I'm Management (Zayn Fanfic)

(7 years to the future) I'm now 23 years old and I work at one of the biggest music productions in the world but when a famous ex boy band member wants to start a solo career it might be difficult when everyone hates you. I used to be in love with him but this could really affect my career.


3. He Actually Wants Me

      It is about 7:30 pm and I was at home with thousands of dollars worth of clothing and a new hairstyle. I stepped into my new black cocktail dress and put on red heels. My long black hair was actually pretty decent. I applied some makeup and red lipstick. All he said was we are going out to dinner and dress formal. I was completely nervous. What if press got to us? My phone rang. It was him. 
    "Yes?" I said. There was a sudden smile. 
     "Babe I'm here." He said with a slight laugh.  I headed to the door as quickly as I could. I unzipped my dress and opened the door. 
     "Hey Zayn do you think you could help me zip up?" I turned around and smiled. His hands were warm and he slowly zipped it up. He then kissed my neck slowly and I giggled. He took my hand and we practically ran to the limo. He popped a bottle of champagne and handed me a glass. He sipped a little bit and smiled. 
     "I want to treat you right. I can tell that you've been hurt. I don't want to do that." He said. He's right though. I looked down at my glass and my heart sank. He leaned in close and raised my chin up. My eyes were tearing up. He looked straight into my eyes and kissed me. No tongue no tight pressing. It was light and long. It was nice. He let go and my eyes were still closed. He lightly kissed my neck and off to the side under my chin. They were light and long. They were perfect.
       "Why me?" I whispered without even thinking. I opened my eyes. 
        "Because you were my only friend and so far my best friend. I wouldn't want to do anything to lose you." I smiled and looked down at my glass again. The limo stopped and he stepped out. He opened my door like a gentlemen. He held out his hand and I reached out to grab it. A red fucking carpet! The lights of cameras flashed and I was almost blinded. He guided me inside but first stopped. 
         "Zayn! Who is this? We haven't heard anything from you since 7 years ago! Tell us! Tell us!" 
         "This is a close friend Melanie. She is also my manager." Zayn said while still holding my hand and flashing a smile at me. 
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