One crucial mission

Aria is a spy who is dedicated to her work. She is the best in profession, has extensive knowledge in hand to hand combats, amazing sharpshooter, and is only 19. When one direction's manager starts getting fishy Aria is sent to get to the bottom of it. In a twist of events she has to get close to the band members but what happens if she gets too close? Read more to find out!


1. The one day mission.

NOTE: read the description of the book first then this will make more sense

Riiiiiiiing my phone went off. I quickly snapped it open "Hello?" I said with an all business tone. "You are needed for a mission your flight is ready for take off, more information will be inside." Responded a dry tone.
"Okay." I slapped the phone shut. Another day another mission I thought breathing in deeply. I had just finished another mission that morning, oh well. I hopped into my car and sped off to the airport. Stepping out of my car I strode inside. I looked at the text I got after my call. --flight 47 to England first class. Password to get on flight, occupy.-- Finding the desk that had 47 over it I walked over to the desk and said "Occupy". Instantly grinning, the secretary, guided me to the plane "have a nice flight!" she said as I walked into the plane. Finding my seat I sat down and reached into the secret pocket on the side. Inside was a CD player. Popping on the headphones I started to listen.
"Dr. Brone has started majorly funding a CD recording company that records for the most famous artists. You need to break into Dr. Brone's office and find out what the is doing. In the secret pocket are the tools you will need and a map of where his headquarters are. You are to break into the office and take pictures of evidence but don't take anything If Dr. Brone knows that we broke in he will go into hiding and we will never be able to find him. We have a janitor in there he will leave open a window in Brone's office there are no security cameras but be carful. You can't fail. Break in at 8:00 make sure to leave at 10:00" The director's bland voice stopped. A robotic voice said "CD will self destruct in five four three two one". The CD player goes up in flames and incinerated in seconds, gotta love the new gadgets. I glanced at my watch it was 5:00 the plane would land at 7:00 that gave me just enough time to find the place. Sticking my hand into the pocket again I pulled out 5 things. A lock pick, a map with the Brone's office circled, blueprints of the building, twelve feet of the the strongest thinnest rope in the world with a grapple hook on the end, and camera. For the rest of the plane ride I studied the map and blueprints.

The plane is just landing. I neatly folded the map and blueprints and put everything in my side bag. I walked out of the plane breathed in the wet air of London and started walking to Brone's office. On the map it said that Brone's office was ten blocks away. Walking down the cobblestone roads would have been relaxing if my mission wasn't so important. You see Dr. Brone was on America's and many other countries most wanted list. This guy was cunning and I had foiled many of his plans before but wasn't able to lock him away for good. On my last mission he was planning on killing the president I stopped him but not before he blew up the building I was in after he had sliced my stomach. I have the scar that reminds me everyday of the score I needed to settle with him. While walking some body ran up behind me and tried to steal my side bag. All of my equipment was in there so I had to stop him. Clinging to my bag I grabbed the hand that was holding my bag, pried it off, and scooted into a ally so nobody would see the next thing I was going to do. I spun around the guy and cranked his hand behind him. In his ear I whispered "that was a bad idea." Then made him pass out. This guy wouldn't remember me the next morning. I stepped out of the ally way and saw it had gotten darker out. Glancing at my watch I realized it was 7:40! I still needed to get to Brone's office and scout it out! There was a ladder leading up to the roof of the building. Happily, I climbed up and started jumping across roofs to Brone's office.
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