The Owl Key

It has been 13 years since my father, Harry Potter, Defeated the Dark Lord in his final days at Hogwarts. Now it is only 1 day before I leave to go to the school. "Good night, love." My father whispered into my forehead, he turned off the light and I fell straight asleep. The story starts there.


5. Platform 9 3/4

We were hustling and and stumbling across the train station platform. I kept scanning the signs 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. No 9 3/4.

"Here we are kids!" Dad joyfully said "Platform 9 3/4!"

"But there is nothing there!" I said.

"Here," James picked me up and put me in his trolly "this is magic..." he said with a mysterious smile. Then he started running towards the wall! I thought he must be going mad or something. I ducked into a little ball and put my hands on top of my head, and I sit there, waiting for the impact.


And I sit there, and sit there but don't feel anything. Then, I realize the trolly is stopped. I peep open one eye and I see a HUGE red train with gold lettering spelling out 'Hogwarts Express'. I see many children boarding the train and waving good bye to their parents. Then I quickly sit up to find mine. I see him standing with a Asian woman with beautiful long black hair. My dad puts his hand on her shoulder and says "Its really good to see you Cho." and walks back to me.

"Come on sweet heart or you're going to miss the train!" he says with a wink.

"Okay dad." I reach up to hug him "I love you."

"I love you too." he replies.

As I board the train I see three girls that some how stand out. My eyes dart to their trunks. The first trunk says in 'Marina', the next one in says Kimiko, and the last one says Aubree. Then it hits me. The golden trio!


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