One crucial mission

Aria is a spy who is dedicated to her work. She is the best in profession, has extensive knowledge in hand to hand combats, amazing sharpshooter, and is only 19. When one direction's manager starts getting fishy Aria is sent to get to the bottom of it. In a twist of events she has to get close to the band members but what happens if she gets too close? Read more to find out!


7. Run!

"Go and get some clothes and your essential items, pack light and in a backpack." I urgently told the boys. Slightly dazed they turned and ran to their rooms.  I quickly pulled out my phone and called the director. 
"The boys almost got kidnapped, I need a safe-house!"
"Okay where are you?"
"At their house." 
"Go to the kitchen there is a jar in there open it and inside there are directions to a safe house." He spoke with urgency, "there are weapons behind the wall in the kitchen too just turn the magnet on the fridge 360 degrees and that will open. You must move swiftly and quickly. Oh and one more thing, there will be a partner for you. He will be at the safe house, you must hurry!" With that the director hung up. I sprinted to the kitchen and found a map with a trail on it and turned the magnet. Instantly the whole fridge swung open revealing a small dip in the wall holding light weapons that I could easily hide on my body and my normal black outfit. (It looked like this, thingy) I slipped it on and strapped on four knives, two guns, and a rope that looked like the one I used to get into Brone's office. I ran up to the boys rooms to find that they had all just finished packing. The turned and looked to me, fear present in their eyes"Follow me, if you don't  you will be," I didn't want o say it but they all knew what I was talking about."just shut up and follow me." We ran out the back door of their house and into the woods that was behind it. I followed the map to a stream following  the directions I stepped into the bitter cold water and walked up it. The boys, to petrified to protest followed in my wake.  After five hours of walking we finally came upon the safe-house, knocking four time the door swung open to reveal my biggest nightmare.

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