

“why don’t you come sit with me, Cassidy?” Niall asked teasingly. I narrowed my eyes at him. “don’t even look my way.” He laughed and shook his head at me. “okay, seriously, I’m lost. What did he do, Cassidy?” harry asked. I looked at the green eyed boy and then at Niall. “Why don’t you ask my dick of a boyfriend?” I said faking sweetness. Niall laughed at me again. “I’ll tell you later, Hazz..” Harry just shrugged and continued doing whatever he was on his phone. A few minutes later he looked at me and then Niall then snickered. “aww cass, I would have thought you’d enjoy that.” He said. My mouthed formed an o  while I tried to process what he was talking about. Then it hit me Niall had told him, in detail. “Shut up, Styles. Don’t forget what you were doing with Tori yesterday. Second base.” I singsonged. That shut him up. Tori looked like she was going to kill me. “and as for you.” I said to Niall while getting up. I sat beside him and smacked his arm playfully. He chuckled. “you know you can’t stay mad at me.”  I smiled and nodded before snuggling up to his chest. I received a shriek from Eleanor who was chanting something about her OTP feels as Niall wrapped his arm around my average sized waist. i could hear his heart beat through his shirt.  The rising and falling of his chest was so steady it made me drift off to sleep.


                When I woke up, I was in my bed with no memory of how I got there. My alarm clocked glowed in the dark. 6:30 p.m. I groaned and turned to my right side, stretched and lifted the covers from off of my lilac and black roses comforter.  I went into the washroom, the light blinding me as I tried to adjust to it. My makeup was smudged all over my face. I sighed and wiped it off before applying my new peach kiss baby lips lip gloss. I changed into a pair of blue tights and Niall’s t- shirt. It was the one he gave me to borrow when we were in new York. I still hadn’t given it back yet. It reached just above my knees. I put my straightened hair into a messy bun and put blue fuzzy socks on my feet. I walked into living room to see Zayn, Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis, Perrie, Eleanor, Danielle and Tori.

                “hey guys. When did you guys get here?” I asked. they all turned to looked at me. Niall’s face was unreadable while others were just stone hard. No expression. What was going on? “what’s wrong?” I asked while walking down the rest of the stairs and sitting in the two seated beside Niall. “something happened. “ he told me. I looked at him with a confused face. They all looked like they stepped out of a bad episode of pretty little liars.  Eleanor handed me a newspaper. Two different ones actually. I took them and opened up the first one. The Mirror. The front cover was a collage. It had multiple pictures Niall and I, Tori and harry at different occasions. Holding hands, laughing, their arms around our waist. it didn’t mean much to me. it was probably just some bad accusation they had. “so? They’ve shown a picture of Niall and I or Tori and Harry together before. What’s the big deal about this one?” Tori looked up at me. “that’s what I thought, too. but you have to read the article to understand why it’s a big deal.” She said while gesturing to the newspaper In my hand. I shrugged and read the headline first.  ‘TWO NEW COUPLES!  Harry styles and Niall Horan have hooked up Cassidy Simmons and Tori Vega after appearing on their web show. See more on page 55.’ Oh. I saw where this was going.


I feverishly flipped to page 55 to see a blown up picture of me kissing Niall’s cheek. It was after date that night after their concert.  My eyes widen. But, no one was   around. How could they get that picture. I started reading the article to myself.

‘when you’re busy being part of a famous boy band, you’d think you wouldn’t have time for dating. But Niall horan, Part of One direction, seems to make it work! Niall is said to be dating Cassidy Simmons from a popular web show. The two were seen on multiple occasions. At the movies, Nando’s (typical Niall!) a carnival, even at a hotel suite. Niall claims that are just really close friends. But, do really close friends usually kiss each other’s cheeks and embrace each other in such intimate hugs?

They showed a picture of Niall and yesterday when he visited me by surprise. He was stroking my hair and my arms were wrapped tightly around his neck.

We didn’t think so either. We even have anonymous sources confirming the two were dating.

