whats going to make you fall in love (a justin bieber love story)

what happens when "he will never notice you" comes to him almost losing her, dani dates popstar justin bieber


1. he will never notice

dani's pov


i went on my phone to go to instagram


i saw one of justin's photos and i commented

"justin i really love you, you inspire me a lot, i wish you would notice me, love, danielle" and i pressed send

about a minute later someone replied

"danibeliebs i suggest doing something productive in your life" so i replied "iloveinstagram i was just trying to get justin to notice me" then really soon he said "danibeliebs i'm sorry justin will never notice you, face it, and instead of trying, study and get good grades and achieve a happy life, it is ok to be a fan but stop getting justin to notice he will never notice you" feeling depressed i put a lot of stupid stuff on his photos saying stuff like "you have the abillity to give a shoutout to one belieber but have the ability to bully another one? i hate you" and i reported him like 100 times


soon on my photos i got a lot of support from my followers saying

"don't worry about that jerk, i bet justin will notice you one day" and another comment said "i blocked ilovemyinstagram" and some other comments giving me support


one day i actually got to meet justin, i told him my instagram account and about that person who was trashing me

"no way" justin said

"its true" i said trying to hold back my tears

justin told me he would block that person

i actually posted that photo of me and justin and captioned

"@ilovemyinstagram look at this"

but he replied "i bet justin thinks your nuts,. forcing the poorthing to notice you" about a minute later justin replied "@ilovemyinstagram leave her alone you jerk, i saw what you said to her earlier" thanks justin, i thought

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