Before I Lose You

I'm a scam artist, I steal things, I kill people in cold blood, and I would never ever have a heart for any human being ever again or so I thought. Everything was fine with me until I met him.... Hello, I don't believe we've officially met I'm Rachael Hills.


1. She's coming

Indies Pov

I waited inside the small bank, knowing I was probably going to die. I clutched some of the money I stole in my brown chocolate colored satchel. I sank under the desk with a bullet through my leg crying. I know we shouldn't have tried to take the banks money and hurt the other people, but they didn't have to kill all of us. Or at least not they, her. All of my partners were dead except me and I knew she was coming for me because I started this mess. I got a small tissue from the desk and quietly went back under. I dabbed it gently on my leg as I screeched in pain. Then I heard boots clicking on the cold hard ground. She was coming. I held my breath then I smelled something weird. The weird smell was making my nose feel very strange. Then I had a eager feeling to sneeze, so I I did. Then i realized it was a huge mistake that probably cost me my life. I could see her boots from under the desk, they turned towards me and I started to cry harder. She literally kicked the desk down with much force. "I'm sorry!!" I squealed. Then I looked at her like a scared puppy as my tears fell like Niagara Falls. She studied me for a minute like I was an opened book, then pulled out a gun from her light brown leather jacket." Goodbye Jake!" I say in a raspy voice. Then the sound of a bullet filled the lifeless bank.

// Hey guys I know the first chapter was really short but I promise the others are so much longer I hoped you enjoyed it comment on what you think and read my other story Reincarnation! Thanks! -xx Kylie
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