“I had to drop something at her house. When I asked if they were dating, Niall quickly denied it. I could tell by the Cassidy was acting that they were indeed dating.” The source tells us. So there you have it folks. A new super couple. Don’t even get us started on Harry Styles and Tori Vega.

I skimmed through the article about harry and tori, finding pictures of them kissing outside during the process. I rested down the first newspaper and went through the second one. It was basically the same. So we had been caught. The secret was over. I was sort of happy. I didn’t really want to keep it a secret anymore. But I was mad that it had to come out like this.

                One thing popped in my mind. Twitter. It must be blowing up hate and accusations. It might hurt to read, but I had to. I took \nail’s phone from his hands, unable to find my mind. I quickly logged myself onto my account. “what are you doing?” he asked. I put my finger up as if to say one second. I was right. I had 400 new followers and 352 mentions. Oh god.

@Niall_is_mine! @Cass_lovexo you bitch!! How dare you date my husband. Drop dead.

@It’s_sadie_BITCH @Cass_lovexo I knew you two would date as soon as I saw the webcast you guys were in together. Congradts!

@Mrs_Malik0112 @Cass_lovexo your just a cover up. He doesn’t even like you. He’s using you until he comes finally tells the world who he loves: me.

That one kind of got to me. I was always insecure that Niall didn’t really like. That I was just going to be a new notch in his belt. I handed Niall back  his phone. “I can’t deal with this right now.” I got off the couch , ready to go up to my room. Niall grabbed my hand. “Cass,” I cut him off. “I can’t, Niall. Not now.” I told him before he loosened his grip and I went up to my room. I turned on the light, closed the door and laid on the floor. I usually laid on the floor when I was upset. Not too long after, Niall opened the door and looked down at me. he chuckled. “why are you lying on the floor? what, couldn’t make it to the bed?” I sighed. “I don’t deserve a  bed.” Niall shrugged and laid down beside me. “I saw what you read on my phone. Is that what this is about?” I faced and slowly nodded my head. “ it scares me. to think that you can be gone in a heartbeat. I know your into me now. But, it scares me to think that in a week or two, you won’t be.” I said truthfully. He caressed my cheek. “I’m not going anywhere.” He whispered. I shook my head. “you say that now but-.” He cut me off. “but nothing. There’s nothing in the world that can make me leave you. I like you too much.” I didn’t respond. He sighed. “Remember the first day we met and we video chatted? I said ‘it’s official’ and ask what  was?” I nodded. “you said you would tell me one day.” Ne nodded. “Well,  I meant that my feelings for were official.” I blushed. “Really?” he nodded. “you mean a lot to me, Cass. I wouldn’t give you up. Ever.” I bit my lip before he gently placed his lips on mine. We were in an awkward position since we were both lying on the floor.  but, somewhere between this kiss we stood up and lay back down onto my bed. Niall hovered over me, supporting his weight with hands. My hands roamed through his golden brown hair as he deepened the kiss with more passion. I grasped his shirt, pulling him down further onto me.

                “you look really cute when you’re wearing my shirt.” He said against my lips. I smiled wrapped my arms around. I managed to push him off me without breaking the kiss and wrap my legs around his torso. So, we were like sitting across from another but my legs were wrapped around his waist if you get the picture. This was like my happy place. Him with me. kissing. I was happy with him. But, all happy things must come to end. That’s what happened when Danielle walked in. “Hey Cass, I just wanted to see if you…” she trailed off. Niall and I pulled away as I quickly unwrapped my legs from his torso.

                “H-hi Danielle. What’s up?” I smiled. She looked at Niall and then me. “ I just came to see if you’re ok. Obviously you are.” She said with a smirk.  I blushed deeply and nodded my head. “yah. I’m fine.” She laughed. “Obviously. Because Niall makes everything better.” She said trying to sound like me. niall laughed as I narrowed my eyes at her and stuck my tongue out. She walked back down stair after shutting my door. I don’t know how, but the thought of how it was going to be like at school tomorrow popped in my mind. It was going to be a living hell. I sighed. “what’s wrong?” niall asked. I just shook my head. “nothing.” He gave me a look. “I can’t help if you don’t tell me.” I bit my lip. “just kiss me. that’ll be helping.” He chuckled but realized I was being serious and nodded before pressing his warm lips against mine once again.  And at that moment, I knew everything was going to be okay.


