One crucial mission

Aria is a spy who is dedicated to her work. She is the best in profession, has extensive knowledge in hand to hand combats, amazing sharpshooter, and is only 19. When one direction's manager starts getting fishy Aria is sent to get to the bottom of it. In a twist of events she has to get close to the band members but what happens if she gets too close? Read more to find out!


2. Get inside

I was on the roof top of the building that was right next to Dr. Brone's office, it was 7:55 I saw the janitor open the window just enough so I could slip in. Now I had to figure out how to get over there. I took out my tools and got to work by 8:00 I had figured out my plan. I swung my grappling hook over to the top of the office building and tugged down to make sure that the hook was in place. Finally I grabbed right to the rope and swung over to the window I landed about ten feet below I mustered up my strength and pulled myself up the rope and slid into the office. I started looking when I found stuff about one direction I stopped and took a picture and carried on rummaging through everything and placing them back exactly where I found them. I finished at 9:30. I put everything back and slid out the window. I grabbed the rope and slid down to the ground, mission accomplished! I quickly jogged away from Dr. Brone's office and dug my phone out I texted the director, --mission accomplished-- I hit send and immediately the director texted back --go to the holiday inn and get room 227 everything you need is in there.-- The holiday inn was five blocks away I started walking.

(At holiday inn)

I walked up to the desk and stated" room 227 please."
"Here is your key thank you for coming to holiday inn" the clerk said as I walked away with the key. When I got to room I opened it and scanned the room for bugs (not the animal but spy gear, just wanted to clear that up) When I found the room was clean I sat down at the computer and sent the photos to the director. Now I could relax I went to the shower and turned it on. Tired I washed off and fell asleep in the hotel bed.
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