Hold On Tight (One Direction Fan Fic)

Jade Wesly and her friend Angie have just moved into a small London flat. For Jade navigating in large spaces are higly difficult and sometimes she just needs alittle help to get around and back on track with life. When she meets One Direction band member Harry Styles her world takes a whole different route. So she better Hold On Tight.


1. New Companions.

Jade's POV

Angie's old car thundered along the road as she honked and cursed at tourists that blocked our way. I sat slouched over in the front seat next to her. We were on our way to our brand new flat in London. To tell you the truth I honestly didnt want to go but Angie was constantly reminding me of the promise we made when we were little. Our dream was to move to London and be in the music buisness. So far fifty percent of our dreams were coming true. I flipped through the songs I didn't feel like listening too and gazed out the dusty window. I turned back to look at the back seat that had a cat carrier which held my cat Camo, who was sound asleep in a tight ball. 

 "We almost there yet Chief," I said. "Wait I see the city!" I sat up and leaned forward to get a better look at it. I sighed with relief that the four hour trip was quite over. The car was stuffed with our house objects and so was the moving van right behind us.

As we drove further in the city we saw a large house surrounded by screaming girls. We ignored it and countined on about fifteen minutes later we arrived at the flat. We unpacked and when the sun started to set the packing van drove away and we subsided to our living room. I went into my room and made my bed and collapsed into it. I listened as angie went to bed and as the city noises slowly faded away.

I woke up at about nine and went out to get the mail from the people who lived here before. I lazily pulled open the door and hesitated for a moment letting the sun wake me up. I left the door open thinking nothing would happen. I was wrong I opened the mailbox saw nothing and turned to go back into the house, but Camo had to go and run inbetween my legs out on the sidewalk. I briskly walked towords him but he kept going I was focusing on the cat and not on my surroundings. A boy about my age saw the cat and picked up Camo. I looked up and saw someone I never thought I'd ever meet. The noticbly curliy haired boy with blazing green eyes was none other than Harry Styles and I froze and decided not to fangirl.

"Thank you." I said as Harry passed the cat over to me.

"No problem." he said and smiled. "So you new here?"

"Yeah how can you tell?" i asked stroking my cats head.

"Well I walk by here alot and I noticed the for sale sign was gone" He said and I nodded. "Well your very pretty and I'd love to show you around London sometime so here just text me later on tonight and i'll show you around sometime." He handed me a peice of paper with a number and we said good bye and he countinued walking down the road.

Wow. Just Wow. I breathlessly told Angie what had happened.


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