                I was sitting on the couch snuggled up to Harry, going through all my twitter mentions. I knew that’s why Cass got upset. It would upset me too but I just wanted to see how bad the comments were.

@4ever_a_directioner @Tori_lovesu_xo i will find you. And when I do, I will hunt you down and kill you. You’d been warned.

@i_love_my5boys I think @Harry_styles and @tori_lovesu_xo are cute together #Tarry

@Tell_me_a_liam @tori_lovesu_xo can go die in a ditch. She no longer belongs to our fanbase.

(A/N: i_love_my5boys is my one direction instagram account. Follow me if you want )

Ouch. Die in a ditch? Really? That was kind of harsh. “you shouldn’t be reading those stuff, babe.” Harry said as he took my phone from my hand and locked it off. I folded my arms across my chest. I narrowed my eyes at him and pursed my lips.   “I was reading that.” He only smiled. “you look cute when you do that.” I tried to stay serious but failed miserably. “are you alright?” he asked serious. I bit my lip. I wasn’t sure if I was alright. I avoided his glance by looking at the T.V.  unfortunately there was nothing on T.V. I sighed as I saw him gaze at me through the T.V. “you can tell me if you’re not okay.” He whispered. I groaned and buried my head in his baggy sweatshirt. “My life at school is going to be a living hell.” my voice was muffled by his shirt as I felt him pat my back. “No it won’t.” I scoffed. “you obviously don’t know what your fans are capable of.” “sure I do. I know you and cass don’t I?”

                “Hahaha.” I said dryly at his lame attempt to make me laugh. I heard him sigh. “it really won’t be that bad, Tors.” “yes it will! All the dirty looks and insults and comments from.. her. Can’t I just skip it?” I sounded like an 11 year old kid that was just about to start middle school. Harry chuckled. “no you can’t . you’ll have to deal with it sooner or late- who’s her?” I faced him and shook my head. “no one.” He Raised an eyebrow. “tori..” “I don’t want to talk about.  Just leave it at that.” He sighed and dropped the subject. “okay, is there anything I could do make you feel better?”  i smiled. “you can cuddle with me?” he grinned. “as you wish.” With that he wrapped his arms around me and buried my head in his neck.


My ringtone went off.  It took a while to process that it was ringing so I groaned into the kiss and pushed Niall off of me. he frowned. “phone call.” I said. I answered my phone. “hello?” “YOU BITCH!!” a high pitched voice screamed in my ear. I removed the phone from my ear to check who I was talking to. Lindsay. Lindsay was my 15 year old sister who loved One direction just like me. her favourite member was Niall. Oops. “hey Lindsay. What’s up?” ‘don’t you ‘what’s up’ me! you’re dating my husband!  I’m supposed to be dating him not you!!” wow. This girl was so weird. I sighed, ignoring the ‘WTF’ faces Niall was giving me. “Lindsay, he makes me happy.” It was silent on the other end until I heard her sigh. “okay. Then I guess it’s ok if you date him.” I laughed at her. “thanks sissie!! I love you!” she laughed on the other line. “I love you too. so, how long have you two been dating?” she asked. I blushed. “like 3 weeks and a few days.” I answered. She ‘awed’ into the phone and started asking questions like ‘have we kissed yet?’ ‘who asked who out’ and stuff like that. “Lindsay, the next time  talk to you I will tell you everything . but, I’m busy right now so I’ll talk to you la-.” “he’s over now isn’t he? Omg are you two in on your bed.” She asked super excited. “No! look, I’ll talk to you later.” She laughed and hung up. “who was that?” Niall asked. “My sister.” I answered. “she’s a directioner too and you’re her favourite.” “ohm.” He said like he completely understood. “So, I make you happy?” he asked. I smiled and kissed his cheek. “you know you do.”  that made him blush and kiss my forehead. My phone rang again and I groaned. I checked the caller ID and it was my mother. Here we go. “hey mom.” “hi sweetie. One question: when were you going to tell me you were dating one fifth of One direction?” she got straight down to the point.  “as soon as I came to visit?” “Cassidy Alexandra Simmons you tell me everything this instant!” she said excited. I sighed. I did not want to get into this now. “mom I have to finish my homework. I’ll call you back.” “Okay. Bye sweetie.” “bye mom.”  I hung up the phone and put it on its charger before resting my head in Niall’s lap. “Homework, huh?” he said. I laughed. “Cassidy Simmons lying is a very bad trait.” He joked. I playfully rolled my eyes. “i wasn’t lying. I am doing homework.” “and what would that be?” “Studying One direction. I call it: One direction behind the cameras. It’s a documentary.”  He laughed. “What is the first test you are doing?” “I asked all the girls to rate the boys on their kissing.” “did you really?” I laughed and shook my head. “obviously not.”

