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3. Sweetie and Niall

   "I knew he was bad news!" Niall growls as he bursts through the door, "I knew it the moment I laid eyes on him at that stupid party!"

   You called him over to help you through your breakup. You caught your boyfriend cheating on you with one of your best friends. You dumped him on the spot. You're taking things well, all things considering. But even the strongest people need a friend to be there for them, and Niall is that person.

   His expression softens as he looks at you, "Hey, are you ok?"

   You nod reassuringly. You and Niall have been best friends since either of you can remember. He's always been there for you when you've needed him most. You've had hidden feelings for him since the 7th grade. The only reason you dated your ex was to try to get over Niall. 

   You sigh and wipe away a tear, "I just don't understand why he would cheat on me." you sob.

   Niall strides over and wraps you into a tight embrace, "Neither do I." he admits, "I think this guy is crazy for hurting you. You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. You're amazing in every way humanly possible."

   You smile up at him, "You don't mean that," she murmur sadly.

   He shakes his head, "No, I do, I do mean that. I mean every word of it."

   "Niall," you whisper, "Can I tell you something?" 

   His arms pull you closer against his chest, making your heart flutter, "You can tell me anything love." he rumbles, his Irish accent thick.

   "I love you."

   His eyes sparkle as a small smile forms on his face, "Can I tell you something?"

   You nod.

   "I've always loved you."

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