Niall Imagines! ;)

When your feeling down, Read theese Niall imagines! -Ashley Horan


1. Niall imagine/WARNING dirty


It has been a long rainy week and there has been nothing to do. I have even logged on to my old One Direction fangirl accounts to try and keep myself entertained, but nothing is working. I decide to turn on the tv, maybe there will be something interesting going on here. After about 20 minutes of searching i gave up. There is officially nothing to do. I put my head down against the sofa arm. I felt a new weight beside me. I turned around to see my boyfriend Niall sitting there just staring at me. “What?” I ask confused. “You know something?… you are really beautiful Hazel.” he said biting his bottom lip. Before I could react Niall had his lips pressed hard to mine as he let his hands roam across my body. I kissed back running my hands through his perfect hair. He let out a small groan as I did so. He then lifted me from the couch, carrying me to the bedroom. He laid down on his back, with me on top. He placed his hand on the small of my back where my shirt had ridden up. His touch on my bare skin drove me crazy. I pushed him down, causing him to lie on his back, straddling his waist when I did. I placed my hands under his shirt, rubbing his toned stomach. I sat up pulling my shirt off of me throwing it somewhere in the room, followed by my bra. Niall pulled me back down to his body, running his hands along my bare back. I moaned against his lips. He saw this as an opportunity to slip his tongue in, not that i mind. I let my hands find the hem of his shirt, tugging on it. He sat up and eagerly removed it before placing his hands on my hips. He rolled us over, so that he was now on top, and slowly slid my sweats off my body. He then placed kisses all along the line just above my underwear, causing me to whimper slightly. He took the fabric in his teeth slowly pulling them down, teasing me, driving me crazy. He then, rather quickly, removed the rest of his clothes. He smirked up at me before he bent down, kissing the tops of both of my feet, then up my shins, alternating sides every so often. When he reached my knees he, more slowly than before started kissing up my thighs. The farther up he got, the shakier my breath became. He then took his hands, pushing my legs apart. He kissed ever so slowly up the insides of my thighs, occasionally nipping and sucking at the skin. I could feel his warm breath against my longing body. He then, with more pressure than I anticipated, slid his tongue across my clit. I gasped at the unexpected feeling that surged throughout my body. He then began sucking on it. I wrapped my fingers in his hair, tugging slightly, causing him to moan against my skin, sending even more waves of pleasure across my body. He then pushed his tongue deep into me. I let out a loud groan, causing Niall to go faster. His tongue was doing things to my body that i never thought a tongue could do. He then pressed his tongue to my clit, doubling the pleasure I am feeling. Not long after I could feel my climax approaching. My grip tightened around his soft hair. He let out one last long moan, the vibrations sending me over the edge. He licked up my juices before crawling back up my body. He pressed his lips roughly against mine. He placed his tip at my center. “Ready babe?” he questioned. I could only nod. He pushed into me slowly, being as gentle as he possibly could. I wrapped my arms around him, my hands hugging his skin tighter each time he thrusted. “Niall!” I groaned loudly in his ear. Being motivated by my approving noises, he thrusted faster and deeper. It felt like he was going all the way to my stomach. I dug my fingers into his back as I neared my high for the second time. His eyebrows knitted together, sweat, starting to for on his forehead. I could tell he was close. He pushed harder, his thrusts never becoming sloppy. I moaned loudly as my walls clenched around him, sending him over the edge as well. He pulled out and laid down beside me. I cuddled into his chest kissing it gently. He chuckled slightly, looking down at me. “I love you Hazel.” “And I love you Niall.” I said beaming up at him. The rest of the day we spent just cuddled up in bed, talking, laughing, kissing every now and then. If I didn’t know for sure before today, I know now that I love him, and nothing will ever change that.


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