I'm Management (Zayn Fanfic)

(7 years to the future) I'm now 23 years old and I work at one of the biggest music productions in the world but when a famous ex boy band member wants to start a solo career it might be difficult when everyone hates you. I used to be in love with him but this could really affect my career.


9. He Is Sculpted By A God.

       We got to his car. He parked by a massive tree. He opened the trunk. 
     "What's all this?" I asked looking into the trunk. 
      "Disguises! I don't want to get caught and word getting out just yet. I've done it before. It's loads of fun!" I smiled at first but then I gave it some thought. Was he trying to hide me?
       "Okay. Well I want to be blond and oh this is gold!" I then pulled out matching hippie clothes that were really out there. He couldn't help but laugh. He laughed as he pulled out a cigarette and light it up. I grabbed it from him and took a couple of deep breathes. It felt a warm sensation in me. I slowly breathed the smoke out and handed it back to him. He was astonished how quickly I had taken it away from him. 
      "What? I hadn't had a smoke in a while." I said as I started to put the  oversized super flared jeans over my shorts. I then started to unbutton my jean shirt. 
      "Woah babe I want to strip show to be a bit more private." He said taking a hit on the cigarette. 
       "Ha. Ha. Ha. Very funny Zayn. Luckily for you I have an under shirt on. See?" I showed him. I grabbed the huge colourful tie dye shirt with a bunch of beaded necklaces and layered them on me. I finally handed Zayn a leather vest with strings hanging off from it. 
       "Suit up babe." I smirked. He slowly took off his shirt. I nearly fainted. His abs were so built. I knew that he knew that I was staring at him. I couldn't help but to make my jaw drop. He then striped down his pair of jeans. I nearly collapsed when I saw that he was wearing tight boxer briefs. 
       "Go right ahead babe. There's nobody here. Nobody is watching." He said. He took a step forward towards me. My heart raced. My mind boggled. My hands became sweaty. I reached out to grab him by the neck slowly and slowly placing the other hand onto his bold chest until my phone rang. 
       I looked down to my feet in embarrassment. 
       "Hello?" I say angrily. 
       "Finally! I texted you. I called you. Where were you? I was worried. Are you okay?" I motioned to Zayn to give me a minute. I walked away from the car. I gave a slight glance to him. He started to change. I looked at my feet a bit disappointed but remembered he is a client of mine. 
      "Yes. I'm fine. Freddy why are you calling and texting me?" 
      "You left me a message last night. You sounded a bit drunk and said you don't love me anymore and you don't want to do anything with me anymore. Then again when you're drunk you don't mean everything you say. We just took a break. You're the one and you know it. "
     I let out a sigh. "Freddy. You were the one who broke it off. Yes I was drunk but please not-"
      "Hey! You ready?" Zayn called out from the car pulling up to where I was. I nodded my  head yes.  
      "Bye Freddy!" 
       "Who was th-" I then hung up the phone and entered the car with Zayn. 
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