Unexpected Fate

I don't want to give anything away.. you'll have to read it and find out. (;


2. meeting for the first time


     The taxi man dropped us off at five o'clock sharp. The trip to my relative's was beautiful the land is covered in every color of green imaginable and made me truly envious of the natives who have taken their home's landscape for granted. My relative's house was also extremely charming. It was a two story tan stone building  covered in vines and moss. My mom caught me admiring it's beauty and said, "help me carry stuff in so we can see the inside now." I nodded, as usual and grabbed my rolling suitcase and my duffle-bag. My little sister, Katelyn, the age of two, carried her rolling Tinkerbell suitcase (which just had toys in it) and we walked up the steps carefully after my mom. She knocked and a young man answered the door. "Hey, come on in." he said to us. He looked mid twenties with short brown hair and blue eyes. He sat back down on one of the two couches and continued watching soccer with his friend who looked much younger, we're they related to me?

     "Great you're here." a young woman walked in from an archway. "Hi, I'm Orla." she said to me smiling, I thought she'd reach for a handshake, but she didn't instead gave us each a hug, even though Katelyn was already glued to the TV. Orla was strangely identical to me; same hair, ocean blue eyes, but she was much prettier than me all the same. She showed us to our rooms, after we went through the archway that lead to a kitchen and upstairs was a room for me, Orla's old bedroom, she told me, and my mom and Katelyn had the guestroom. I loved Orla's room, it was like the Irish heritage version of mine with band posters and drawings that would remind you of school memories all over the green walls, she had a sky blue comforter and blue and white striped pillows that matched her curtains. She beamed when she saw how much I liked it and helped me put away my things. "So we're having dinner tonight here with my fiance, my mum, my father, my fiance's brother and you guys, k? So your not really meeting much family until tomorrow. It's so great having you three here."

      "Yeah, we're really glad for the opportunity to be here." she nodded in reply, "So I'm guessing that man downstairs is your fiance, right?" I asked. she nodded and gave a full smile, she must really love him.

     "Okay, enough girl talk for now let's go see how mum's doing on dinner, you can just call her Aunt Rebecca, since we had know clue what you'd technically call her." I nodded as we walked down the stairs. Her mom was cooking a stew and I could smell homemade bread in the oven, it immediately made me feel more comfortable. "Okay I might as well introduce you to Greg, my fiance " she said with dreamy eyes, that shone through her freckles. We walked in the living room where Katelyn sat right in front of the TV with a tired face and the two guys sat on the couch across from the TV  still eating chips and my mom on the other yawning, she's not really into sports, at least not soccer. "Okay, so Greg, this is Raven. Raven, this is Greg-" "He's her fiance, in case you didn't know." Greg's brother blurted, making everyone snicker. "and that's Niall, the annoying  brat that eats all my crisps and watches football all day!" Orla said, "so what if I'm proud to say this stud's my man." she looked up at Greg and kissed him, even though we were laughing at her. They walked out of the room and my mom went to help Aunt Rebecca. So I sat on the couch and Katelyn sat down next to me. Niall took a glance at me while watching TV so long I thought he was gonna say something, but he didn't. I sort of thought strange of it, but didn't have time to think long because my.. I guess uncle came in.

     "Hey Niall, oh hey! Hello Raven how was your  trip here? Pleasant I hope." he was a tall red haired man with glasses and the same blue eyes as Orla and me.

     "Great, well the car ride was anyways. Ireland is beautiful, I've always wanted to come here." I said grinning. He seemed pleased with my answer and sat down to give a hello to Katelyn who I now noticed fell asleep with her head leaning on my right arm.

     He quietly whispered,  "hello there Katelyn." She opened her blue/green eyes and smiled. Katelyn had bright red hair and seemed pleased he had the characteristic as well. "Are you hungry, darlin'?" she nodded and he carried her into the kitchen. I smiled after them and looked at Niall. He had blonde hair and lovely light blue eyes, I recognized him from somewhere.

     "This might sound crazy, but I feel like I know you from somewhere." I tried saying it with out coming off as strange, but he just laughed. "What's so funny?" I said feeling offended. As soon as he saw me looking upset he stopped.

     "I laughed because you're from America and I figured you knew who I was.."  How was I supposed to know who was? It was my turn to give him a strange look. "I'm from an internationally famous boy band... One Direction!" I had no idea who the hell that was, but I played along, he was  probably exaggerating  on the 'internationally famous' part just a bit.

     "Ohhhh okay," I said to please him. He nodded believing I'd just realized it.

     "Now c'mon, let's go eat, love." he grabbed my hand and guided me to the kitchen where everyone was already eating, Katelyn already had a messy face and food in her hair. As I made my plate Niall asked if I wanted something to drink and I said milk, please.

     "You sure?" he asked me and held up two beers, I scoffed at him. "What? you're like seventeen right?" By this time my mom joined in.

     "Niall! She's fifteen! And no beer for her until she's at least 21, she'll wait as long as I did." everyone at the table snorted and giggled at that. My mom was such a bad liar. Me and Niall sat down and he gave me the glass of milk, I grinned and started on my stew.

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