N-N-N-Never Grow up! |Louis|

Just Never grow up.
Amd Life will be as simple as that.
..Or not?


1. Mary Styles<3

Hello lovlies, My name is Mary Styles.

Yup Styles, as in THE Harry Styles.
I'm actually his twin sister. Though I only found out about it a year ago.
When mum and dad divorced, mum decided she would take Harry and dad would take me so we got split up.
Dad decided to tell me about it when I was one day looking through and album and saw a littl boy who looked like me.
My dad decided to call mum and let her know I knew so she could tell Harry.
Eversince then, Harry and I have been insepreable, even though we've never actually met in person due to the fact of him being n One Direction
We're alike in so many ways, we're huge flirts, cheeky, and have our dimples!
Although we have on emajor difference... His curls! He has a head full of curls while mine are stick straight. Well, enough of that curly headed freak, lets get to me.

About moi~

Favorite Band: The Fray and One Direction.
Favorite Member: Isaac Slade and my broski.
Favorite Song: Look After You, Little Things and The Gummy Bear Song :D
Favorite Color: Rainbow!
Life Motto: "Once You've Grown Up, You Can Never Come Back."
Addiction: Taking pictures of myself with different camera affetcs and posting them on instagram.
^ yeah, weird. I know
Anything else?: Well, most people like to make fun of me because I can be highly immature. Nut its whatevs. I just like to have fun. They can all die in a hole for all I care because I will never grow up!

Thats it! Bye guise c;

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