My Mistery Girl (;

While Harry is out with Taylor, they bump into a girl. Can that small little run in change Harry's life. He sees her again many times but never gets the chance ro talk to her. She really seemed to catch Harry's attention without even trying and now he cant get her out of his mind, at all.
Will he ever find out who this mistery girl is???
Will He break things off with Taylor to try and be with this girl??
Read and find out(:
Please read and comment on what you think!!!


1. Chapter 1 :D

"ugh", i groaned smacking my alarm clock in attempt to shut it off, but instead it fell off my nightstand breaking it.
"ehh, at least its off" i said to myself pulling the covers off me. I stood up from my bed and walked to my closet choosing a nice but casual outfit.
I ended up with dark skinny jeans(which i gotta say really hug my legs nicely, but we all have those jeans, right?) a white rolling stones t shirt, a black leather jacket and my new favorite combat boots with cute studs in the front. I brushed out my hair and put a white beanie on. I didn't put any make up on because i don't really wear any, only for special occasions. I put on a red scarf and grabbed my black handbag.
I walked dow---- wait! Lets rewind this a bit....
My names Aria Marie Miller and im 17. Im about 5'5 with dark brown wavy hair that goes down to the middle of my back. I have light brown eyes that people tell me they sometimes look hazel in the sun. Im Latina so im naturally tan.
I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers. Im the middle child. My mom owns a restaurant and my dad is a music producer. I guess u could say my family is pretty wealthy but i don't like to take advantage of that. Im more of a sporty type of girl, not really a girly girl. I love to play Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer and Softball. But we all have that inner girliness thats comes out at times. Im a huge risk taker and i just love to live life to the fullest. You could describe me as fun, very energetic, sarcastic, funny, crazy(good kind), sassy and just unique. And I LOVE FOOD!! Hahaa(;
My oldest sister is 21 and her name is Ciara (pronounced Ce-Ar-a.) but we call her CeCe for short. My older brother is 20 and his name is Jayden. My little brother is 16 and his name is T.J it stands for Tyler Jay. My little sister is 15 and her name is Natalia. My moms name is Melissa and my dads name is Marco.
Now lets get back to the story..
I walked down the stairs of the small nice house that i share with my two best friends, Zoe Brook and Christina Sayers.
"morning guys", I say to them as i walk into the kitchen.
"morning" they reply.
"why are you all dressed up chika" Chrystina asks. I just noticed they were only in sweats and hoodies.
"i gotta go help my mom at the restaurant today, so see ya later losers" i yell back while grabbing a waffle and heading out the door. I walk down the driveway to my black Camaro that i have been saving up for. I get in the drivers seat and start my journey to Starbucks for a quick coffee.

Harry P.O.V: 

Our flight has just landed in LA, California. Earlier this week the boys and i were notified that we will be working with a new amazing music producer named Marco Miller. He's supposed to be the best of the best.
We will be stating there for at least a year, according to management.
"well boys theres our driver. C'mon" said Liam.
As we walked to the exit, Louis stopped us and looked at us with a very serious face.
"okay, guys we've been sitting for the longest time ever, so be honest with me" he paused. "is my butt getting flat because seriously its not healthy to sit for that long"
We all rolled our eyes and laughed a little.
We got into the car and drove to the hotel.
-----after settling in and everything------
I had just got off the phone with Taylor (Swift) and we were going to meet to go get a coffee. Someone knocked and i heard a door opening.
"Taylor? Oh hey what a surprise hehe. Come on in, harry should be out soon" i heard Niall's voice say. The boys were never really fond of Taylor
I came out and soon we left. We walked to Starbucks when Taylor bumped into a girl......... O_o


A/N *hey everyone! Please tell me what u think and tell me if i should continue the story(: Sorry if its boring so far but please give me some feedback.
Also- there is no hate sent to Taylor so whatever happens in the story i don't mean to make her seem bad.*

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