I'm Management (Zayn Fanfic)

(7 years to the future) I'm now 23 years old and I work at one of the biggest music productions in the world but when a famous ex boy band member wants to start a solo career it might be difficult when everyone hates you. I used to be in love with him but this could really affect my career.


6. He Swept Me Off My Feet

      "So babe you like a man who can cook?" He said with a slight laugh. 
      "Yes but it's different when he's my client." I mumbled as I took a forkful of rice. 
      "Look Melanie I think you are very beautiful and I want to be something more. It is going to be very difficult to have you be my manager but I know you can do it. I want to be with you. Plus don't think this is your only surprise babe." He ended with a devilish smile. His rugged beard is darker in the dim lighting. The candles were lit between us making it so romantic. 
       There was a lot of small chat and I grew weary just thinking about what his surprise could be. I became so anxious. 
       "It's awfully quiet here. I'll put on some music. Bring our glasses and the bottle of wine and meet me in the living room." Again he gave a smile that led me to chills. He was so smooth and so romantic while I had no game whatsoever. I was completely out of his league. But then again I shouldn't be thinking about that because I'm his manager. I walk into the living room to find such a slow familiar song on. The lights were on but again they were dim. He grabbed the wine glasses and bottle out of my hand and placed them on the coffee table. He grabbed my clammy hand and led me off to the side of the sofa were there was some room. He grabbed my waist and pulled me towards him before I could so or say anything. I tried opening my mouth to say something but I couldn't. I was so shocked. He swayed and twirled me around. He smelled so good like a mixture of cologne and smoke. I laid my head on his shoulder and my nose touched his neck. I could feel some hair stubble going against my nose. It was a bit rough. He grabbed my waist a little tighter and dipped me. He leaned over and kissed my cheek. He quickly brought me up and my eyes were wide open. The song ended and we slowly pulled apart. 
       "Thank you. You're such a wonderful dancer just make sure you try not to step on my feet next time." He laughed. "I mean it's alright love. I'm sure this isn't going to be our last dance. I can assure you that." He smirked. I gave a slight smile back. 
       "Yeah I never really had a lot of practice." I had to go. This could be going somewhere that could be unprofessional. Even though this is already unprofessional.  "Zayn it's getting late. I should start heading home." I started walking to the door. I grabbed my purse from the table and headed to the front door. He looked disappointed. 
       "Hey Melanie? Please think about us." Zayn said. It's not like I wasn't going to. It's unavoidable.  I nodded my head. I couldn't leave him like that. 
        "Okay Zayn. Have a good night. Make sure you call me tomorrow." I said as I exited the door of his flat. I smiled as I said that even though I knew he couldn't see my face. I walked to the taxi that was already waiting for me. I couldn't believe that I had a date with my client who was my crush when I was younger.
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