Dreams do come true - (justin bieber love story)

When Lucy and her best friend nervously que up in the line for their meet and greet, Lucy's dream finally comes true as she gets to meet her idol, Justin bieber. Little does she know her whole life is about to change completely.


2. The day I've been waiting for (part 2)

3 weeks later- 
Today is the day, I cant hold in my excitement and neither can Hannah. Hannah slept at mine last night and none of us could get to sleep because we were so excited about today but we felt fine this morning we had no time to complain because today is the day we had been counting down for for months and months and the day is eventually here. It kind of all feels surreal to the both of us. Hannah is my best friend and has been since kindergarten she means the world to me, I tell her everything and trust her more than anyone. She's more of a sister to me. She loves Justin too, but not as much as me;) she try's to make out she's a bigger fan but we do quizzes and stuff and I always win! It is 11:00am we woke up just past 9:00am and have spent the last 2 hours trying on different outfits, we both need to look our best I mean we are meeting Justin frickin bieber. We are basically spending our day chilling around painting our nails, doing our make up and hair and  having a restful day ready for our big night! It is now nearly 1:30pm we need to be leaving the house at 3:00pm at the latest to get to the arena earlier so my mum avoids traffic etc, the meet and greet is before our concert and starts at 4;30pm as well as standing in the que to get in so it is best that we get there early. Me and Hannah both painted our nails purple now all we need to do is our make up and decide on our outfits. " Ah girls even I'm excited and I'm not going to be there, can't wait to see my gorgeous girls oh and I'm ready when you are!" me and Hannah smiled to each other as we heard my mum shout that up to us both. Mum is dropping us both off and meeting her friend in the city for a meal while we are there for the night, it would be a lot of money for mum to go too and it wasn't her thing even though now she is getting just as excited as us both, lol! I have just finished doing my make up I am wearing fake eyelashes and so is Hannah, Hannah has got on purple eye shadow, she looks so beautiful! I don't wear eye shadow I think it makes my eyes look wierd. "your so beautiful hannah, Justin will fall in love with you when we meet him tonight!" I told Hannah "aw Lucy your so sweet but don't be silly I think your the one he'll be falling for, your perfect." Hannah replied in a sweet voice. "haha shut up" I laugh, I wish. We are nearly ready
omg!! I have nearly chose my outfit I just need to pick my shoes and Hannah needs to pick a necklace. "does this look okay?" Hannah asked me. "yeah lovely, really suits you". I replied. "

What do you guys think so far?:) it's kinda boring right now but it will get much better so let me know what you think:) thanks x
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