My One and Only

Cassidy Simmons is an average 19 year old girl. She attends university, gets by with a part time job and does a webcast about One Direction with her best friend, Tori to entertain themselves. When one direction starts getting interested in this show, they decide to pay them a surprise visit. That’s when Cassidy meets Niall and starts falling for him more than she ever has for anyone. But when Niall returns these feelings, things start getting complicated. Can they survive it or will everything they once shared crash and burn?


4. Concert and a date with Niall



Cassidy P.O.V


        It’s been 3 weeks since tori and I met the boys and I was growing pretty close it to all of them. Especially niall. We’ve been video chatting a lot and texting. We even went on a few dates. Once, he had taken me to a carnival near my house. There weren’t many fans there but there still a good amount. They had heard that the boys were on tori’s and I am show so they thought niall and I were just friends. Which we were.  Another time we went to nando’s and spent the rest of the day at his place watching movies. Nothing much as you can see but I enjoyed spending time with him. I had grown pretty close to Harry and Zayn. They – along with the other boys minus niall- were like my brothers and girls were like my sisters. One big happy family. Oh! Harry and tori are now dating. They were taking things slow, much like niall and I but came to the conclusion that they were ready to date now. I didn’t mind the speed we were going at but if he were to ask me out, I would say yes.

        Right now Tori and I were packing our suitcases to fly out to New York for the Concert. It was Saturday and we flied out Sunday. We had already informed our teachers that we would be gone for a week. They had given us the work we needed for that time being and we went on our way. I hated the idea that I would have to work on it during that week, so I finished half of it yesterday. Tori got the idea and did some of hers yesterday too. I was currently looking for a shirt to go with my dark denim jeans. “How ‘bout this one?” Tori asked my holding up a top that hugged the bottom of me but puffed up at the top. It was a teal colour. I examined it for a while before deciding to go with it. I put the outfit in and zipped up my suitcase. “Done.” I said and flopped on my bed.

Just then my phone started playing ‘Last First Kiss’, telling me that niall was calling me. Somehow, the song reminded me of him. I answered and put him on speaker. “Hey Nialler. What’s cracking’”? I stated. Tori stopped packing and sat down beside me on my bed with the stupidest grin on her face. “Hey, Cass. Nothing much just at zayn’s place with Lou and Perrie. How ‘bout you? What’re you and Tori doing?” “Well, we just finished packing our suitcases and now we’re just chilling in the house.” I answered back. “Ah, I see. Are you guys excited about the concert?” “Yah. We are directioners, remember?” I said matter- of-factly. He chuckled. “yah yah I remember. So, listen I was wondering if after the concert, you wanted to... maybe go to the movies and to Nando’s. then we could chill at the hotel?” he asked me and as if on cue, my cheeks started heating up. Tori was jumping up and down on her seat. Niall always got really nervous when he asked me to go on dates with him. The first time he tried to ask me to the carnival, Perrie had to literally take the phone from him and tell me herself. I smiled at the thought.

        “Niall Horan, are you asking me on a date?” I asked with a smirk playing on my lips. “uh… yeah.” He stated. I could already see the blush on his cheeks now and him scratching the back of his neck nervously. I heard Perrie ‘Aww’ in the background, confirming that he was blushing. “yah. I’d like that.” I said accepting his offer. “Great! So after the meet and greet, we’ll head to the movies.” “sounds like a plan. Any movies in mind?” he had thought for a while before he finally answered. “Pitch Perfect.” I squealed. I’ve wanted to see that movie. Tori’s sent me a ‘that is so not fair’ look. I forgot she wanted to see it too. “that’s perfect.” I said. We talked for a bit longer before saying our goodbyes and hanging up. Now, I really couldn’t wait for the concert. “tors?” “yes, Cass.” She asked back. “you need to help me find an outfit for the movies.” I stated and she grinned. “let us go then.”



