Dreams do come true - (justin bieber love story)

When Lucy and her best friend nervously que up in the line for their meet and greet, Lucy's dream finally comes true as she gets to meet her idol, Justin bieber. Little does she know her whole life is about to change completely.


1. Life at home (part 1)

Yet again mum was watching some boring documentary on the tv "mum I'm going to go upstairs on my laptop for a bit, this is really boring. I'll be back downstairs later though." I said. "okay then love" she replied happily. I love my mum she is the best person ever she never gave up on me like my dad and that's why i try not to be mean because she has sacrificed so much for me considering she is a single mum and it has been really hard for her. Yeah so its just me and mum I don't even know my dad, mum doesn't tell me much but all I know is he left when I was a kid so I don't like to ask mum about it much because I think it upsets her talking about it. It upsets me too, not knowing who my dad is but I guess that's life and like I say I'm just glad I have my mum! I ran up the stairs and walked into my room closing the door behind me. I grabbed my charger and laptop from under my bed, I snuggled up in my comfy warm bed as I pressed the power button of my laptop, I propped it up against my legs and lay back logging into my user and onto the internet 'twitter' I typed into google as I logged into my twitter account. I began to read through my timeline, "JELENA HAVE BROKE UP" "Justin cheated on Selena" "Justin proposes to Selena to win her back" 
*sighs* drama, drama, drama. I thought to myself. Justin is my idol, I have supported him since the very beginning and I am still here, still a dedicated belieber proud to say I have never left like other 'fans' do, Justin changed my life with hs music and everything he does I could never leave him I feel he is part of me. I am going to the believe tour and have meet and greet tickets I am so so excited, In exactly 3 weeks me and my best friend will be meeting our idol and my dream will eventually come true. I tweeted Justin a few times even though he never ever notices me but I guess it's just a habit now. 
I logged of my laptop and went downstairs to spend quality time with mum.
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