Dream Come True

Courtney is an average 16 year old teenager, Its always been her dream to meet One Direction...Will her dream come true? or will it fade away like all her other dreams? Read this story to see the stuff she goes through to Meet One Direction


5. Getting Ready

Courtney's POV

It's been about a week since we won, so that means we are leaving tomorrow morning, Very excited,VERY.

I called the girls over so that we could all get ready together. *KNOCK KNOCK* I run to the door and there I saw smiley Katelyn, haha. "HAAAAAYY buddy" I told her and winked at her. " Sup girly" she said back and gave me a squeeze. "Sooooo, you packed yet?" I asked her."Yuppers" she said. "Well then help me pack, yeah?" I said stupidly. "No shit Court, why would i be here then?" she said trying to make me feel like a idiot. "haha very funny" I told her with a hint of sarcasm.

Once we were done, Emma still wasn't here. I started worrying about her.

Emma's POV

"DUDE! LEAVE ME ALONE! YOU HAVE A FREAKING GIRLFRIEND! BRANDON STOP! I SWAER I'LL TELL COURTNEY!" I yelled at Brandon. "OH come on babe, your making it harder, if you tell Court, she wouldn't believe you, and just leave you." He snapped while kissing me on my jawline. "STOP!" I yelled and kicked him on the shin. "AHHHHHH!!!!!!" He yelled in pain. I quickly ran away from the ally, I heard footsteps behind me. "STOP, JUST WAIT!! DONT TELL COURT, SHE WOULDNT BELIEVE YOU!!!" He yelled. I stopped running and sharply turned around to face him. "Fine, I wont, just never talk to me again, dont even look at me!" I snapped at him. i turned around and left.

As i was walking i was thinking, how did I even get in the ally? I mean i was just walking and next thing you know i'm in an ally, being forced to make out or "have fun" with my besties BoyFriend.

Courtney's POV

Like a hour later, an angrey Emma burts through the door. "Yeah, sure Emma you can come in" I told her. "Shut it" she snapped at me. "WHOAH!! Ems calm your tits down" Said Katelyn. "Sorry just in a bad mood" She snapped at us. "Dont express your anger on us please, and are you already packed?" I asked her. "Yeah" she said. "Well its about to get late, how bout a movie?" Asked Katelyn. "Sure" I said. We ended up watching Mission Impossable.

Once the movie ended, It was like 10pm. "We should go to sleep now, we gotta wake up early..." I said. " Yeah" they both said. "Kay then, Night I guess" I said, feeling really sleepy, yet excited. "Night" They said.

A/N- lol so many an's XD well if u guys r wondering about the parents off all the girls, yea their on vaction for a few months so yea... ='-'= umm yea im not gonna mention the parents alot in this story kay so bye :P

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