Hold On Tight (One Direction Fan Fic)

Jade Wesly and her friend Angie have just moved into a small London flat. For Jade navigating in large spaces are higly difficult and sometimes she just needs alittle help to get around and back on track with life. When she meets One Direction band member Harry Styles her world takes a whole different route. So she better Hold On Tight.


4. Isn't She Lovely?

Harry's POV

It was saturday at about 4:38 and I was absouloutly bored out of my mind. The date was at 7 and I had nothing to do. I saw Liam stick his head in through my door. He laughed when he saw my face.

"Bored much?" he said.

"No." I said sarcasticly, "I am having a lovely time staring at my off Tellie."

"Why don't you turn it on then?" he said. I reached my hand out and was inches away from the clicker.

"So...Close... But Yet..So Far."

Liam left the room and I followed him out. All the boys were taking their girlfriends out. At least I wouldn't be here on my own. I joined Zayn on the couch as he began to set up his game system. I didn't even ask but, he handed me a controller. For the next two hours we played a car racing game.

At 6:45 The boys and I left. I drove down the road in my black car. Jade's house came into view and, before I got out I checked my surroundingd to make sure there where no paparazzi.

There was just an occasional bird that landed on the hood of my car. I got out and racked my brain to remember the flat number. 72. Then I saw the cats face in the window. Camo was it? Yes I believe so. I countinued up the steps and hesitated then I knocked. Another girl pulled open the door.

"Hi" I said awkwardly.

"Hello you here for Jade?" she asked.

"Uhh yea I'm Harry"

"I know" she laughed. She welcomed me into the house and as I stepped through the threshold I could have sworn I heard a camera snap.

"I'm Angie" she said then she yelled down the hall for Jade.

"Hold On!" Jade yelled. She came down the hall. She was wearing a short sleeve Breaking Benjamin shirt, dark blue jeans and some hightops. Her light brown hair was curled at the ends. Her cat jumped from the cabinet and landed on her shoulders. I couldn't believe that the huge bengal cat could fit on her small shoulders.

"You ready?" her voice brought me back to reality.

"Yeah." We left the house and sat in the car for a minute.

"So where are we going?" she asked.

"I thought I'd show you around London." I said with a smile and she gigled.

"Cool. At least I'll know where I'm going next time I walk out my front door." she looked out the window as we pulled away from her house.

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