One crucial mission

Aria is a spy who is dedicated to her work. She is the best in profession, has extensive knowledge in hand to hand combats, amazing sharpshooter, and is only 19. When one direction's manager starts getting fishy Aria is sent to get to the bottom of it. In a twist of events she has to get close to the band members but what happens if she gets too close? Read more to find out!


5. off my rocker





My alarm buzzed like a mosquito in my ear. I slapped the alarm off it was seven, and I had to work at nine. I decided to work out, because that always cleared my head. To warm up I did 40 crunches and 30 pushups. Then I practiced martial arts and boxing moves until eight. At eight I had breakfast and got ready for work. I finished getting ready and saw the piece of paper with that boy's number on it. I can't believe that I took the chance of talking to that boy. I picked up the piece of paper, crumpled it up and threw it in the trash bin without looking at the number. Then I left for the studio. On the way there I got Anne a medium mocha. When I entered the studio Anne screamed "my mocha! THANK YOU!!!!!" she said as she scooped her mocha out of my hands holding it as if it was the most valuable piece of china. I could tell that she was serious about her coffee. I followed her as she strolled back to the five boys she was talking to. Dread seeped into my gut like a sponge the boys that had talked to me last night were the boys I was supposed to protect. Last night I should have stayed with them and protected them SHOOT!

Anne then got their attention "Hey boys!" she blasted "This is my new assistant she will be with us for a while so be nice" she scolded playfully. They all looked at me and smiled.

"Hi, my name is Samantha but call me Sam" I stated with a smile as I shook hands with all of them.

"I'm Niall" said the blond boy I talked to last night.

"I'm Liam" softy said the boy with buzzed hair.

"I'm Zayn" stated the boy with perfectly styled black hair.

"I'm Harry" shyly said a cute boy with brown curly hair.

"I'M LOUIS" screamed A boy with brown hair "and this is Kevin" he whispered as he held up a plastic pigeon.

"Well we got to get the boys ready for their new music video. So let's get going!" exclaimed Anne.

We walked over to five chairs and they sat down. For the next five hours I helped put on their makeup, and then watched them fool around the set for their music video. There were three things I learned 1. They could really sing, 2. Louis is crazy, 3. They can't dance AT ALL.

They finished their first video at 2:30 though they were planned to finish at 4:00. Harry walked up to me.

"Hi, we were wondering if you could hang out earlier." He shyly asked with his face concealed like curtain.

My stomach fluttered with a feeling that I had never felt before and it scared me but I needed to protect these boys. "That sounds cool" I almost whispered. I could tell there was something that this boy with the curly hair was doing to me and it was scaring me more than anything before.




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