My alarm woke me up at 5:30am and I literally threw it across the room. How dare it? It was a Sunday! Then I remembered, today we were leaving for the concert. I quickly stretched and got out my bed to get my alarm clock and its batteries that came out when I threw it. As you can see, I wasn’t really a morning person. After putting alarm clock back together, I went to go wake up tori. But she was already up so I left to my washroom. I used the washroom and took a shower, letting the hot water hit my cold body. I started thinking about how we would be sitting in the very first row, how we would get to chill with them backstage, how I was going on a date with niall after the concert.. hmmm. I took another 5 minutes for my shower then got out and wrapped a plush lilac towel around my body. I slipped on a pair of light wash skinnies with a white sweater that said: SARCASM, one of the MANY services I offer, in pink and black sparkly writing. I quickly brushed my teeth and ran my pink straightener through my hair a couple of time to get it perfectly straight. My hair was already pretty straight so I didn’t need to actually part it, section it and all that stuff. I made my eyelashes longer and thicker with some mascara and applied a light pink lip gloss. I stuffed my makeup bag in my suitcase along with my now dry towel, comb, brush, straightener, curling iron, blow dryer, tooth brush, face rag, soap, shampoo, and cream and girl stuff if you catch my drift.  It may be a lot of stuff for a week but I was a girly girl. At times.

I walked downstairs to an empty kitchen. That meant tori hadn’t come down yet. I Made us both frozen waffles with grapes, strawberries and honey dew at the side. I didn’t put the syrup on Tori’s yet because I didn’t want hers to get soggy. She came down a few minutes “Aww!! Thanks Cass.” She said as she hugged me. she was wearing white skinny jeans with a graphic tee that showed a toaster a piece of burnt toast. It said ‘oooh burned!!’ I chuckled at the shirt and checked my phone for the time. 6:30 am. Not bad for us. We quickly washed our dishes and waited for Paul to come and get us. We had to be at the airport for 7 and it took about 25 minutes to get there. Our flight left at 8:00 but we wanted to make sure we still had time to go through security and everything like. In about 5 minutes Paul showed and we quickly got in the car.

“Excited girls?” “yess!!” tori and I answered and we started on our way to the airport. My phone vibrated in my back pocket. I had a text from Niall.

Nialler :): Hay!! Did you guys leave with Paul yet? 

I smiled and texted him back

Cass2cool4u: Heyy!! Yah we’re on our way 2 the airport now :)

Nialler: Cool. Can’t wait 2 see u. xx :)

My cheeks started getting warmer by the minute. Tori glanced at the text and laughed at me. “Niall’s got you so hooked.” She said and even Paul smirked this time. “He really hasn’t stopped talking about you. ‘ can’t wait to see cass’ ‘ we gotta get there befor tori and cass’ ‘ did I mention I’m going on a date with Cassidy?’” he said as he mocked niall. Now I knew I was blushing madly. “ugh. You guys aren’t helping with the blushing problem.” They both laughed at me and we fell into a comfortable silence again. I quickly texted Niall back.

Cass2cool4u: ugh!! Stop making me blush!! :p but I can wait 2 see u too :) xxx <3

 We reached the airport in about 20 minutes and went throught security, and all that crap that I thought was unnecessary. We had to wait a while before we boarded first class with Paul. we took off and had to wait til the pilot said we could turn on electronics now. “you may now turn back on your electronics.” Thank you Pilot!!! I turned on my phone and saw I had texts from all the boys and girls. “oh, boy. The boys and girls like spamed my phone.” Tori groaned. “same.”  I checked all my texts

Zaynster: VAS HAPPENIN’! Lol r u guys on the plane now?

Leeyum: hi cass!! :) r u guys at the airport? Call us!!

Ms.Perrie: Hurry up and get here. Niall’s eating all the food and we need someone to distract him. Lol

Carrot boy: CASSIE!! Hehe >:) u & tor on the plane yet? HURRY UP

Eleanor: Cass!!! Niall hasn’t stopped talking bout u. u and Tors need to get ur asses over here!! Lmao

Daniboo:  heyyyy gurrllll!!! Just makin sure u got on da plane safe and evrythanggggg. Lol

Nialler:): he cass. R u guys almost here? I miss u :(

I smiled at all the texts and replied saying we had about 2 more hours to go I responded to niall last.

