Loved You First (sequel to Kiss You)

Lexy and Harry are now dating, but Niall still wants her back. Niall can't get over her but now she's Harry's girl. Read book one to find out what happened between Niall and Lexy that caused them to break up. In the book, Lexy ends up being the opening act for One Direction and even becomes famous herself. What will happen between her and Niall? Will another boy in the band fall for her? Will things ever be the same? Well,why don't you read to find out for yourself.
(This story is on hold)


2. Afternoon flight

Niall's POV

   I've decided to stay single until Harry breaks Lexy's heart and I get my chance with the one I knew I loved and always would love even if she cheated on me with 50 million guys. My stomach growled so I decided to go make some toast and eggs for everyone. Just as I pulled out the cartoon of eggs out of the big black fridge, Lexy came to join me. 

   "Hey Nialler, whatcha making?" She asked with a smile on her face. She hugged me and sat on the island.

   "Oh, just some eggs and toast for everyone, I'm really hungry. So, are you excited to be on tour with us and go to Chicago. We're leaving today around noon." She nodded and grabbed 12 pieces of white bread and walked over to the toaster.

   Lexy's POV

"Of course I'm excited, I'm with  my 5 best friends the whole time!" I said as the brownish toast popped out of the toaster scaring the crap outta of me. He just smiled and kept cooking the eggs until I finished making toast and he finished scrambling the eggs. I ran upstairs and woke everyone up just by screaming "FOOD IS READY!" All of the boys ran downstairs and took 2 pieces of toast and as much eggs as they wanted and sat at the table. Nobody talked while we ate,after we all finished our food we cleaned up our plates and went to go pack for Chicago. We needed a lot of time because we were staying in Chicago for most of the time on the tour and we were going 3 weeks early. Harry and I dashed up the stairs and packed all of the clothes,shoes,and undergarments we would need for 2 months. We each had about 3 bags of clothes and I had a purse full of things I would need in the shower,bathroom,and medication I would need if I got sick. 

    It was exactly 12:01 when the limo to take us to the airport had arrived. The long white limo waited as we all scattered out of the house, grabbing things as we walked out. The driver was actually quite nice and didn't bother us at all. I sat next to Niall and Harry while Zayn,Liam,and Louis sat on the other side. We all just talked about the tour and they told me funny stories. 

   When we finally got there, paparazzi was everywhere and screaming girls were outside of the airport waiting to catch a glimpse of the lads. We quickly went through security and finally sat on the plane. I sat next to Liam this time and Harry and Louis sat together. Niall and Zayn sat together and kept talking and talking and talking. Liam and I just took funny pictures and took turns napping on each other's shoulders. When the flight attendants came by asking us for food, we all got a package of chocolate chip cookies and a mini cartoon of skim milk,my favorite. We all ate our milk dunked cookies and then fell asleep. When we were landing in Chicago we all were wide awake just like Katy Perry (you see what I did there?) we grabbed our carry on bags and walked off of the plane. The airport was full of paparazzi flashing there cameras in our faces trying to get a good picture. Fans were screaming "Harry!Harry!Harry!" but we just kept walking but stopped to take a few pictures with fans. We jumped into a limo and drove off to our hotel. This time Harry and I were sharing a room, Louis and  Liamhad their own room together  and Zayn was with Niall. I used to live in Chicago so I knew what fun things to do and how to get their. 

  "Hey Harry, after we unpack, want to go walk in the Lake Michigan with me? I know a place where nobody knows about but me and my family." I asked as he nodded and finished unpacking. We had so many clothes and shoes to bring, but when we were done he grabbed my hand and we walked to the beach. We just walked up and down the sandy shore for an hour telling each other stories from when we were little.We laughed,talked,and kissed a lot that night. We decided to go back to the hotel and get some sleep. That night we cuddled all night and he kept me warm from the Chicago wind.

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