Dream Come True

Courtney is an average 16 year old teenager, Its always been her dream to meet One Direction...Will her dream come true? or will it fade away like all her other dreams? Read this story to see the stuff she goes through to Meet One Direction


3. Who Won?

Courtney's POV

Today, is the day, that Me, Emma, And Katelyn, find out who won the compition. I quickly called the girls and invited them over, The radio said that they would announce the winner at 2:40pm, right now its 11:15am.

30 min later

The girls are here. "Hey girly" Emma said, hugging me tightly."hey" i said. Katelyn just stares. We finally pull away from the hug, and i walk over to Katelyn. "Hay budddyyy, you ok?" I asked her in a funny voice. "Buddddyyyyy im perectly fine, im just nervous" she said. "I know me too" I said with a smile.

Emma's POV

UGH!!! I've never liked Katelyn, she such a attion getter. I know, I know i'm a total fake right now, i'm acting to be her friend, i'm acting to like her. BUT in reality I TOTALLY HATE HER!! I'm just being a fake so I could still be friends with Courtney. Well forget it im gonna let it all out on her one day, I will. " how about we play truth or dare while we wait?" I asked with a wide smirk in my face, I know i looked like a total stupid ass. Both of them nodded as we sat on the floor, Court went to go get the bottle, She left me alone with stupid Katelyn here. " hey guys i think we dont have anymore bottles im gonna go borrow one from the neigbor, ill be back in a giffy!" Court said. "kay"  yelled katelyn. We just sat there and waited until Katelyn broke the silence. " soooooo..." she said. "Soooo..." I said back. Man, i really wanna let it out right now.

Katelyn's POV

I really liked Emma she always so nice, I thought, Next thing you know, Court opens the door, and sets the bottle on the floor.

2 hours later.

Courtney's POV

After playing 2 hours of truth and dare, Its was time. It's 2:40PM i quickly turn on the radio, and go to 102.7. I hear Ryan's voice " GIRLS HURRY!! IT'S TIME!!!!" I yelled. They came running in.

Ryan: " Alright guys! It's time to know who won the One Direction contest!..........And the winner is......... Ashely Evens and her best friend Monica Adams!!!!!"

Our hearts litterly sank..... We started crying, We didnt win. I heard Ryans voice again,

Ryan: " oh wait!!! That was a mistake!! Those arent the winners! those are for a different contest! FAIL. HAHA. Well the winners are.......... Courtney King and her bestfriends, Katelyn Cole, and Emma Kenny!!!!!! Good job ladies!!! we will send u by mail ur plane ticets and all!!"

We started screaming like crazy! " WE WON!!!" I yelled.


-A/N- Sup guys :D well sorry for not updateing so yea :P please tell me what u think about this movella this is my first movella actually xD so yea thanks!!!

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