True Love?

"Harry" "Yea Kenzie ?" " Do you love me?" ..... Read for more :) btw first fanfic so plzz no hate :)


3. Best Day Ever! Prt:1

*El's POV*
" Plane 54 to London now Boarding" " Lets go girls! " i said happily " why is Kenzie so happy " i whisperd to Rachel " she told me that the guy that asked for the ketchup gave her his number" She said smiling " oh " i said giggling - Skip Plane Ride - " El.. El.. EL WAKE UP" I woke up with a violent shake from Avery " Gosh A. Im up..happy " i said giggling. As Avery was signaling for a taxi i seen Kenzie stuck onto her phone " Kenzie who you texting?" I said acting like i didnt know " you remember the mystery ketchup boy " i nodded my head " he gave me his number and his name is Harry " " OMG what if he is HARRY STYLES!!" I said almost screaming * Kenzie's POV* After i told El my little story i went back to texting Harry..
Harry: So Kenz i was wondering if maybe we could meet up some day .... Wait actully ttyl xx :)
Kenzie: Yes and Ok??xx' I pressed send " Rachel did you find a Taxi?" I asked Rachel" Im trying" " well hurry up its freezing " Rachel mumbled something that i bet wasn't pleasant. " Hey Kenz need a ride " said the same husky voice from the restaurant. I looked up to see Harry Styles in a car with Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson,and Liam Payne. I was trying my best not to scream " Uhh... I would love to but i'm with three other people" i said with a little frown" Oh no problem they can come we have enough space" " are you sure?" " positive" " Ok... EL,AVERY,RACHEL COME OVER HERE" i say gesturing with my hands *Harry's POV* WOW! She's BEAUTIFUL!! OHMYGAWD So Are Her Friends !! "Harry " said Liam gesturing to the girls" Oh Right.. Mr.Whitney may you get these lovely girls there luggage please" i said to our driver"yes my kind sir" Wow he's a gentleman.. So am I. As the driver got their luggage i tell them to come into the car YAY im next to Kenzie " Uh im happy im next to you to Harry" Kenzie said chuckling " Dammit Did i say my thoughts out loud?" I asked " Yes you did Harry" Louis my best mate said " Ok well girls tell us about your selves" I said happily*Rachel's POV* OMG i'm in the same car as ONE DIRECTION!! "Ok well girls tell us about your selves" ------------------------------------------------------ Authors Note: Hope Yu guys like it .. I had to break Best Day Ever into 2 prts cuz i was making it to long so yea Remember Like,Comment, And Fave plzz bye my lovely Kitties !! xx :D
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