True Love?

"Harry" "Yea Kenzie ?" " Do you love me?" ..... Read for more :) btw first fanfic so plzz no hate :)


1. Characters!

Kenzie Macoy : 18,Chocolate Brown eyes , Black hair , Short, Chubby and is REALLY insecure!!
Rachel Macoy: 21, Hazel eyes, Black hair , Sister of Kenzie, Tall , Skinny and always feels Flawless
Avery Perez: 18, Water Blue eyes, Brunette colored hair, Funny, Not to Tall not to Short :),Skinny
El Mraz:19, Leaf Green Eyes , Brown Blonde hair, Not to short ,Skinny, Creative
And Pretty Obvious One Direction .... I dont have to say anything about them i think!! :)

Oh and They all ( Kenzie,Rachel,Avery,and El) are Directioners :D ... El and Avery hope you dont mind i used your names !!
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