Dream Come True

Courtney is an average 16 year old teenager, Its always been her dream to meet One Direction...Will her dream come true? or will it fade away like all her other dreams? Read this story to see the stuff she goes through to Meet One Direction


1. Heard It On The Radio

Courtney's POV

"EMMA!!EMMA!! PASS ME THE FREAKING BALL!!" I yelled at one of my bestfriends: Emma. "GIMME A SEC, GOSH!'' She yelled back, i could already tell shes pissed. ''oh come on already'' I whispered to myself, making sure she didn't hear me. ''OH MY GOD, EMMA!!!'' I shouted. Then she passes the ball to Kate. ''SERIOUSLY EMMA!!'' I yelled, they could tell i was annoyed, so they started to giggle. ''Whats so funny?'' i asked both of them, raising my eyebrows. They just giggled more. After about 2 minutes of them laughing their heads off, Emma finally speaks,''It's funny that when we play soccer you always get mad at everybody, so you do the most stupidest face expressions'' I laughed a little. ''Well i do play a mean game of soccer!'' I said, winking at them. They just nodded in agreement.

-----------------------------Later That Day-------------------------------

Later that day, We kept playing football (soccer) I got bored from all the quietness so i turned the radio on and put it to my favorite radio station: 102.7 KIIS FM ( i really like that station ) the last song ended and i was about to get up until i heard Ryan Seacrest's voice on the radio, I quickly put my ear close to the radio, and called the girls over, i listened really carefully to what Ryan said.

-----------------------------Listening to the radio------------------------

Ryan: Welcome back guy! Im Ryan Seacrest, And i'm about to interview the most famous brittish BoyBand in the world! And who else could that brittish BoyBand be? Well of course ONE DIRECTION!!!! So, How are you boys today? 

One Direction: GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!

Liam: Actually we have been great! 

Ryan: Well that's awesome........So what have you boys been up to?

Harry: Well, The same as always, Such As, Making our fans happy,making more songs, doing alot more concerts and we are about to go on tour again!

Ryan was about to speak but Louis interrupted him,

Louis: And, We have Been eating ALOOOOOOOOOT of CARROTS!!

Everyone laughed, After them tslking about some other stuff they came to the subject about girls....

Ryan: So boys, this will be our last question and its for all of you, If you ever fell for a girl, What type of girl would she have to be?

Niall: Well i think she would have to be that type of girl who has a beautiful smile, and that she wasnt insecure 

Louis: She has to be that type of girl , who likes being herself, she wouldnt let anyone change her, or her personality, she has to love carrots too!!

Harry: She has to be beautiful, and she would have to love me for who i am like i would love her for who she is......

Liam: She has to love toy story, and most of all she has to love me

Zayn: She has to love me as much as i love her!

Ryan: Thats cute. Well i just got an idea we should make a contest and who ever wins gets to fly to london and stay with One Direction for the summer!

One Direction: That's a great idea!!

Ryan: ok cool well we will give you the info below for how to enter! Now this is the end of the interview so BYE!!!!

The boys said bye too

----------------------------End of radio interview------------------------

''I have to enter that contest'', i whispered to myself,'' and i have to win it.''


A/N -  Hey guys! as you can see this is my first movella ='-'= so yea im new to writing stories can u plz tell me what u think down below on the comment box? I will update maybe today but i start school tomarrow so yea ill try haha ok :) thanks byee! :D 

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