I'm in Love with a Fallen Angel

It's the sad truth. On the second day of Cheshvan (mom's Jewish, dad's Christian) he walked into my life. Literally. He just walked into class, and took the seat nexed to me. I am one of those girls who never gets in trouble, has a 4.0 GPA, and gets bullied. That was, before he came into my life.


1. Chapter 1


"What are you doing Brenden?!" I yell at him through the tears.

"Saving you. Please leave now, Jo." He said calmly, but with a hint of fear in his voice. Just then, He cuts down Brenden's arm with a knife and upper cuts him in the jaw so Brenden falls down.

He advances toward me.

"Come with me, Jo. If you do, no more harm will go to the demon." He said referring to Brenden.

"Brenden's not a demon! He's just missunderstood!" I yell at Him.

"You never told her demon? Oh-well. I guess I will tell her. Jo, he's a fallen angel, banished from heaven." He said.

"You're lying!" I yell through my confusion.

"You dumb little girl.You don't believe me? Then I'll have to show you." He said to me. He ran back to the weakend Brenden and cut open the back of his shirt with his knife. As he cut it open, the knife cut some of Brenden's back, and he screamed. Breanden looked at me with fear clear in his eyes. Then I saw them. Two scars shaped like a triangle on his back.

"I didn't want you to know Jo. You would have run, but I love you." He said, with tears falling from his eyes.

"I think I would have, too, but now, I love you too much to leave." I told him.

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