Everything comes with a price, would you steal if you knew the consequences? A foolish man would, would you like to know what happened to him?


1. The Red Car

In the night of a busy city, there stood a car stained in red, many had claimed that it used to be white, but no one was ever sure. Others had claimed they saw bags of gold and money in the car, but no one ever stopped to take a good look at it. The rest had claimed that there was a girl inside waiting for you to make the wrong move, and this was one of those times where a person was foolish and desperate enough to steal from a car that was infamous for being haunted.

A man walks the streets in the lonely winter night of December. Every morning he would walk past a red car and every night he would walk past it again, every once in a while, he saw money. This was the night when it appeared again, just calling out to him.

“Come on, just break the window, no one’s going to get you,” there was a giggle echoing behind the sentence. He looks around and runs away, he looks behind him and it seemed like the car was being over flowed with money; growing and multiplying.

The man returns the next day. He looks inside the car to make sure the money was there and it was, just waiting, calling out to him; he looks around to make sure the voice from yesterday was right, and it was, everyone ignored him as though he didn’t exist, he smiles.

“Tonight God is on my side, he will forgive me for my sins, I’m sure of it!” and with that, he raises the bat and swings it into the window. He puts his hand in the car and feels a sting in his palm, he looks in and sees his hand nailed to the side, blood dripping all over the money and white leather. A giggle comes from the back of the car, as he looks back, he can see deep red eyes, the color of blood. They glowed in the black of the night and they never once blinked; they were watching his every move. The back door opens on the other side of the car, and out comes a beautiful girl with those eyes that were still watching him. She was wearing a cropped shirt with a leather jacket and shorts as if it were summer and boots with heels as sharp as knives.

She walks around the car and up to the man with a whip in her hand, as the man reaches out for her, his other hand is nailed to the door, his feet were paralyzed, but he could feel himself shake in terror. He was unable to move the bottom half of his body and the feeling made its way up to his upper body. Sweat and tears runs down his face, this was no ordinary girl; she was dangerous and probably going to kill him. “Guess you were wrong, my daddy was right beside you the entire time, ever since you were born! You should have stepped away from this car when you had the chance, but humans are foolish, they let greed take control, and this is you punishment…” the girl giggles it sounded like fingernails on a chalkboard but was pleasant like a bell. The sounds mixed around in his head, making him nauseous.

“You know what I’m going to do to you? I’m going to cut off your hands for touching my car and breaking my window. I’m going to tear out your eyes for even looking at my precious car, and I’m going to mash your head with the heels of my boots for being stupid and thinking you could get away with this; but first I'm going to slit your throat and whip you ‘til your skin peels off,” she came closer, her finger was manicured and colored red, but as sharp as claws. She gently put her finger on his throat before pushing it in and then pulling he finger downwards. She opened up the folds and pulled on the cords, breaking it; the man felt queasy and was sure he would die, but he was still alive because she wanted him to feel the pain. The pain that he would feel when he goes to hell, this was only a taste of what was coming.

She whipped him, and after a couple of minutes, he felt a cold breeze that stung his body; his clothes and skin littered the floor beneath him, along with a puddle of blood getting bigger as time went on. He looked at the car and noticed that the car had a new coat of red on and it was his blood. He looked up at the girl and noticed that her blood red lips had curled up into a smirk, nothing but air was touching him and every time a breath of air hit him, jolts of pain shot through his body. It was as if he was being impaled with swords that twisted in his body.

She came up to the man and cuts both of his hands off; she pulls them off the car and it didn’t even have a scratch on it. Then a hole of fire opened and she dropped it into the hole, he could hear things screeching and fighting over his hands. He fell to the ground and looks into her eyes, blood lust swirled in her eyes; she bent down and raised her finger to his left eye. She pokes one of his eyes and held it, she forced him to watch her pull out his other eyes; she drops the second eye on the ground and with the heel of her boots, she steps on it. Just as she does he feels the pain because he did not lose any feeling in his face; he knows what will happen now, his head will be mashed now. She pushes the man down on his back, her whip turns into a giant hammer, dripping with blood.

“Be glad, after this, your trial will be over. You’ll receive the full package in hell, bye bye,” she puts the hammer on her shoulder and squeezes his remaining eyeball in her hand until it popped. He was blind, but he could feel his face breaking, feel his skull cracking, but the easy part was just over. Now he has to deal with the real thing and this will be 100 times worst then the girl.

In the dark night of December, sirens wail throughout the city. No one saw the man being tortured or the beautiful girl dressed in black and red, but they noticed the car and it’s fresh coat of red paint and the metallic smell it gave off.

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