Cass2cool4u: awww. I miss u too ni!! :D we just got to take out our cells. We have about 2 more hrs to go on this stupid plane. But I’m tired so I’ll text u when we landed. See u laterz xxxx.

With that I drifted off to sleep.

Niall P.O.V


Cass2cool4u: just landed. On our way to the hotel!! Can’t wait to see u:)

        I sqeauled like little girl and ran around the hotel room “THEY’RE ON THE THEIR WAY TO THE HOTEL!!” I yelled startling the boys and girls. Harry got equally excited and started running around the hotel room with me as Liam tried calming us down.  “guys calm down!i know u guys are excites to see your girlfriends but acting like you’re mentally challenged isn’t going make them want see you.” Everyone laughed. “Cassidy isn’t my girlfriend.” I stated. “for now.” Eleanor said with a smirk on her lips. “you two aregoing to end up together.” “especially if we have anything to do with it.” Perrie said linking arms with Eleanor and Danielle. They both agreed and I sighed as I shook my head. These three. They all moved closercloser to me scaring the crap out of me. Perrie was on my left, Eleanor on my right and Danielle in front of me.  “so Niall, what movie are you guys seeing?” “um.. pitch perfect.” “where are you going after?” Eleanor asked. “yah where, niall?” Danielle said. “to nando- I was cut off by perrie. “do you plan asking her out again?” “yah, do you?” Eleanor chimed. I was no against the wall with all of them pestering me with questions. “what are you gonna do at the hotel?”

“are you gonna ask her to be your girlfriend?”

“you gonna try to kiss her?”

“well are you?!”

“yah are you?”

“wait until the next date to ask her out.”

“we talked to Cassidy. She doesn’t like to kiss the guy until until at least the first week of the relationship.”

“Answer our questions!!”

        I looked at the boys for help. Louis, liam and zayn politely moved their girlfriends from me so I can breathe. Harry was laughing at me. “girls, let the boy breathe. He knows exactly  what do. He’s way to polite do try anything today.” Louis explained. Finally someone understands me. then I got a text from  Cassidy.

Cass2cool4u: on our way up…  :D.

        I grinned. “the girl are- “They’re on their way up!!” hary shouted beating me to it. The all cheered. We heard a knock on the door. Harry and I fought to open the door but liam opened it and rolled his eyes at us. There in doorway stood Paul, Tori and Cassidy. Her hair was sleek straight and she was wearing light wash jeans with a white sweater that had something about sarcasm in pink and black sparkly writing. We all attacked them with hugs. When I finally got to hug Cassidy I let it last. “I missed you.” I mumbled into her hair. “missed you too, Ni.” She smiled at me and went over to hug the girls. I hugged tori and then Paul. “so, what’re we doing now?” I asked paul. “well, cassidy and Tori are going to go settle into their rooms while you guys go to a quick rehearsal and interview. Perrie, Danielle, Eleanor, you guys can go with the boys or stay with girls.”

        They thought for a while before deciding to stay with Cassidy and Tori. I hugged Cassidy one last time. “see you tonight.” I whispered into her hair. When I pulled away she smiled and nodded. Then us boys left with Paul to go to the studio.

Cassidy P.O.V

The girls and I were now at my suite preparing for the concert. You know, doing our nails, facials and stuff like that. Not really necessary but they said I was going on a date and that it was. Danielle, Perrie and Eleanor had so much makeup you’d think they owned the whole damn Mac store. Actually scrap that: perrie would own Sephora, Eleanor would own Mac and Danielle would own L’oreal. Crazy right? “how on earth did you guys get this much makeup” what’d you do rob the Cosmetic section at Wal-mart?” tori asked. We were both mesmerized by the huge selction but it was ridiculous. They laughed and shook their heads. Their collection made my little makeup bag look like a piece of crap. “when your boyfriend is rich and literally won’t let you use your own money, you get a lot of things.” Danielle said. Tori and sighed and looked at us all while dipping her feet into the foot massager thingy that we got from the hotel spa room. When they saw we  were with One Direction, they literally let us take their whole stock.

