Before I Lose You

I'm a scam artist, I steal things, I kill people in cold blood, and I would never ever have a heart for any human being ever again or so I thought. Everything was fine with me until I met him.... Hello, I don't believe we've officially met I'm Rachael Hills.


2. I'm not all that bad

Rachael's Pov

I quickly untied my black combat boots and put my hair in a high ponytail. I had long like very long curly light blonde hair. I mean its ok I guess it's just a pain to get the tangles out with just a comb. My loud sigh filled my lonely spacious flat. I didn't even have a dog. I use to have a best friend named Sara. She worked at the UKC with me she showed me everything and trained with me. I am the reason she's dead and I will never forgive my self for that. The UKC stands for Undercover Killer Corporation. Iv been working there since I was 14. My uncle was the head agent. I hated him because he never showed any respect for me and my family. He didn't even show up at my parents funeral for gods sake. He had no heart for anything or anyone not even his own brother (my dad). But I wasn't completely alone, I had my big brother, Asher, my big sister, Emery and I use to have another sister named Piper. They quit the UKC six years ago to work with each other. They made their own agency to help people get arrested and not killed. My uncle was furious and sent tons of men to kill them. He succeeded with Piper being killed but could never find Asher and Emery. They went into hiding and never contacted me more than once a year usually on my birthday on December 15th. I haven't seen them since they left. I was going to join them but since I'm the youngest they made me stay to be protected and told me never to join the UKC or the people I love would get hurt, but I did it anyways because everyone I loved was gone. But the thing was I didn't really want to talk to my siblings. They left me on my own for 6 years. I was only twelve and I had no choice but to stay with my uncle. All he did with me was give me money and left my on my own. I have I admit it was a lot of money he sent me eight thousand dollars every year for my house, car, and pretty much everything I needed and wanted. My phone white snow colored iPhone buzzed and I sighed because my phone only buzzed when I had a mission. I looked down at it and slid the arrow to revel a text from James that said code 5172. Yay for me.
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