Unexpected Fate

I don't want to give anything away.. you'll have to read it and find out. (;


4. suprises at every corner

       We arrived a quarter before one. Orla, eager and excited, was first to get out of Maura's car and into the posh boutique. I'd say I was the last in, right behind my mom. "Hello, how may I assist you?" said an older woman with long silver hair and a thick Irish accent.

        "Yes, My name is Orla McKinley, I made an appointment to choose my wedding dress and my bridesmaid's dresses." Oh. That's what I was here for. To be her model for the bridesmaid's dress pick out. The woman walked over to the clerk counter and flipped through a brown leather book. When she found a certain page she looked at Orla and then nodded.

        "I'll be right with you darling." she went into a room behind the counter. Seconds later she came back with a younger woman. "This is my daughter, Joceline. She'll help find bridesmaid's dresses for you." Orla simply nodded poise like. "What sort of dress are you looking for?" the older one asked. Orla handed her a clipping from a magazine and the woman smiled, "yes, I think we might have something of a similar sort." Orla and her mom exchanged smiles and her mother gave her a wink as well. The woman went to the back with the clipping.

       "Hi. Would you like to look for bridesmaid dresses while my mum is on search?" Joceline asked her. That's where I perked up, it was better than watching Orla awe and ooh over practically the same dresses for approximately the next two hours. Orla looked at me

with a look like, "is that alright with you?" and I smiled and did a nod. "Alright, follow me right back here then." My mom, Maura, and Aunt Rebecca stayed to chat on the sofa so it was just us three. We walked through an archway into a wide room with dresses hung up all over on racks. Variations of every color imaginable, except white of course. I was actually sort of excited, even though other girls would end up wearing the dress. "What color are you thinking for the dresses?" Joceline asked us.

        "Blue or green. Either color will work with what we've put together so far." we looked around and I found two dresses, both in blue, my favorite color, and Orla found two dresses, both green. We carried them out and set them on a table. I pulled one of mine out and carried it into the changing room. It was lovely. Royal blue chiffon with a low 'V' cut  with a black ribbon at the waist where the dress flowed down six inches past my fingertips.

       "Come on dear, show us." I heard Maura murmur through the door. So I came out, bare foot. Everyone gasped except my mom who only beamed with pride.

      "You look gorgeous," I heard, "beautiful," someone sighed, and simply "wow."

      "Thank you," I said, blushingly.

      "Okay, now go try on a green." Orla said, eager for me to try out one of her picks. I grabbed the one closest and returned to my changing. This dress was more feminine and poofy. It was strapless and had sparkles. When I came out everyone's expressions were similar to mine, "eww." I shrugged and grabbed the other green.

       The second green was less of an attention seeker, but I couldn't help feeling like Tinkerbell. Everyone else grinned for the sake of Orla, who was loosing hope on her choices. "Maybe green isn't the best choice. Let's stick to blue. All I see when you wear that is a blonde fairy with a pixie cut flying around." I grinned, she felt the same way. So I picked up my last dress.

       As soon as I zipped it up I knew. It was the best out of the four. It hugged me down to my knees almost, it was a strapless royal blue dress with a second layer of large print lace that was sleeveless, but covered my shoulders and chest. It was sophisticated and elegant.. I'm turning into Orla.

      I stepped out and I could feel myself shine with confidence. Everyone went speechless and Joceline this time, gasped. All Orla could manage was, "Yes." I nodded and went to change out when my mom got up and hugged me, whispering, 'you're so beautiful.' I smiled at her and stepped back in to slip back into my original apparel.

       When I stepped back out Orla was in her dress and she looked perfect. "Orla. Oh my.." I said she was red and a smiling. She couldn't have picked a better gown. Her bridesmaid dress choices may have been horrible, but this was redemption.

       "Beautiful, isn't it?" she asked, smiling at herself in the mirror whilst twirling gingerly. Everyone else nodded, while I was speechless. Half an hour later after our moms and Maura had picked dresses from another category for themselves we thanked Joceline and her mother before we left for the car. I got shoes as well, simple black heels, I couldn't wait to learn to wear them without falling to my death. The dress I tried on I figured was for Orla to get replicated and sized for her bridesmaid's, I figured one of them was my size because we were taking it home. "Hey, Raven." Orla said randomly over the chit-chatter of the moms. 

      "Yes, Orla?"

       "I only have a couple bridesmaid's, so I was hoping today you would accept my offer of being a bridesmaid?" She said looking for the answer on my face.

       "Of course. I would love to," I said. My mom looked back at me and winked. Did every one of them know? Once we got to the house my uncle, I learned his name is Nick, so my Uncle Nick, wanted me to show him the dress so I did then Orla insisted it wouldn't do justice to just show him it so I went to the bathroom to change, again. My heels fit too, I was lucky Orla grabbed only a five inch pair. "Hurry, Raven, Orla's going to go mad!" I heard Uncle Nick tease her. I got out a minute later when outside the door went quiet, must be in the living room, right? I went in there, nope. I looked out the window to see Uncle Nick chasing Orla, she must not want him to see her dress just yet because she he chased her bridal shop box in hand. I sighed.

       "Hello, is everyone back?" I heard from upstairs. Oh yeah, Niall's watching Katelyn. I felt bad for him still watching her so I went to get her. He was in Orla's old room, my temporary room, watching Finding Nemo  with Katelyn who was asleep.

       "Hey, Niall." I said.

      "Oh hey, Raven." he said still eyes on the screen. "How'd shopping go?" he was at the part where Nemo meets the fish at the dentist office for the first time.

       "It went pretty well, I ended up getting a dress and Orla's dress is ravishing..."

       "Yeah?" he said halfheartedly. I sighed.

      "Kay, well when my sister wakes up let me know. " When I about had left the room he said my name. "What, Niall?" I said barely hiding the irritation in my voice. I had on a beautiful dress and the only person who doesn't care had to be him.. not that I liked him or anything..

        He noticed my tone and stopped to reword what he would've said, or maybe not.  "Come here." he said softly. 'Huh?' I thought. I walked over to him, or tried to anyways. I stumbled and he caught me, only barely.

       "You don't wear stilettos much do you?" he asked. "Normally I'll see girls walk on ten inch ones like they're nothin'. What are those three inches?" he said playfully.

       "I've only worn heels a couple times, other than a wedding or dance, you won't see heels on me. I don't know how to wear them.."

       "Well, if it helps I think you look beautiful." he said shyly. I smiled at this and hugged him around the neck, whispering 'thanks' in his ear. He hugged me back for the longest time until I let go. "So.. wanna watch Nemo?" he asked nonchalantly.

       "Sure. Just gotta change into something comfier first," I said. Orla had left me a blue sweatshirt and grey sweat pants to wear knowing I'd want to wear my normal attire after a day in the girly world. I went and changed in the bathroom and put up my curls into a bad interpretation of a bun, Niall didn't seem to notice. I sat on the edge of the bed Katelyn's toes touching my back. Niall smiled at me and handed me the popcorn bucket.

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