True Love?

"Harry" "Yea Kenzie ?" " Do you love me?" ..... Read for more :) btw first fanfic so plzz no hate :)


6. Perfect <3

El's POV

My God, Niall was so adorable. I loved his accent and every thing about him, I could not look away from his amazing eyes.

" So, What hotel are you guys staying at?" Niall asked. I could have fainted then and there form the pure amazingness of his accent but that would have been really emabassing so I tried my best not to swoon. There was a long pause when nobody said anything then Kenzie broke the silence.

" Oh, I'm not sure what its called, but its just there." She pointed out of the window at a fancy looking hotel. Liam nodded and Harry just smiled at Kenzie, it was either that he had a problem or was really interested in Kenzie. I looked my other way and saw that Louis and Avery seemed to be getting along very well. Liam was chatting away to Zayn so I didn't really have anyone to talk to apart from Niall. I awkwardly looked over to him and smiled. He returned the smile and I nearly fainted. Again.

" So....." He tried to begin a conversation. The car suddenly stopped by our hotel. " I guess we're here then." I said and tried to get out the car, but Niall grabbed my arm and stopped the rest of the girls from going. We all got back in the car and just sat there watching one another as the boys whispered something to each other.

" Okay, you should just know that we don't do this a lot,so this is, like, a really huge deal. We wanna invite you to have lunch with us every day for the rest of the week." Louis said in a high pitch american accent. Wait.. was that from Mean Girls? What the actual hell!

" Wait.. Thats from Mean Girls, right? You watched Mean Girls?" Zayn questioned Louis. Louis froze. "Technically, with your logic, you've watched Mean Girls too, since you know that its from Mean Girls." Avery explained. Zayn raised his eyebrows. " Oh.. course... not! Why would I watch mean girls?" Zayn said suspiciously " Okay, honestly, who here has actually watched Mean Girls?" Kenzie asked and all the boys put up their hands slowly and unsteadily. I began to raise my hand but then racheal slapped it back down. " Not you El, you're allowed to watch a chick flick!" oh yeah.

" Okay, then, we are going to have to deny your incredible offer of having lunch with you for a whole week because we are busy girls and don't have time for you lot." Racheal pointed out.

" No, of course you don't but you do have time for just one little quick stop to have lunch with us right? Just today." Liam said and gave us his huge puppy dog eyes.

" Fine, Just today." We agreed. I was so exited and nearly jumped out of my seat when Niall told the driver to get us to Nandos. 


At Nandos

Niall's POV

" I'll have the 10 Peri Peri chicken with the spicey rice and the chips please." I asked the waitress after the others had ordered. I looked back at El who was awkwardly sipping at her apple juice. She was so adorable, her beautiful leaf green eyes shone in the light of the restaraunt. Her amazing hair fell perfectly in her face.

" Oi, Nialler, your food is here." Came louis voice as he nudged me in the shoulder. I looked down at my food and licked my lips .



Hey! Its El here! From El&Avery! I am the Co-author of this awesome book! I will sometimes be writing this sometimes when Abigail is to busy! I know this chappie is quite short but I think It will do, just for you to see Niall and El's Relationship! And by the way its my name thats in the story! ;D

Anyway hope you liked it! And thanks so much to Abigail for letting me Co Author! Love you! :D

El xoxo

Remember: Smile :D

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