True Love?

"Harry" "Yea Kenzie ?" " Do you love me?" ..... Read for more :) btw first fanfic so plzz no hate :)


5. Best Day Ever Prt:2

*Kenzie's POV*
" Ok well girls tell us about your selves" Harry yes Harry Styles asked i was like trying my best not to Fangirl " Ok well i guess i'll go first.. Okay well my name is Kenzie Macoy, Im 18, i speak full spanish, im sister's with Rachel, i LOVE cats, And my favorite color is Orange! " I said with a gentle smile. " i'll go next i guess.. WELL my name is Rachel Macoy, im 21, i LOVE dogs, i speak full spanish just like Kenzie, and my favorite color is RED!" Rachel said smiling like a Cray-Cray man!! " I vet Avery is gonna go next " i whisperd to Harry he just smiles. " Ok i'll go then!" Avery yea Avery said.. I CAN TELL THE FUTURE!! " My name is Avery Julie Perez, i'm 18, I LOVE food, and my favorite color is green!" Avery Said. "And i'm the last one..WELL my name is El Alyssa Mraz, Im 19, i LOVE drawing and doodling, and My favorite colors are Blue and Purple!" El says Happily ' Suavemente bésame yo quiero sentir tus labios besándome otra vez' OMW im soooo embarrassed !! That was my ringtone! "Sorry that was my ringtone " i say kinda blushing man i was embarrassed " What language was that?" Zayn asked " Hmm.. Oh its-" " Spanish Me and Avery are used to spanish songs cause were always around these two spanish weirdos" I started to say but El finished the sentence for me like i needed any help!" Oh " Zayn said * El's POV* " So what hotel are you guys staying at?" Niall said in his adorable irish accent
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