The boy that changed my life

I've never had a problem with boys, because they all fall at my feet like dogs. Well, I never had a problem...until one boy called Harry Styles came along, and mucked it all up.


1. Perfect


When I was younger, my mum used to tuck me up in bed before I went to sleep, and she would read me a bedtime story. A story at how people always have a happy ending, how the princess would always marry the prince and everyone would live happily ever after.

As I grew up, I used to always wonder, when MY happy ending was going to happen.

I asked my mum over some milk and cookies that very question after school one day; I can still remember the worried, anxious look on her face. She dropped her cup full of cold milk, and looked me straight in the eye.

"Listen sweetie" She took both of my hands, "You will find Prince Charming, one day, okay?"

I nodded, feeling a sense of pride as I jerked my head up and down. I can still see the satisfied look on her face, as she picked up her cup once again and began to sip on it.

I'm 17 now, still in school, and thankfully, I've found my prince charming. He's super popular, like me, and he's totally into me.

His name is Jack, Jack Kelly. He has wavy blonde hair, and cheeky blue eyes that sparkle in the darkness. He has a certain way of looking at you, that made you go all tingly inside.

I was walking along the corridors, my arm attached to his, as if to warn anybody from trying to touch me.

It felt safe somehow to be holding onto him...but in some ways it felt like I was clinging onto him.

And then I hear a voice, a peppy enthusiastic voice from behind me, that makes my confidence disappear immediately, "Hey, Zoe, wait up!"

I turn, slowly and sharply on my heels. My arm disconnecting from Jack's so that now I'm facing him.

Yep...none other than the new boy, Harry.

I don't even know his second name, I've never spoken to him before. He looks, different to everyone else. 

He has CRAZY hair, and when I say CRAZY I mean it. It's a light shade of brown, but it's really curly, like the end of a mop. 

He's smiling; a cheeky, lopsided grin, that makes me want to smile back. But I don't. 

I place one hand on my hip, "And you are...?" My voice trails off, leaving a silence between us. I realize that Jack isn't beside me any more, he must have left.

Unfortunately for Harry, I know exactly who he is.  

Harry's grin fades a little at my harsh words, "I'm Harry...Harry Styles."

His voice is serious, but cheeky, and he holds out a tanned hand to me, which I blankly stare at. 

"I'm Zoe, now I really need to go." I state clearly realizing the amount of people staring at us by now. 

Harry smirks, "Nice name." I don't know why, but I'm blushing madly at him, because of ONE compliment. Okay...I really DO have a problem with blushing.

I turn swiftly away from him, eager to get away from the boy who happens to be new, who I do not want to speak to BECAUSE he may turn into a loser.

I'm not one to judge, but SERIOUSLY, a lopsided grin was totally last year.

Or so I thought.

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