                “NIALL! HARRY WANTS TO TALK TO YOU! SOMETHING ABOUT PAUL!” Perrie yelled from downstairs. “YOU CAN COME IF YOU WANT CASSIDY!” I laughed at the blonde headed girl and how loud she could be.  Niall hopped off my bed and dragged me off even though I told him I wanted to sleep. He called me lazy and dragged me off the bed anyway. Meanie. “I don’t want to walk.” I groaned. “too tired.” He rolled his eyes. “lazy.” He mumbled. “I’ll be back.” I nodded as he closed my room door and got comfy under my comforter and drifted off to sleep.


                I walked downstairs into living room to talk to him. Tori was passed out on his shoulder as I sat  on the floor, leaning against the coffee table. “what did you want to talk to me about, Haz?” he looked at me and ran a hand through his curls. “Paul said that we have to do an interview confirming that we are dating girls if we are ready to go public with them.  Tori said she was ready to go public. So, it’s up to u and Cassidy.” I thought about it for a while. Cassidy said she was didn’t like keeping our relationship a secret anymore so I was sure she would be fine with it.  But I would ask here to make sure. “let me go ask Cassidy.” Harry nodded and ran upstairs and into Cassidy’s room. When I opened the door she was dead asleep. I chuckled at her. But she was so beautiful  when she slept. Her  hair was all to one side and her lips were partly opened. I sat on the edge of her bed and lightly shook her awake. “what?” she whined.  I snickered. “Cass, wake up. I have an important matter to discuss with you.” She sighed and sat herself up on her bed and opened her eyes. “you better have a good reason for waking me up Horan.”  She pointed a finger at me. “Paul wants to know if we’re ready to go public. Because if we are, I have to do an interview confirming that we are.” This made her perk up. She smiled and blushed before looking at her hands. “well.. yea. But only if you want to.” She quickly added. I interlocked our fingers. “yea. But you need to promise me if the fans are bothering you, you tell me.” she nodded her head. “I promise.” I nodded my head. “I’ll go tell go Harry to tell Paul then. You, go get some sleep.”

                I didn’t even have to say it again. She climbed under the comforter and fell asleep instantly. I smiled and kissed her temple.  I shut off her lights and closed the door to her before going the stairs and sitting in the black lazy boy chair. “she said she’s ready to go public. So we can call Paul and organize an interview.” Harry nodded. “well, we better get going. I’m guessing both of the girls are sleeping?”  he was referring to Cassidy because he knew that Tori was sleeping. I simply nodded and he carried Tori to her room and we left.

                I sighed once we were in the car. I truly didn’t want Cassidy to be exposed to the public so soon. But this was my chance to tell the world about her. I did promise that I was going to one day. Let’s just say that day came sooner than I expected.



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