I'm Management (Zayn Fanfic)

(7 years to the future) I'm now 23 years old and I work at one of the biggest music productions in the world but when a famous ex boy band member wants to start a solo career it might be difficult when everyone hates you. I used to be in love with him but this could really affect my career.


1. Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome

     I had my coffee in my hand and my briefcase in the other. I was walking down the New York City's 47th street heading to my new job. I had an important major meeting. I was so nervous. I only know that we are meeting with a major possible client. Right when I entered the block were the meeting was held someone bumped into me. 
     "I'm so sorry babe" He said. He was English and although I couldn't see his face very well he dressed really nicely. 
      "Ummm it's alright." I shook spilled coffee off of my hand and walked forward. 
       "Again I'm so sorry. May I walk with you? I know it sounds strange but I'm heading down the same way and I don't know anyone. I want to know if I could make at least one friend today." I walked quickly still listening to him. 
     "I know it sounds strange but I find you very pretty." He said. I kept walking quickly. 
     "Look you seem very nice but I'm running very late for one of the most important meetings of my life." I stopped and turned to him. He was a bit taller then me. He had a rugged beard which I found somewhat attractive. He wore big sunglasses and a hoodie. He seemed a bit shady but then again it's New York. 
     "I understand. Hopefully we meet again." He said as I kept walking. He followed me until I walked up to the building. We had some small quick chats which were nice. 
     "It was nice meeting you ummm.-" 
     "Melanie. I'm Melanie." I said. I grabbed a card out of my pocket and handed it to him. Although it was my business card it had my number. I handed it to him. 
     "Thanks. Maybe we will catch up soon." He smiled and took the card. I walked into the building and headed to the 16th floor. I walked into the conference room with 5 other men. I of coarse introduced myself and sat down. I looked individually to each of these competitors. I needed to prove myself to being this person's manager. Everybody sat down and the head of the company came in. 
     "Hello everyone. Here is Zayn Malik our newest client. He was from One Direction about 7 years ago and wants to go on with his solo career."He said. 
     "I'll take it from here if that's fine with you." The familiar voice said. 
       "Sure go right ahead let me introduce everyone. That's Fernando Petrelli, Daniel Griffin ,Edward Callahan, Melanie Levitt and Brian Bates." I looked up to find him. He took off his glasses and smiled at me. It was him. 
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