I'm Management (Zayn Fanfic)

(7 years to the future) I'm now 23 years old and I work at one of the biggest music productions in the world but when a famous ex boy band member wants to start a solo career it might be difficult when everyone hates you. I used to be in love with him but this could really affect my career.


5. He Is Cooking Me Dinner With Amazing Wine

       "Here we are." He said with a devilish smile. He unlocked the door to his flat and he turned on the lights. I nearly stumbled into the room. It was massive. It was beautiful and yet simple. 
       "Some place you got here." I said taking a couple of steps forward. It was ridiculous. I've never seen anything like it. 
        "You like it?" He asked. 
        "I love it." I whispered looking around. He grabbed my hand once more and led me to the kitchen. He pulled out two chef hats. 
         "Surprise!" He said. He place one hat on my head and placed the other on his. I looked over to my left and saw a table set up for two for dinner. 
         "Yes babe. I'm making you dinner. Prepare to be dazzled with my culinary skills!" He said. I laugh tilting my head back a bit. 
        "You are my assistant chef!" He stated. 
         "And what do I do as assistant chef?" 
        "Oh. All you have to do is chose any and I do mean any type of red wine in that cupboard," he said as he pointed to my right to a massive shelf of various types of wine. "Take the two glasses from there also, pop it open and pour us a glass each." He smiled as he took out a bunch of different things to make dinner with. 
       "That's all I have to do?" 
       "Yes ma'am. Leave the rest to me." 
       "Okay then." I walked to the shelf and I could sense him looking at me. I pulled out a wine bottle and turned to face him. I motioned to it with a shrug. He nodded his head no. I walked and continued my search. I pulled out another one and did the same thing. Again he gave a no. Finally there was one in it's own individual cabinet. I pointed to it and he nodded. I opened the cabinet carefully. It read that it was from 1913. 
     "This is really expensive. Are you sure?" 
     "For you? There is no price. I only want whats best for you." He took the bottle from my hand and popped it open. He then handed it to the assistant chef. I poured it carefully into each of the wine glasses and handed one to him. He both took a sip from it and it was delicious. I've never had red wine like this before. 
      "Good isn't it? Yeah, it's my parents' wedding wine. I only wanted to open it on a special occasion." 
      "Zayn. Wow. I don't know what to say." 
      "You don't have to say anything." He picked me up by my waist and set me on the kitchen counter. He turned to the stove to start cooking. When he had his back turned it was so difficult not to squeel. I had Zayn Malik cooking me dinner while I drank amazing wine in a gorgeous home. 
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