Loved You First (sequel to Kiss You)

Lexy and Harry are now dating, but Niall still wants her back. Niall can't get over her but now she's Harry's girl. Read book one to find out what happened between Niall and Lexy that caused them to break up. In the book, Lexy ends up being the opening act for One Direction and even becomes famous herself. What will happen between her and Niall? Will another boy in the band fall for her? Will things ever be the same? Well,why don't you read to find out for yourself.
(This story is on hold)


1. Recording Studio

Harry's POV

      I needed to call management and get Lexy to be our opening act, I couldn't leave her for that long. I needed to be with her, I dialed the number and they answered.

          "Hey management, I have someone I want you to meet. She's an amazing singer and I think she'll be great as an opening act. I really want her to join us on tour." I said as they agreed to have her come by the recording studio at 12.

        I looked over at her sleeping and decided to wake her up now so she could have time to get ready and practice. She asleep but I had to wake her up so she would have time.

     "Babe,good news. You're coming on tour with us and you're our opening act! The fans all saw your video and they loved you. We need to swing by the recording studio to help write some songs and practice so get ready" I exclaimed as she got up and thanked me with a hug and kiss. I decided to text the boys good news. Niall,Liam,Louis,Zayn:Good news guys,Lexy is our opening act for the tour! I hope you guys don't mind but you all know what an amazing voice she has. Also wake up it's 9AM and I'm hungry. That refers to you Niall. I was so excited for Lexy to join us. I got up and threw on some clothes.

Lexy's POV

   I quickly rushed into the shower to freshen up before I went to the recording studio. I threw on a white shirt and a black blazer and slipped into black skinny jeans. I pinned a black bow into my hair and tightened my black combat boots. I applied some Bare Minerals foundation and applied some waterproof mascara. I looked in the mirror and saw my paper plane necklace was just like Harry's, I smiled and found him in a blazer too. We looked like twins today,how cute! He saw me and ran up to me and hugged me like he hadn't seen me in 4 years. I looked up at him and stared into his emerald green eyes as he stared into my ice blue eyes and kissed him. He has treated me so much better than Niall has, I really did love this boy. Yeah, I did fall for him fast but I didn't feel like this with Niall, it felt different. 

   Harry and I walked hand in hand down the long brown stairs and saw all of the boys waiting for us. They all looked great, well they always did. I gave them all big hugs and kisses on the cheek before we climbed into Louis' big red van. I called shotgun and all the other boys besides Louis sat in the back. We listened to Ed Sheeran's A-Team and sang along. I've always wanted to meet him and see his crazy ginger hair. 

   After a 30 minute drive from the house we finally arrived at the studio. It was huge, pictures of famous singers were scattered all over the maroon walls. We walked up to the recording studio and saw Simon sitting in a car waiting to hear me sing. I walked into the studio and started to sing One Direction's Little Things but then I started to sing The Scientist by Coldplay. When I finished Simon said I was amazing and that I was worthy to open for One Direction. We decided to write some songs for the tour but only wrote 2 because I would preform 5 songs, 2 my one and 3 covers. The songs I would be singing as covers were going to be Wanted By Hunter Hayes, Hey Soul Sister by Train and Undo It by Carrie Underwood. I wanted to sing some One Direction songs but it was their tour, I couldn't possibly do that. This tour kicked off in 3 weeks, but we had to prepare and fly out to Chicago tomorrow so we could get used to where most of our shows would be held. 

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