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2. Ellie and Niall

   You're sitting by yourself on the beach. The sun is hot on your face and your best friend is out of town for the summer, you simply don't know what to do. So you decided to take a walk along the warm, sandy beaches of Ireland.

   Your brown hair blows lightly in the wind. You're wearing plain white shorts with a bright green halter top. No shoes, just dark brown sunglasses, golden bracelets and a matching necklace.

   You decide you want to buy an ice cream, so you walk to the local ice cream store. As you walk through the door and the cool air hits your skin, you let out a peaceful sign. 'The air conditioner must be turned up for the summer' you think to yourself.

   Your eyes scan the colorful ice cream choices, but your attention is drawn to the blonde boy standing behind the counter. His bright blue eyes are watching you intently. He blushes slightly when he realizes you caught him staring.

   "Sorry." he croaks weakly and quickly looks away, pretending to be interested in the ice cream scoop.

   You smirk and finally choose your favorite flavor, Mint Chocolate Chip.

   "I'll have a Mint Chocolate Chip cone please." you ask politely.

   "My favorite!" he laughs, as he quickly scoops the ice cream into the cone and hands it to you, "A lovely cone for a beautiful lady." he murmurs in a thick Irish accent.

   You laugh at his compliment, "Thank you, what do I owe?"

   "Don't worry about that love," he chuckles, "It's on me."

   He checks the clock and then meets your gaze once again, "Would you like to do something with me? My shift is nearly over and I would like to get to know you better."

   You nod, "I would love that."

   You end up spending the rest of the day with Niall. You have loads of fun. He took you bowling and then down to the beach once again. The sun is slowly setting on the horizon now. The oranges and pinks and yellows dance across the sky. You can faintly see the tiny, dark outlines of birds flying overhead.

   Your attention is draw away from your surroundings when you feel Niall's hand slip securely around yours, "I had fun today."

   You smile up at him, "I did too."

   He pulls you to a stop and looks deep into your eyes, "I know I have only known you for a very short time, but I already feel like I know you. It's easy for me to say that you are the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on, but looks don't necessarily matter to me. You are also one of the nicest girls I have ever met."

   You blush and look away, only to have him meet your gaze once again, "I don't want to go home and forget any of this happened. I want to go home today feeling like the luckiest guy in the world to have such a wonderful girlfriend as you. So would you?" he pleads, "Would you please be my girlfriend?"

   You are taken away by his suddenness. 'We've just met,' you think to yourself, 'but he is so nice and so sweet, how can you say no."

  Despite your brain's arguments you shake your head and begin to walk away. Your not sure why you turned him down. Perhaps you realize how sudden the relationship is. Or you were scared he would hurt you. But deep down you know he would never hurt you and you regret saying no.

   Suddenly you are whipped around and his soft, warm lips are pressed to yours. You stay like that for a few blissful moments before breaking apart.

   His eyes are loving yet serious, "I think I love you." he whispers.

   You sigh and place another kiss onto his lips, "I think I love you too."


I hope you liked it! =) I'm sorry that Mint Chocolate Chip is probably not your favorite flavour of ice cream. (and if it is, then I'm probably psychic)

If you did enjoy it, please don't hesitate to tell your friends and check out some of my other movellas =) As usual, comments-likes-favs are greatly appreciated!  

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