The Owl Key

It has been 13 years since my father, Harry Potter, Defeated the Dark Lord in his final days at Hogwarts. Now it is only 1 day before I leave to go to the school. "Good night, love." My father whispered into my forehead, he turned off the light and I fell straight asleep. The story starts there.


6. The Train Ride

As I quickly board the train, I wave a quick 'goodbye' to my dad. The train is filled with so many people that it is hard to move. I lost sight of the girls and look around the cart hysterically. Finally, three girls catch my eye going into an empty train car.

I push my way through people yelling "Excuse me. Sorry. Pardon me." Over my shoulder. By the time I reach the train car, the girls are happily chatting away. I need to find a way to talk to them...

"Hello, um, may I sit with you guys, there's just so many people and it's all just so confusing..." A girl with long wavy brown hair with side bangs, tan skin, and amazingly bright turquoise eyes interrupts me.

"Hey don't worry about it, of course you can." I smiled a 'Thank you' and quietly sat down while she continued. "I'm Aubree Henshaw." She extended her hand to me. I shook it.

The train whistle blew and we started moving, I thought about leaning out the window to wave bye to my dad, but decided not to interrupt the conversation.

Next, a girl with shoulder length, extremely curly brown hair, (which I was thinking would probably be a little below her boobs if she straightened it) pale skin and beautiful hazel eyes that seemed to swirl like a kaleidoscope the more you looked at them introduced herself. "Hi! I'm Marina, Marina Anderson!" I smiled warmly at her.

Lastly, a girl with almond eyes but no enough to be full Asian, black hair styled with a pixie cut and a face full of freckles said "Sup, I'm Kimiko O'Connor but most people around here call me Kimi."

"It's nice to meet all of you. My name is Lily, Lily Potter." All three of the girls mouths practically fall open.

It's not that I don't like people asking me questions about my dad. But sometimes I feel like that's the only reason people like me is to get to talk to him and stuff like that. James and Albus already warned me that people will want to be my friend because of him. I know that he is the most powerful wizard in the world, but to me, he is just my dad, and that's all I want him to be.

"Lily Potter..." Marina stutters "like... daughter of Harry Potter!?"

"Yup," I say "that's me."

"It's an honer to meet you." Kimi said, suddenly getting serious.

'Here we go again.' I think to myself. "No, really it's fine, just think of me as just another girl... Okay?" They all nod in agreement. Then there was an awkward silence.

"So I'm guessing all of you were born pure blood?" I say trying to start a conversation. Back in the olden days, saying things like "pure blood" or "muggle born" or "half breed" we considered insulting or rude, but after my dad defeated Voldemort, no one really cares anymore.

"Yeah all of us were." Aubree says.

Another awkward silence.

"So, uh, I'm guessing you know basically everyone that goes to Hogwarts?" I ask

"Yeah mostly," Kimi replies "not so much the muggle born's."

The trolley lady appeared in the door frame. "Anything form the trolley dears?" She asked kindly

"Four chocolate frogs please." Marina says. I looked around see why she was getting four instead of three. Then I counted myself.

"Oh, no no no no, it's fine. Really I don't need one." I say

"Shut up and take the frog." Marina smiles jokingly.

I open the package of the frog and immediately it hopped out of the package, down to the seat, onto the floor and hopped into the ails. Kimi put three fingers up and started counting down. 3, 2, 1. Then we hear a high pitched scream and a lot of laughter. We all look down to see what cards we got.

"I got Hermione Granger!" Aubree says excitedly

"I got Albus Dumbledore!" Kimi practically screams

"Me too!" Marina says equally as loud. Both girls lean across Aubree to high five.

"Lily, what did you get?" Kimi asks

"My dad." I say

I look down at the card where I see my dad smiling up at me. Then I realize how much I'm going to miss him. Trying to push away the sadness I say "Are y'all third years?"

"Oh no, we are all first years." Marina replies

"Really? Y'all seem like you are so much older!" I say. They all smile. "Well we should probably change into our robe now..." I say realizing that we are almost there.

Aubree pulls out her ward and waves it in a slight circle muttering something under her breath. All of a sudden, her ripped denim shorts and navy blue v-neck t-shirt she was wearing, transformed into the Hogwarts robe, tie, and white under clothing.

"Show off." Says Marina jokingly "Come on, let's go." Kimi, Marina and I stand up and head to the bathroom.

HELLO GUYS! ITS JILL! I am so so so so so so so sooty for not writing for like a year! I'm going to start other movellas soon I promise!

Xoxo jill

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