        “speaking of boyfriends. Do you guys think it’s weird that harry hasn’t  like, kissed me yet?” she bit her lip waiting for an answer all of our jaws literally dropped. Perrie was the first to say what we were all thinking. “Harry hasn’t kissed you? Harold Edward Styles hasn’t kissed you yet.” “yah!! We’ve been dating for 2 weeks and he hasn’t even kissed my cheek. Am I ugly or something? Maybe he’s just using me as a cover up for his real girlfriend. Yah that’s it. I bet it’s taylor swift.” Tori ranted. I sighed and slapped her. “you are pretty!! Don’t ever say you are ugly again! And harry isn’t like that.”  Eleanor, perrie and Danielle all nodded in agreement.  “maybe he just wants to wait for the right time.  Something romantic. He respects you and wants you to have the best experience.” Danielle chimed in. We all looked at her like she was crazy. Tori’s eyes widened. “Gosh, Dani. We’re talking him kissing me. not us having sex.” We all bursted out laughing. “you know what I mean.” Danielle said still laughing.

“well enough talk, let’s all get ready so we can get Cass ready for her date.” Eleanor squealed along with the other girls.  I rolled my eyes at them and grabbed a bag of gummy worms, tearing them open. “you guys, it’s just another one of our dates. Not our Anniversary.” “oh come on. You’re trying to tell me you’re excited?” Perrie questioned. I blushed and simply nodded. They all sqeauled again and this time I joined. “hey! You never told us how a date with Niall horan is.” Tori said pushing me. we all told each other about or dates but I never told them niall’s and I. I blushed at the thought. “Well, when he took me to the carnival, he let me pick the first ride. Then, he wanted to go on this really big roller coaster. I said I wasn’t sure cause it looked really scary and he said ‘don’t worry, I’ll hold you’. And he held me the entire time. Then, he bought me me chicken wings and himself fries and he shared his fries with me.”  the girls sqeauled at first then were shocked. “Niall shared his food?” Eleanor asked in awe. I nodded. “I couldn’t believe it either.” “wow. He really likes you then.” I smiled at the thought of that.  We all started painting our nails and toenails. I painted mine a white, then put three, sliver strikes coming out of the sides on each fingernail and only on my big toes. Tori had hers a light purple, perrie’s were red, Eleanor’s were pink and danielle’s were a sparkly gold. They insisted that I do my facial first because I had a date after. 20 minutes and 5 facials later, we were all getting dressed for the concert. I wasn’t wearing my outfit for the date cause the girls said they didn’t want Niall to see it yet. This is apparently a big deal for them. Yah, we had wasted like hours gossiping, talking about or boyfriends and doing our girl stuff. “the boys interview is on.” Danielle said as she watched her boyfriend and the other boys walk onto the set of Good Day America. “Hello boys!!” the interviewer chirped. They all chimed in their own greetings and the interviewer started asking questions. New album, quickfire, stuff I already knew. Then they got to One question that made me more interested. “now, you guys recently went on a webshow named ‘Cass and Tors fanworld’ corrected.” They all answered with a yes and she continued. “how was it?” “the girls are really funny and down to earth so it was really amazing being on their show.” Louis said with a smile. “ that’s great. How did you guys stumble across this webshow?” “well it was actually  Danielle and I who found it first. We were just searching random stuff and came across it. We found it hilarious and soon introduced it to the other boys.” Liam said. I saw that twinkle in his eye that he always said when he talked about Danielle. The other boys nodded in agreement with liam’s statement and the interviewer nodded her head. “I have two more questions for you guys then we are out of time: niall and harry, you two seem to be the closest to these girls.” A picture of me and tori showed up on the screen. The boys simply nodded. “Niall, you’ve been seen with Cassidy at this carnival. What is going on there?” she asked wiggling her eyebrows. The boys laughed. On the screen showed a picture of niall and I at the carnival. He had his hand on my shoulder and I had mine on his back. I was laughing at something Niall said and he was smiling at me. “oh. Yah, me and Cass get along really good and were like really good friends. She’s funny and in a way, can be like me sometimes so we get along good.” Niall said. The interview  women smiled at his statement. “well, I bet you two will end up dating in the end so, when you do and you come back her saying you’re taken, I will say ‘I told you so.’ That goes for you too, curly. You know, with tori.” The boys laughed at how she called harry curly. We did too along with the audience. She said her goodbyes to the boys and it went to commercial.

