N-N-N-Never Grow up! |Louis|

Just Never grow up.
Amd Life will be as simple as that.
..Or not?


2. Chappy One<3

"Hey Harry!" I said smiling to my brother in the camera, we were skyping at the moment.

"Ello, little sis!" Harry grinned waving frantically.

"Why you so happy?" I asked biting into my apple.

"I have massive news!" He exlaimed.

"Which are?"

"Youre coming to my flat in London for the summer as a graduation present!"

I spit the apple piece I was chewing out of my mouth choking and started having a massive coughing attack.

"Oh my god. Mary! Are you okay?" a concerned Harry asked.

"Yeah I'm fine, I'm just really happy. You took me by surprise there."

"Next time I'll be sure to give you a heads up!"

"Yeah, I still cant believe I'm actually going to see you in person!"

"Yeah same here, well I have to go little sis, the lads want to watch a film. love you!"

"Love you to big bro!" I said ending the call.

Yeah, Harry and I call each other 'big bro' and 'little sis' since he's a couple minutes older than me. Whatevs curly.

I turned my laptop oof and jumped off my bed. I went downstairs and opened the closet looking for suitcases.

"I'm guessing Harry told you the news?" Dad asked helping me get the suitcases.

"Dad you knew?" I asked shocked.

"Yup, Harry called me up saying since you just finished high school and they have a summe rlong break, that you guys should spend it together."

I ran up and hugged him. "Thanks for letting me! I love you so mich.

"Love you to darlin," he said chuckling and hugging me back.

We let go and I run up the stairs heading to my room.
I wen to my closet and start thrwoing my shorts and some shirts into the suitcases.


Finally after, witht he help of my dad, closing my suitcases I was finished.
Tomorrow, I would head off to the airport, board the plane to london, and finally see my brother in person.
Tomorrow, my life would start.

Great.. right?

(A/N: sorry its so short c;)

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