Dream Come True

Courtney is an average 16 year old teenager, Its always been her dream to meet One Direction...Will her dream come true? or will it fade away like all her other dreams? Read this story to see the stuff she goes through to Meet One Direction


2. Have A Chance?

Courtney's POV

As I was listening to the contest info, I was thinking.....What if i don't even have a chance to win the contest,why would a ugly girl like me win a contest that big to meet One Direction? I kept thinking about that.... "Theres no chance" I mumbled. "what?" Emma asked. "I said, Theres NO chance" I nearly yelled at them. Katelyn wrapped her arms around me, to comfort me. "No one ever said your not gonna win" she said with a smile. I fake smiled and said, "Thanks you made me feel alot more better". "Well lets Fill out the info and send it in" She said. "ok" i mumbled

Katelyn's POV

I felt really bad for Court ( Courtney ) She always doubted herself, I wish that she could just believe us. "Katelyn It's your turn to fill out your info!!!!" I heard Emma yell. "COMING!!!!" I said. Once i got out of the bathroom, and went over to Emma, i couldn't help but notice that Courtney isnt there......"Hey Emma????" I ask her. "yeeeesssssss???" she asked back. "Wheres Court??" I asked. "She went over to Brandon's place really quick, she said she left something there" she said. "Oh Kay" I said. Man i hated that Brandon dude, He was such a player, I cant even believe Court is dating him, I mean i agree That he like SUPER HOT, but still he doesnt know how to treat a girl.

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