Niall Imagines! ;)

When your feeling down, Read theese Niall imagines! -Ashley Horan


3. Nial imagineeee

Your phone is ringing and it is Niall. You are thinking about answering the call, but you guys have just been in a huge fight and he said some awful things that really made you sad, so you just put it on silent. You ignored him for a hole weekend and now he could not take it anymore, so he send you a messege! Messege: "Babe! You aren't returning any of my calls or messenges and I can't stand it anymore. Please call me back, I wan't to hear your voice again. I love you and I am so sorry for what I said the other day, I didn't mean what I said, I was just jealous of that boy from your class. You two are so close...... SORRY! PLEASE FORGIVE ME BABE? - I have a surprise for you , my home at seven o'clock. Please be there." When you were done reading it all you thought about going tonight, but you was not all sure. An hour before you were surposed to be there you decided to go, but you could not wear what you were wearing right now, so you changed. You changed outfit like a thousands times and styled your hair in like a hundred different ways before you finally decided that this was what you should look like. When you arrived at Nialls there was no light. You got really scared and then..... Suddenly someone covered your eyes with his hands from behind you! Your heart skipped a beat, but then you found out that it was just Niall, so your heart started beating normal again. Niall: "Look, i'm so sorry babe for everything, but I was just afraid that you would pick him instead of me." You: " I would never do that, but you know Niall... You really hurted me!" Niall: "Yeah and I am so sorry, but I have a surprise for you!" You: "What is it?" Niall leaded you into a room. You could not see a thing, so you were a little scared. Niall removed his hands so you could see again. Your mouth just dropped when you saw all the roses and candles and the small table in the middle of the room. The table was so romantic and Niall just stood there in his incredible, sexy smoking! Niall walked slowly towards you. He went behind you and wrapped his arms around you. Niall: "Babe! I really hope that you can forgive me, cause you are the only girl for me and I don't wanna loose you!" Niall went in front of you and just stood there looking directly into your eyes. Then he gave you a sexy, warm kiss on your lips. You could not help but kissing him back. You just loved him so much! For the rest of the night you just had a nice dinner while talking and sharing alot of kisses!❤

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