True Love?

"Harry" "Yea Kenzie ?" " Do you love me?" ..... Read for more :) btw first fanfic so plzz no hate :)


2. Finally Its The Day!!

*Kenzie's POV*
"KENZIE WAKE UP!!" Rachel my older sister screamed while jumping on my bed with two of my beat friends El and Avery . " Im going im going ... CAN YOU BELIVE TODAY WE GO TO LONDON!!!" I screamed my lungs out " Thats why we woke you up dumbo " El the 'smart mouth' said. I ignored her and went to the bathroom. I put my hair in a messy bun, took my clothes off and took a warm shower . - 20 minutes later - " Kenzie hurry up broskii we almost have to go" Avery said i chuckled when she said 'Broskii'. I got out of the bathroom and went to change i were some black ripped skinny's, a red tank top, red converse , hoodie, and a snapback. Rachel, Avery , and El were already ready. "Im ready" i grabbed my luggage, my iphone, and a poptart.... to eat in the car. Now we were on our way to the airport. - Skip Car Ride-
* Avery's POV* " Im hungry! " i cried " Can we go to that restaurant ? Please" i begged " Oh My Gosh Avery ! Hol-" " BUT IM HUNGRY!" I screamed which made a couple of heads to turn I waved awkwardly and ran to the restaurant i wanted to go to which made the rest of the girls come with me . I found a table for four and we sat down . A waitress came and asked for our order " can i get a Cheese Burger with Fries and a Coke " i said with a gentle smile the girls ordered what they wanted and we waited for our food Rachel started talking " Soo what are we gon-" " excuse me sorry to bother you but may i use your ketchup " said a husky voice " Uhh Sure Here you go" Kenzie said while handing him the kethup
* Kenzie's POV* OMG his voice.. To die for!! " uh here you go"the boy said giving me the ketchup not only the ketchup it had a little not stuck on to it the read ' Call Me Maybe 295-662-9096 by the way my name is Harry :) xx' i was like freaking out right now and i bet this is only the beginning

Authors Note : I hope you guys like it :D its my first book .. Also do you think i should continu ?? Plzz no HaTe !! Plzz Like, Comment,And Fave :D by my Kitties
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