One crucial mission

Aria is a spy who is dedicated to her work. She is the best in profession, has extensive knowledge in hand to hand combats, amazing sharpshooter, and is only 19. When one direction's manager starts getting fishy Aria is sent to get to the bottom of it. In a twist of events she has to get close to the band members but what happens if she gets too close? Read more to find out!


6. time for fun

We all walked outside and smiled seeing that the grey dreary sky had been replaced by blue, loving, cloudless sky.


"Let's go swimming!" Screamed Louis. That kid was like the energizer bunny the only time he shut up was.................never! "Sounds like fun" I responded and so did the others.


"Let's meet up at our place at 3:00!" Yelled Zayn. "Here’s our address" said harry as he handed me a piece of paper.


"Okay see you there!" I started jogging to the hotel. ---at hotel--- I opened up my room and dived for the trash. Luckily the note with Niall's number was at the top of the trash. I instantly inserted the number into my contacts. I walked to my closet tucked inside was a black covering bikini with green stripes on it. I slipped it on and covered it with a plain green t-shirt and jean shorts. I slipped on a pair of white toms and jogged to the address that Harry gave to me.


I rang the doorbell and heard a crash and nobody came to the door. Adrenaline started to recklessly course though my blood. I tore a bobby pin out of my hair and picked the lock. Hoping to just find them fooling around. I heard the lock click and I almost ripped the door off its hinges...




Paul the boy’s bodyguard was with five other giants. They had the boys tied up and were starting to carry them out of the house. When they saw me Paul, the one who wasn't caring a band member started to run at me. I ran straight for him. I vaulted off of his shoulders, turned around in midair head locked him, and hit his pressure point to make him pass out. I swiped Paul's pistol out of his holster and pointed it at the five other monsters.


"set them down slowly" I coldly said they set down the boys but then one of them decided to be tough and pulled out his gun holding it to Harries head. I quickly shot him in the head. I looked back to the remaining four, "if you don't want to end up like you college put your hands up, NOW!" they slowly raised their hands. "Who sent you?" All of the men started to sway their mouths started foaming like a dog with rabies and they fell to the floor dead. They must have been sent from Brone, because Brone had created this fake tooth that if you get caught you could break it off and it would kill you so they wouldn't be captured. Dang!




I turned to the boys who were sitting on the floor with faces that made them look like ghosts. I tried to smile but failed.


"Ummmmm, I'm not exactly a fashion designer" they just stared back at me.


"Who are you?" asked Harry


"I will tell you later but I have to get you out of here before Paul’s reinforcements come." I said as I started to untie their bonds, and started tying up Paul.


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