Hold On Tight (One Direction Fan Fic)

Jade Wesly and her friend Angie have just moved into a small London flat. For Jade navigating in large spaces are higly difficult and sometimes she just needs alittle help to get around and back on track with life. When she meets One Direction band member Harry Styles her world takes a whole different route. So she better Hold On Tight.


3. A Chance

Jade's POV

I had just finished unpacking my last box and layed my head down on the puffy pillow. My phone vibrated and started playing "It's Time" by Imagine Dragons I looked at it and it read incoming call from H. Styles. I picked it up.




"Umm How are you?" Harry said filling in the empty space of silence.

"Uhh Great how 'bout you?" I said awkwardly.

"Good. How's unpacking going?" he said as I heard whispers of urging on the other line.

"I just finished" I said laughing to myself.

Silence... Again

Then another voice rang through the phone.

"Will you go on a date with Harry!"

I had to pull the phone away from my ear in order to keep my hearing intact.

"Really?" I said nervously.

"Um yeah would you want to?" Harry took controll of the phone again. I looked at Angie as she put her head through the open door.

"Yes I would love too." I said then I heard loud cheering and I heard Harry sigh and shoo the boys away.

"Sorry 'bout that they are just reall happy" he said and laughed. We talked for a few more minutes and sepperated. The date was tommorow. Saturday night. I walked into the den where Angie had retreated. I told her what had happened. The smile on her face was amazing.

"Thats so great you haven't had a boyfriend in three years!" She said loudly.

"Don't bring it up," I said. "I don't want a reminder of my other relationship" The boy I had dated when I was 15 was two years older than me and I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. Then he became a bit of obsessive and abusive so I left him. I didn't trust any boys after that but, something about Harry said it was all okay.

"Well okay now go get some sleep for tommorrow you tend to sleep in till you know like one in the afternoon" Angie told me and I went to my room and cuddled up to the blankets and dreamed about how lucky I was that the one and only Harry Edward Styles had asked me out.

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