        “The interviewer is right, Cass.” Danielle said wiggling her eyebrows like the interviewer. I laughed at her and blushed. Maybe the interviewer is right. I hope she is.


We were now at the boy’s concert, backstage while they were doing soundcheck. “alright that was great boys! Now take 5.” The man announced they all came over to us girls who were sitting on the couch playing Crazy eights and eating chips from the snack table.  I saw tori and harry leave. “hey!! Who’s gonna play your hand?” I asked her . zayn volunteered and we all went on with  our lives. Niall came and sat behind beside me looking at the chips in my hand. This boy. He gave me the puppy dog eyes. I tried to ignore but what would you do if niall Horan was giving you the puppy dog eyes with that face of his. I sighed irritated. “stop looking so damn cute and just take the chips you weirdo.” He laughed at me and took the chips. I rested my head on his shoulder and started playing again. I put down a two twos. “pick up four, zayn.” He sighed and picked up four cards. He smirked and put down two more twos. “pick up eight, perrie.” She glared at him put picked up her eight and put down some cards. She made Danielle miss a turn and zayn pick up five. “that’s not fair!!” he whined. “oh shut up before I slice off your hair with this card.” Danielle threatened he whimpered, pet his hair and went back to playing. Just then, all thegirl’s phones rang. Including mine.

Tors: HE KISSED ME!!! AHHHHHHH <3 <3 :D :D :D :D :) :)

I looked at all the girls and they nodded confirming that they got the same text.  I laughed at tori’s text.  Niall got a text too. he read it and smirked. “he finally kissed her, lads.” We all laughed and I showed the boys the text that tori sent me. “Now, we just have to wait for Niall to ask cass out and it all be fine In the world.” Louis said making a huge circle with his hands. I mentally slapped him but in reality, I glared at him and stuck out my tongue. He laughed at sent me a heart. I pretended it break it. He gasped. “El!! Cassie broke my heart.” He whined. I groaned at him calling me Cassie and he just laughed. Eleanor sighed and patted his head. “lou? Did you take your meds this morning?” we all bursted out laughing and Louis just sat there trying to comprehend what Eleanor said.  Oh, Louis.


        It was now 5 minutes til the concert and the boys were super excited. This would be the second time I’ve seen One Direction in concert. They were in Canada once so tori and I went to Canada to see them perform.  I was backstage, sitting in a little room with Tori, Danielle, Eleanor, and Perrie. The boys were currently getting their hair done by Lou, Tori was still smiling like a mad woman because Harry had finally kissed her and I was just lounging on the couch  thinking how my date with Niall would go. I always had a good time when Niall and I hung out and always wanted to go out with him as soon as possible.  The boys soon came out and were being wired with mics and earpieces. They were standing infront of the couch that tori and I were sitting on. Niall winked at me and I gave him short wave with a smile and watched them exit the room to go on the stage. The girls and I took our seats for the concert. It was still backstage but closer to the stage so we could see better. The boys ran onto the stage and broke out in Live While We’re Young. The crowd went wild along Tori and i. Eleanor looked at uys like we were crazy. “what? We are Directioners, remember?” tori said in a duh tone. Eleanor rolled her eyes and laughed at our fangirling moment.


The boys were now taking twitter questions. Most of them were questions like what they got for Christmas, when they started singing and stuff like that. But there was one that really caught my attention. “this one is from @suzyloves1D, and she says: Niall, what are your feelings towards Cassidy?” Louis read with a smirk in his voice.  My jaw dropped. Why… how.. who would ask that question?! The girls stared at me then Niall whose cheeks had turned a bright red. “well.. she’s pretty and fun to be  around. Yah, sh’s an awesome friend.” He answered. My face dropped. He only saw me as a friend. Ugh cass stop thinking about that. He called you pretty. That counts for something I told myself. “dude. It’s either you like her or you don’t. friend  is not an option.” Louis debated. The vrowd agreed by shouting.  Niall sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He looked at me and then back at crowd. “yah. I like her.” The crowd erupted with screams and ‘aws’. The boys were pinching him and awhing as well. I had a huge smile on my face and was blushing. The girls looked at me then niall and awed as well.

Niall was blushing too and chuckling at everyone’s reaction to those words. Those those four words changed EVERYTHING between niall and I. “well, I know what the main topic of our date will be:Feelings.” I said and the girls laughed at me.

Niall P.O.V

“yah, I like her.” Four words. Four words just changed everything between me and Cassidy. I looked at the crowd, who erupted in awhs and loid screams. I looked at the boys, who were harassing me and awhing. Then I looked at Cassidy. She had a huge smile planted on her face and was blushing. She wasn’t really staring at anything, just into space. Probably lost in her thoughts. I chuckled at everyone’s reaction and we continued with the concert.


The concert was over and the Louis, Zayn, Liam, Harry and I were all changing. I was all sweaty so I took a quick shower at the venue and changed into a pair of brown jeans, a white t- shirt with a pocket on my chest and a red sweater. i simply ran my hands through my blonde hair and texted Cassidy.

Nialler:): hey you ready??

Cass2cool4u: hey :D give me liiikee 5 minutes. The girls felt the   nnneed to ‘completely transform me to show u what ur in for’ -___-  their words not mine.

This caused me to laugh out loud. What the hell is wrong with those girls? I quickly texted her back.

Nialler: LMAO. Wth is wrong wid them?? But ok I’ll be in the room we were in earlier waiting for you.

Cass2cool4u: okie dokie, ny ny.

I walked into the room and sat on the couch withg the boys. Harry and zayn were in a heated argument on which shampoo is better: Olay or Dove. “I should know! I use more hair products than all three of my sisters combined.” Zayn protested. I shook my head at them and fell into a conversation with Louis about superhereos.

         The girls walked in but I didn’t see Cassidy. “presenting, Princess Cassidy. You know, for the night. Then I’m the princess cause zayn and I are going skiing, oh, then Eleanor is going with lou- “shut up and present me already!” I heard Cass yell at Perrie. We all laughed and the girls moved from infront of Cassidy. My jaw dropped instantly. She looked drop- dead gorgeous. She was wearing White skinnies with a flowy top that started off baby blue at the top but was white at the bottom. Her hair was curly and she was wearing a light pink lipgloss. She wearing I biy of black eyeliner and mascara. Not a lot of makeup but I liked it simple like that.  I was just standing there embracing her beauty with my mouth open as she stood there smiling at me. Louis slapped my cheeks making me grunt and close my mouth. Then pushed closer to Cassidy. “you look beautiful.” I said. She blushed and told me thanks and that I looked nice too. “Have fun you two! But niall not too much fun. Cause even though you and Cass are like one of my OTPs, I will hunt you down and kill you if she comes back saying ‘TORI, I think I’m pregnant.” She mimicked Cass’ voice. I laughed at how serious she was being and me and Cassidy left to the movies.


When we got there Pitch Perfect was sold out so Cassidy and I decided to choose a different one. “ how ‘bout.. Paranormal Activity Four.” I suggested. When I saw her eyes go wide and how scared she was I knew this could easily work to my advantage. Think about. She’s scared, I’m not. She jumps into my arms and everyones happy right? “ummm no way are you making me sit through that.” She sqeauked I chuckled and put my arms around her waist. “you said that about the rollercoaster too. I think I can make you watch the movie. Plus, I’ll be there with you. “ I stated. She slightly nodded and I bought the tickets. We didn’t much food cause we were going to Nandos after this. So we each got a medium drink. Cassidy got a bag of gummy worms. If I learnt one thing it was that Cassidy can Eat gummy worms all day every day.we settled into the threatre and the movie started. “this isn’t so bad..” Cass mumbled. Then the scene wherethe possessed chick like threw the girl by her neck came on and Cassidy screamed along with a few more people in the audience. I honestly think Cassidy screamed the loudest. She buried her head in my sweater didn’t look at the screen. I smiled to myself as I watched take slow breaths. “it’s okay to look now.” I whispered to her. She shook her head. “I’m not coming out.” She mumbled into my sweater. “Come on Cass, would I ever lie to you?” I asked her. She sighed and shook her head as she lifted her up, facing the screen and resting head on my shoulder. I don’t why but I was blushing. I nervously put my arm around her shoulder (not like that stupid yawn and stretch thing that weird people do) and she cuddled closer to me.


        The movie was now finished and me and Cassidy were exiting the threatre room. She was practically shaking from the ending of the movie. It looks like she was going to have some SERIOUS nightmares tonight. “it wasn’t that bad.” I said trying to make her calm down. She looked at me like she was crazy and shook her head. “Come on, there’s has to be atleast one thing u like from the movie.” She looked at me and smiled. “Cuddling with you.” I froze in my spot as she laughed at me and continued walking outside the threatre. I shook my head and laughed at her flirty move. We walked side by side to Nandos. It was only like a 5 minute  walk so it all worked out to the better. I couldn’t drive yet. When we got to Nandos we just ate and talked about nonsense. I loved y relationship with Cass and I hope one day she would officially be my girlfriend.


We were now at my shared hotel room with the boys ( who were out at the arcade)just chilling and playing video games. I versed cass in FIFA and won. She was still trying to figure out the controls. But, when we played Street Fighters, she actually beat me. I stood there with my open as she used her special on my character and I knocked out. “you might catch flies.” She whispered as she gently closed my mouth, staring at me with her big brown eyes. “so, about what you said at the concert” she said and groaned. I was trying to avoid that subject but I knew it would come up eventually. “ Cass… I would rather avoid this subject. It’s just going to end up us both blushing and awkward silence.” She nodded her head in agreement but continued. “you meant it as a friend didn’t you?” she said and I could the disappointement in her eyes. “no.” I mumbled hoping she would hear me. but, she did and she raised an eyebrow waiting for a more detailed explanation. “I like you, Cass. More than a friend.”her cheeks immediately turned a shade of red and she looked me straight  in the eyes while intertwining our fingers. Her hand fits in mine like it’s made just for me (cheesy, I know. Taking lyrics from my song.) “I like you too, Niall. More than a friend.” She said in a hushed tone.maybe it was the fact that she was holding my hand or the fact that she just told me she liked me, but I felt like I was going to pass out. I smiled at her and she smiled back. We sat there in a comfortable silence as we just at eachother. Weird right? Her phone went off telling her she had a text.  She read it and laughed. “it’s tori. She’s making sure you didn’t try to ‘bust a move on me’. so, I better go.” I laughed and nodded. We both got up from the couch and walked to the door. “thank you, niall. I had fun.” “same here. I’ll call you tomorrow?” she noddedand turned around to start walking to her room. But she turned back around and lightly kissed my cheek.

        “see you tomorrow, ny.” She said and left me there in complete awe. Best day ever.

ya. Crappy ending i know. but i hope you guys like this chapt. took me a while to write it. i have no promises on when to update cause then id be lying. byeeee!!!!

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